The one group of the world is handsome to become red!"11 Fresh Meat Players" Nationality exposes female powder seasickness: I want to immigrate

Reporter Tian Yanwei / Comprehensive Report

The 2022 Cada World Football Team was released. Dead loyal fans watched the ball game. One day fans were paying attention to the handsome guys of the world. In addition to high -popular stars such as Ronaldo and Messi, a group of Croatian teams wore a suit recently.The photos of the plane spread on the Internet. The players’ tall and upright figure, wearing a straight suit, wearing sunglasses, raising their hands like a fashion model, letting the majority of female netizens riot directly: "handsome to get pregnant!"

Croatian player.(Photo / Reuters)

There are many handsome guys in the World Football Team, regardless of the sun, sexy, wild, various types, so that female fans are fascinated. RecentlyCaused heated discussions, I saw the players wearing a fitted white shirt, dark blue suit, with a casual black shoes, and exposed a bright smile on the camera in hand.Essence

Croatian player.(Photo / Reuters)

Croatian player.(Photo / retrieved from IG)

Obviously it was a photo of the plane, but was called by a large number of female fans: "Think of taking a magazine!" The players of the players in the meat search photos were also rumored immediately, which is the most popular in the world.The lethal photos, "This is basically a flight that transports Ferlo Meng", "Men 94 to wear a suit", "unconditional Clasic champion", "I can’t understand the ball game, go off the plane, watch"Know", "Oh my god, high value, you are pregnant,", "I know why everyone suddenly likes football."

Croatian player.(Photo / Reuters)

Netizens responded.(Photo / Revised from Facebook)

Croatian football players have each fairy value, and they are also well -known men in private. The 29 -year -old Marko Livaja has a thick and sexy appearance, and there are many tattoos on their bodies. They are already a child’s father.Although he left the beard, he couldn’t hide his handsome face.The 31 -year -old Andrej Kramaric opened twice when the World Football Team was in Canada. The performance on the court was extremely eye -catching. With a handsome face, it was the dream lover of many girls, but in fact, heAlso dead, the child’s father, his wife is sexy, standing together is very right.

Malcolovaja.(Photo / retrieved from IG)

Andre Clarge.(Photo / retrieved from IG)

The 27 -year -old Mario Pašalić, in this group of plane photos, has attracted great attention due to a bright sunny smile. He does not lose the model at 189 cm. Although he has a baby face, heBut the father of a child, affection and love with his wife, often flashed generously in IG.In the photo, another player with thick eyebrows and rough beards, Josip šUtalo, is exquisite like a statue, and it exudes a melancholy atmosphere. At the age of 22Many female fans are yearning for.

Mario Passalic.(Photo / retrieved from IG)

Josephopaslo.(Photo / retrieved from IG)

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