The post -90s pregnant mothers want to get pregnant unexpectedly.

Xiaoting’s newly married after the 90s found that she was "good pregnancy". In fact, Xiaoting and her husband had long discussed it.Therefore, the two intended to go away in total, but did not expect the doctor to say that it was best to leave this baby, otherwise it might be possible in the future.

It turns out that Xiaoting is Rh negative blood (also known as panda blood). It is easy to cause hemolysis due to "dysfunction of fetal and mummy blood type".It mainly occurs in the second child, so the doctor suggested that Xiaoting think about it to avoid herself regret.

Although the probability of neonatal hemolysis is not high, the probability of this phenomenon is relatively high in RH (-) blood type and O blood.

The first case: expectant mummy is RH negative blood

If the pregnant mother knows that she is such a blood type, the doctor must be informed in time in order to formulate a first aid plan in advance.In fact, RH blood types are divided into negative and positive. Generally speaking, the probability of positive such problems is extremely low.The pregnant mother of RH (-) blood type cannot be fused with the blood type of RH (+), so when the pregnant mother of RH (-) on the baby in RH (+), the blood in the fetus will produce correspondingThe antigen, which is not obvious in the first child. By the second child, this antibody in Baoma’s body will cause more serious damage to the fetal treasure.

Occurrence probability:

Rh (-) crowds are relatively rare and the incidence is very low.

Time period:

If the fetus in the body is RH (+), most of the first fetus can come to the parents safely, but this fetus will leave the corresponding antigen in the mother’s body. Once the two treasures are pregnant, the antigen in the Ma Ma body will be large in large area.The red blood cells that destroy the second child, so that there may be more serious complications, such as hepatoblasty, edema, brain injury, heart failure, death, etc.

The second case: The prospective mommy is O -type blood

If the mother is O -type, the probability of a problem with the fetus is relatively high. This is because in the A/B/AB type, the surface of the blood cells has corresponding antigens, and the O -type surface has no antigen.If the baby is not O, the blood will produce new antibodies when entering the mother’s blood, destroying the baby’s red blood cells, leading to hemolysis.

Occurrence probability:

Generally speaking, this phenomenon belongs to ABO-type hemorrhoids. It is more common among newborns, about a few thousandths. The symptoms are relatively mild.The phenomenon is becoming increasingly serious. The family should send the baby to the doctor in time to find out the cause of the child’s onset to see if it is caused by blood problems.

Time period:

Generally speaking, the probability of such problems in the first child accounts for about 40-50%, so if you are pregnant and the mother is O or the family has such a medical history, you need to prepare in advance.

1. Check the blood type

Before planning to "make people", prospective parents need to go to the relevant agencies for a comprehensive inspection, especially to confirm the blood type of both parties to see if there is a hemolytic probability.If the probability is relatively high, follow the doctor’s suggestion and remedy timely.

2. Check in time during pregnancy

Specific mothers who are prone to hemolytic problems should go to the hospital for re -examination after pregnancy to understand the fetal condition. Although the hemolytic problem will not affect the body of the pregnant mother, once the harm caused by this problem is extremely great to the child’s harm is extremely great.So pregnant mothers should attract enough attention.

3. Pay close attention and intervene in time

If a baby with such problems can be recovered in a timely manner, it is still possible to restore health. Doctors should quickly check the baby and cooperate with the corresponding treatment according to the severity of the disease.Generally speaking, the occurrence of hemolytic disease is relatively mild, and the prognosis is better; while the RH (-) blood type is prone to various serious complications. ThereforeChange the blood and minimize the damage to the baby to the greatest extent.


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