The polycystic ovary and the tubes on the side are not connected.

Friends Xiaofeng and her husband have been married for almost 5 years and have never had children.In fact, Xiaofeng had been pregnant at the beginning of her wedding, but because she did not pay attention, she had a natural abortion later. Since then, she has never been pregnant again.Because she had been pregnant once, Xiaofeng was not very anxious at first. She felt that the birth of a child may really depend on fate, maybe her fate is not enough.

But as she was older, she and her husband began to calm down, so she began to embark on the road of asking for children in major hospitals.In the process, Xiao Feng found that she had a lot of baggage.After half a year, the doctor asked Xiao Feng to go back to the local arrangement and try to see if he could get pregnant.However, local hospitals said that in the case of Xiaofeng, it is best to take a photo to see that the fallopian tube is not connected.Xiaofeng heard that if it is not painful when doing angiography, it means that it is common.Otherwise it is not.In the process of angiography, Xiaofeng really felt that she didn’t hurt at all. She was very happy and felt that it should be okay.

However, the result of angiography shows that one side of her two fallopian tubes is unreasonable, and the other side is unobstructed, which means that there are problems, which is another heavy blow for Xiaofeng.Then, the doctor proposed to let Xiaofeng perform laparoscopic surgery in accordance with the conventional approach.Xiaofeng checked and checked it on the Internet, but he was still not assured.She saw that many people did not get pregnant after laparoscopic surgery, and the cost of surgery was more than 10,000.Xiaofeng thinks that it is better to do test tubes than to do such an operation that does not know how effective.Xiaobian is very supportive for Xiaofeng’s thoughts. Why do Xiaobian also think that it will use more than 10,000 yuan to go to a unknown future?Many people finally do test tubes every pregnancy after laparoscopic surgery, so it is really better to take so many detours to try.

For the first time, the doctor who was a test tube had a good attitude, which made Xiaofeng have an inexplicable trust in her. Xiaofeng felt that she might succeed this time.The doctor said that before doing test tubes, let Xiaofeng promote it once to see the ovulation.As a result, Xiaofeng started the process of detecting ovulation with a high frequency, in fact, it was various B -ultrasound.On the 6th of that month, the doctor said that the follicle was very good, so he took an ovulation needle to let Xiaofeng go back to the same room. After three days, he returned to do a B -ultrasound.However, because she was too nervous, her husband couldn’t do the room, and he had to die.Because I only have one -sided fallopian tube through, and this time it is still ovulation, it is a combination of heaven, but her husband does not cooperate.Xiaofeng really felt that she might have a problem with her husband, and she was very annoyed.

Without the same room, Xiaofeng didn’t want to go back to the hospital to go to the B -ultrasound.But I felt that I always had to listen to the doctor. As a result, after seeing the doctor, the doctor said that it was ovulation, and Xiao Feng became more sad. He felt that he had missed such a good opportunity.However, the doctor also comforted her at night. In the evening, her husband’s performance was good, and once in the same room.After that, Xiaofeng felt that his little belly had a kind of needle -like feeling. He secretly prayed in his heart.While hoping, she felt ridiculous again, Xiaofeng felt that she wanted her child to crazy.

After more than 10 days, Xiaofeng also took out the early pregnancy test paper for routine business. At the moment of seeing the whiteboard, the loss of her heart was unbearable, so she was ready to throw it.However, I was a bit unwilling, so I wanted to see it after a while. As a result, after 8 minutes, there were two red marks, but one of them was very light.Three days over, Xiaofeng tested again, and the color this time was very obvious.Xiaofeng did not expect that the child came when he didn’t hope.

Xiaofeng really felt that maybe she has been pregnant for so many years because she was too nervous.Not to mention that there is no other thing about having a child. One of the most important prerequisites is that the mentality is good. If it is too impatient, you may not be able to get pregnant.In fact, there were many such examples around Xiaobian. The couple had no children for many years, and finally planned to be a test tube, but the child came.Therefore, Xiaobian has to emphasize the mentality again here. The most important thing to get pregnant is the mentality.In the end, Xiaobian also hopes that all women who want the baby can get pregnant smoothly.As well as

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