The one -night stand in Cai Xukun caused the woman to get pregnant, and Mother Cai interfered and let the woman abortion!IntersectionIntersection

On the evening of June 25, the three entertainment records collectively exported joint exposure, saying that this is the most exposed melon exposed in the entertainment. It shocked the three views and absolutely top flow.Some netizens said: Which of the recent incidents of the Huang surname was more explosive.Alas, now netizens are getting more and more difficult to bring.

In fact, paparazzi have provided five options: tropical fish (Dili Reba and Huang Jingyu, Yang Zhi Ganlu (Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi), top -flowing children, 85 flower marriage changes, sewing machine teams.

However, it can be seen from the paparazzi team that since it is the most explosive melon, it is also shocked by the three views. The absolute top flow should not be a sweet love melon.Essence

However, just now, some people exposed Cai Xukun’s melon on a social platform, saying that Cai Xukun asked girls to abandon. Pervical said that this is just anterior dish. I have more real hammer content here. I will continue to put evidence in the live broadcast room at 12 o’clock today.It is so confident that it seems that the melon exposed today is a matter of the iron plate.

As early as May 20, 21st, Cai Xukun and the woman named C were introduced by a friend in Beijing. After the party, the two of them immediately had sexual relationships. Because there were no contraceptive measures, the woman C went to the hospital to check it one month later., Found that she was pregnant, and then asked Cai Xukun what to do, Cai Xukun told her to ask her to kill her child.On July 5, a woman with the surname C went to the hospital alone.

I thought the incident was over, but after Cai Xukun’s mother knew the matter, she made up her own brain, suspected that the woman C had intentionally set up a bureau and wanted to extort her son.And install a pinhole camera at the door of Ms. C’s house.

Mother Cai has done this that has exceeded the scope of the law and violated her personal privacy. Even if love is eager, she must have a degree of serious harm to the woman of C surname C.

For the follow -up of the incident, Cai Xukun has no response at the moment, waiting for the result.

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