The pelvis is right!Zhu Zhu cine on the figure of the travel show during the pregnancy show, and the 9 -month oversized pregnancy successfully grabbed the mirror

On the afternoon of August 21, Zhu Zhu was shared a photo of going out to play with her husband on her personal social platform. Although she did not have any text, she could still feel her good mood from a few small expressions.

Zhu Zhu took a group photo with her husband this time. From the photos, it can be seen that Zhu Zhu, who has been pregnant for about 9 months, has a good condition, and her figure seems to remain good. At least from this perspective, she is still ""The curve of the front convex and backward ".

Zhu Zhu was wearing a hair, wearing a long -fitting pregnant pregnant woman’s long skirt, and she was standing in the sun and she was standing in a happy and concave shape in the sun.Even if she doesn’t look at her face, she can see her full of pregnancy from the shadow.

When his wife was taking a picture, Wang Yanjia stood quietly with him, deserving "twenty -four filial piety husbands"!The couple have been in the same frame for a long time, and the screen is extremely sweet.

Speaking of which, Zhu Zhu rarely publicly disclosed his love with her husband since she got married, but every time the young couple was in the same frame, it must be full of high sugar.

And since Zhu Zhu’s pregnancy, every time she goes out, Wang Yanjia is almost accompanied by the side.

Although there are not many times to show love with her husband, Zhu Zhu likes the beautiful photos of PO Wang Yijia’s perspective very much.

Whenever he was under her husband’s lens, Zhu Zhu smiled sweetly. It was really a look of the couple across the screen.

I believe that netizens who know Zhu Zhu should know that she has never been idle since pregnancy. She either play with her husband or attending the event with a big belly, and the atmosphere was too much.

In a recent public event, Zhu Zhu’s makeup was exquisite, and a dark evening dress perfectly showed her good figure during pregnancy.Even if he was pregnant for several months at the time, Zhu Zhu’s elegant fan was still unrelatially decreasing, and his smile was still full of style. It is indeed recognized as "China’s first beauty"!

However, Zhu Zhu, who has been in good condition, encountered very serious edema during pregnancy, especially his hands and feet, and the swelling was quite obvious. Even she had fun and said that her fingers were swollen into "carrots".

In order to be able to dispel swelling, Zhu Zhu tried many ways, fitness exercise, boiled corn bearded or using leg massage, she tried them one by one.But these effects seem to be ideal. Until now, Zhu Zhu’s swollen hands and feet are particularly eye -catching.I have to say that Zhu Zhu did sacrifice a lot for the baby in his belly.

Fortunately, Zhu Zhu has been pregnant for about 9 months, and it is getting closer to the due date.Then, I hope she will continue to maintain a good state and good mood during the next pregnancy. Soon after, she will be safe and safe, and then come to show you a happy life of a family of three.

The picture comes from the Internet

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