The nurse rushed to the rescue of the rescue 40 days, and comforted the colleagues: "Patients need us, and they cannot be retreated on the front line."

A netizen named "Bai Mei and Chicken Rick" is a medical worker at Wuhan Central Hospital. She has been infected with new crown pneumonia and has just been cured.

Today, she posted a touching story of a brave nurse around her. The excerpt from the article is as follows:

I played a video with my friends in the department yesterday. As soon as the picture was connected, I instantly redd my nose and red my eyes. My good friends, long waist and long hair cut into a student head. They also smiled and showed off with me.Whoever cuts hair is better, who cut it shorter but is better.

Among them, there was a little sister -in -law. Before I was sick, she secretly told me that I felt pregnant. I was happy for her. I also patted her with her chest that if she was really pregnant, I would definitely spoil you every day in the department.

As a result, the day after I was diagnosed with hospitalization, at that time, the situation of the epidemic had not attracted people’s attention as much as it is now. She called me very much and said proudly: "Really pregnant, there is almost 40 days for almost 40 days.It was, but you went in (hospitalized isolation) and hurry up and take care of me. "

I am very worried and suggested that she feels like I was uncomfortable. After all, it was easy to abortion in the early pregnancy. I told her like an old mother in the third.

Later, my condition in the ward was worsened, and I couldn’t care about the situation outside, and I didn’t ask her recent situation.Until yesterday, they heard that I was discharged from the hospital. A call came over. I saw Qi brushing short hair and burst into tears. All the negative emotions that squeezed in this period broke out and broke out.

I whispered on the phone, "You are still on the front line, what do you do, your baby, your parents and husbands in your family do not know his existence. If the child is dropped, the hospital now accepts your hospitalized hospital bed.No, don’t get your life! "

I was anxious with a nose and tears, but she smiled and said to me, "I am still thinking about this child. It doesn’t matter. Now the hospital needs us, patients need us, we can not retreat on the front line …… "

I used to go to work every day. I was scolded by the severe patients, and the patients who were chaotic complained that they were interviewed by the unknown hotline.In this industry, let these patients who do not know how to do it.

However, when such a serious epidemic happened, they all slammed their faces. They didn’t think of their parents, did not want their children, and didn’t think of their lives. At this time, we were a professional medical staff.Rush forward, do we do not save the country, what should the people do?

This is probably the most "contrived" in their lives. Obviously, people who do not like these harmful medical care. These people who do not respect medical care are worried about their lives safety. They want to bear them for them.

We did not see death, but we just distressed ourselves too much, distressed ourselves, and distressed ourselves.

The picture in the article is provided by "Bai Mei and Chicken Legs"

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