The person familiar with the matter revealed that Li Xun’s last wishes: she has always wanted a child, and she had been a child 9 times of artificial conception

On July 5th, Li Zi’s sister Li Silin suddenly posted the news of the death of the public’s sister Li Yan, which made countless fans who love Li Yan and her friends who cared about her heartache heartache!

Her sister revealed that Li Yan had unfortunately suffered from depression a few years ago. After a long -term struggle with the illness, she failed to make her illness. Instead, she was still getting worse in these years.

Many netizens are shocked to see such news!Many celebrities have also published articles to mourn Li Yan, including Shu Qi, Jolin Yilin, Deng Ziqi, Zhang Yuqi, and so on.

I believe that every star’s departure is also very sad and incredible!

The departure of Li Yan made many people sleep all night, and there was another Tianhou singer with the most wonderful singing in this world!It’s really sighing.

On the day of leaving, the kind Li Yan was still concerned about fans. Fans like Li Yan’s children, always loved her and guarded her.

Li Yan left a warm voice for the fans on July 2nd. He was grateful to the fans and hoped that everyone could be healthy and happy, and also said that he would work hard in the future.

In recent years, Li Yan and her husband Bruce have been changing.

After the news of Li Yan’s suicide, a reporter contacted the insiders. The insider said that two weeks ago, her fans also visited her in Hong Kong.Feeling her very hard.

Insiders were shocked by Li Yan’s death and did not understand, leaving tears when speaking.He also revealed that Li Yan told himself that he wanted a child very much, but it has not been realized.I never expected that she would leave everyone in this way.

When Li Yan left, he might have made up his mind, so he did not tell anyone.

Looking at Li Yan’s Weibo, she published a post on May 20th to promote the new song, and the content of the writing was full of positive energy.Even in February, Li Yan experienced foot surgery, and she never gave up hard to restore health.

In March, she also showed a video of rehabilitation. She looked very good in her mental state and was full of strength. It was a pity.

Subsequently, Hong Kong media reported that Li Yan’s reason for the reason for marriage was related. As everyone knows, Li Yan and the old bus have been in the past ten years. She used to have 9 artificial conceptions for her husband to give birth to children.

However, her husband chose to derail many times regardless of her feelings. The two stepdom’s feelings about Li Yan regardless of the feeling. Although Li Yan did not say that her husband had half a word in front of him, it was conceivable.

According to the Hong Kong media subsequent reports, Li Yan’s mother first discovered that she was unconscious at home, and then contacted her two daughters to take her to the hospital for treatment.

Li Yan’s husband Bruce did not go to the Hong Kong company this week, and his colleagues did not see him, guessing that he had learned the news after Li Yanliang’s birth.

I hope that Li Yan will go all the way, and there will be no hospital in heaven.

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