The pain of a college pregnant classmate: I have no children so far!

The article comes from real life. It is simpler and straightforward in the first -person title!

Some things, if you do something wrong at a mature age, really regret it for a lifetime, especially girls in college, you must protect yourself, you can fall in love, do not do something.Marriage.

A few days ago, a college classmate chatted with me. At that time, we accidentally talked about the child’s problem, but she told me: She has been married for eight years, but there is no child.

I was shocked by my classmates. In fact, she had no children. I knew it, but I hadn’t contacted it for a long time. I always thought she was pregnant or had a child silently. I didn’t let us know.

But this has never been given birth to a child, and it will always cause conjecture. After all, the whole class was known about her. I was thinking at the time, wouldn’t it be infertility because of that accident?

College classmates, I talked about a boy in the same class at that time. The boy’s family was better and handsome. During the college, they all wanted to even be on a trouser belt.In the figure, we all think that such two people will definitely get married.

The love of university is beautiful and never consider the real problems. In the senior year, these real problems seem to come to the door overnight to stop the two from letting them go together.The distance is too far, one Anhui, a Fujian, but the classmates are only children, their parents are doctors, and boys do business in their homes.

When the parents of the classmates knew that they did not agree with the daughter’s communication with such boys. Unless the boy agreed to the woman’s urban development, the boy was also the only child at home. All this was not possible.

Later, the scene that shocked us still happened. In the summer vacation, the classmates were pregnant. When we knew the news, we were stupid. We all thought that classmates would choose to have a child and then marry my boyfriend when we graduated.

I didn’t expect something, the classmate ran back to his hometown directly and told his parents that he thought that the pregnant parents would agree to the marriage.With her classmates, she knew that her boyfriend would definitely not agree, but in order to avoid her parents from being sad, she still had a fetal in her hometown hospital. After graduation, she broke up with her boyfriend.

After the parents knew that the two people broke up, they quickly gave their daughters on a blind date, and they were afraid that the two people had the old relationship. The classmates couldn’t help but be supervised by their parents at home. After the boyfriend broke up, she never found her.The contact information, like disappearance, she is also ashamed, and feels that as long as a man is a man, he can marry.

Under the introduction of relatives and friends, the classmates met the current husband, husband and classmates before. I heard that the classmates planned to return to their hometown for development.In fact, her husband has liked classmates since junior high school, but has not found a suitable opportunity.

After the classmate talked about her love in her hometown, she was particularly considerate to her. As long as she moved her mouth, the object could meet her needs, and she also forgot her to make her previous experience.

Two people talked about two years and were ready to get married. The classmates felt that she could not lie, and she didn’t want to be passed out in the future, and became the fuse of their marriage. Therefore, she still confessed her past with her husband.Thinking of her husband didn’t mind at all, I felt that it was a thing of the past. I felt that as long as the two were good, who would not make mistakes when they were young, these were not problems.

But after marriage, her mother -in -law knew that her daughter -in -law’s past could not let go. He felt that his son was too lost to marry a woman who had been pregnant.Home, I feel that my classmates cheat their marriage, and once made the classmates feel particularly embarrassing.

So the in -laws have never been to see her. Even if she is flattering, she has always been useless, and her mother -in -law even let her daughter -in -law go out.

Sometimes, as long as you hate a person, you can’t change it. From the bottom of the heart, I hope that this person will not meet. It is best to see it again. In order to alleviate the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, students have moved with unnecessary quarrels.When they came out, the two came out to rent a house now, and the in -laws did not ask the lives of the two people at all.

She also thought about preparing for pregnancy and had a child with her husband, but she was really scared, because although her husband was very good to her, she also listened to her parents. She was afraid that one day, her husband was persecuted by his parents.Divorce, then it will not only hurt themselves, but also children.Therefore, this is the biggest reason why they have not had children for so long.

In fact, I just started to think that my classmates caused infertility because of their previous things, and found that it was more cruel than the facts. It made the classmate’s marriage that could not be separated and it was not good.

The classmates said that the last thing I regret in college was pregnancy. I felt that my life was destroyed because of this. The husband did not mind, but when they quarreled, the husband would still tell this matter.Become a reason to slander her and make her tired of physical and mental.

After listening to her, I didn’t know how to comfort her for a while. I hope she is happy, but she does not know what to do now. This marriage is equivalent to going to the end without any room for recovery.

So girls, we must love themselves well, do the right thing at the right time, how to emphasize this sentence will not be excessive. Love in college can be talked about, but some things can really doI really regret myself for a lifetime. In the end, the only one is myself and my parents.Fresh sense is a moment, but regret is a lifetime.

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