The oversized husband is seriously weak, and I have no idea for a month of conditioning!

I am 38 years old and my husband is 45 years old.We suddenly decided to have a second child.Then act immediately. During this period, I had the temperature and two phases.Once in December, I cheated a pack of plum meat from my friend’s house.When I found that I was not pregnant, I made a choice and asked my husband to check sperm.At this time, I tried to try for two months.Because I have done a check, saying that everything is fine.My menstrual flow has always been very small. It is enough to use only one or two sanitary napkins at a time. I once asked the doctor. Western doctors said that it would not affect the child.When there was no ovulation test paper, I drank black soy milk and hit it myself.I originally pulled well. After drinking, my 26 -day YJ changed to 30 days.

Husband’s sperm examination report shows that only 7%of the qualified sperm. Oh my god, it was like a thunderbolt for me at the time, because it was healthy to reach 70%.This result, I still asked my husband to take a week of medicine.In fact, I am not surprised. Her husband seems to be a bit uncomfortable on AA, and sometimes he cannot ejaculate.But his body had never been sick.Western medicine doctors just prescribed vitamins and let them go back to eat.I am not reconciled, I also bought vitamin E, and I bought nutrients such as lycopene, breeding, and other nutrients. I do n’t believe that the medicine does not work, and the nutritional products do not work.In addition, after many research, I believe that my husband is kidney yang deficiency (the legs are afraid of cold in winter, and the stomachs often diarrhea). I bought Chinese medicine to nourish the kidneys of Chinese medicine. There are six types in total.Popularized cans.But when he started to eat, he was thinner. I knew that this was a manifestation of eliminating the cold of the body. After three days, I wo n’t pull it, and I did n’t get angry. I felt that his spirit was much better.Then I calculated that my ovulation period was my ovulation in the middle of next month, and I would rather kill a thousand wrongly, and do not let go of a chance.

On the third day of the drawing, my ovulation test strip changed from yang to yin (I did not see Qiangyang, this is the first time I used ovulation test strips), timely AA .. In fact, I didn’t have hope at all, my husband ateMore than a month of medicine.

When I came down, I didn’t think about it every day. When I came to YJ on the 3.5, I suddenly came a little brown. I thought it was YJ. As a result, there was nothing at night.I don’t feel right, my ZZY can’t test anything late, I have never measured my body temperature.But my RF is very painful.The weak sun was measured on the 9th. It was weak to the 11th. The weak yang on the 12th was 37 degrees. I know that I am a good pregnancy, but my husband still doesn’t believe in his ability now.Woolen cloth.

To sum up, I feel that confidence is the most critical. I feel very relaxed because I feel no hope.There is also a very critical point. The last day I was brushed was ovulation, and a good sister told me that it was not necessarily.As a result, with the help of the ovulation test strip, I found that it was really ovulation one day after drawing.Moreover, the weak sisters must pay attention not to AA too much, it is best to grasp it, once, two times, otherwise the sperm quality will not work at all.And at the beginning of YJ, I drank brown sugar ginger tea for more than 10 days.Therefore, sisters must have confidence and relax, and babies will come.

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