The pain in the body during pregnancy shows that the fetus is very good, and the pregnant mother will be happy.

Friends Xiaoqiu became particularly nervous after pregnancy, and my body changed a little bit. I would like to share with me and ask me some things I need to pay attention to during pregnancy.Yesterday, Xiao Qiu asked me for help again that she has become particularly lethargic recently. After sitting for a long time, she still has some headaches and will it have any impact on the fetal development.I told her that this was a normal pregnancy reaction, and lay down to sleep for a while when she was sleeping.Headache is caused by the formation of the placenta, the blood pressure decreases, and the brain is caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain.In addition, these parts of the body are also prone to pain, and it is normal, just take care.

Breast pain

Generally speaking, after four to six weeks of pregnancy, breast pain will occur, and the entire pregnancy may be continued.This is because after pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the pregnant mother increases, leading to secondary development of the breast, and the breasts will have a pain sensation while increasing.Therefore, mothers must take good care of their breasts during pregnancy and prepare for the baby’s breastfeeding after delivery. It is best to wear soft and breathable and steel -free underwear.

stomach ache

After pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant mother is the key protection site, and the abdominal discomfort should be the most important thing.Moms during pregnancy will often have abdominal pain. If the feeling of abdominal pain is slightly mild, at the same time, it is accompanied by a feeling of falling. If it is about the same as menstrual pain, don’t worry.Physiological pain, as long as pregnant mothers pay attention to rest.However, if abdominal pain continues to intensify, it is also accompanied by vaginal bleeding, which may be a threatened abortion. Pregnant mothers should go to the hospital quickly.

Sore back

Back pain is also a common symptom of pregnancy.Especially with the increase of the month of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus and amniotic fluid continues to increase. In order to maintain a balance, the waist muscles of the pregnant mother need to keep the contraction state backward. Over time, the tense muscles cannot relax, and naturally cause back pain.This kind of low back pain caused by fatigue will be relieved after getting a full rest.

Pubic pain

Many pregnant mothers will feel inexplicable pain when they are walking or standing when they are walking or standing.It is because the baby in the belly in the third trimester grows bigger and bigger. As the belly becomes larger, the gap between the two pubic bones is opened at least 2 cm.How serious the pain of the bone is opened can be imagined.When you feel the pain of the pubic bone, the pregnant mother must pay attention to rest. By the third trimester, you can also use the belly to reduce the pressure of the abdomen to the pubic bone.

Pregnancy is a long and hard process. The body of the pregnant mother must bear a lot of discomfort, but for the baby to come safely, some pain must be patient.

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