The novice mother drank a bowl of soup but was admitted to the hospital. I checked that it was a gallbladder stones.

As a novice mother, Ms. Song, she couldn’t think of it. She just drank a bowl of soup as usual, but she was admitted to the hospital.Recently, Ms. Song, who was still in confinement, drank a bowl of trotters soup during dinner, but she was admitted to the hospital for sudden abdominal pain.After the inspection, I knew that the gallbladder stones were blame secretly.

Occasionally, the symptoms of abdominal pain are slightly unwilling to care

I only know that there is stones

Ms. Song occasionally occasionally abdominal pain in the past two years, but she is tolerated due to the symptoms, and she will relieve herself after a while, and she doesn’t care too much.Until recently, she had just given birth to her child for more than 20 days and was still in confinement. After drinking a bowl of trotters soup during dinner, she had a severe abdominal pain and sweaty.The gallbladder stones are blame secretly.

Ms. Song before surgery CT examination local map

On May 4th, Ms. Song rushed to the hospital for a clinic. After completing the hospitalization procedures, she was diagnosed with gallbladder diverse stones and cholecystitis before surgery. One of the larger stones was 1.6cm in diameter.

According to Li Xiaopan, director of the hepatobiliary surgery of Changsha Jingshi Hospital: "For patients with a small single stone but a large number of patients, because the stones can move a large range, they are most afraid that it will be in the neck of the gallbladder with the flow of bile flowing.Or the gallbladder tube, or even the bile tube, causes the obstruction of the biliary system. At that time, it will not only cause severe biliary colic and accelerate the damage of the gallbladder function, but also secondary biliary tube stones, causing obstructive jaundice, and even purulent, obstruction, obstructionThe fatal complications such as bile tubeitis and acute pancreatitis. "

After a few days of symptomatic treatment, Li Xiaopan led the doctors team to surgery for Ms. Song.According to Li Xiaopan: "During the operation, after a series of investigation and evaluation, it was confirmed that her gallbladder function was acceptable, so she successfully saved her and took out more than 20 spherical stones." At present, patients have recovered well, have been surgery, and have been surgery.On the third day, he was discharged from the hospital.

The doctor asked Ms. Song’s recovery after surgery

It is recommended that the majority of women of childbearing age screen gallbladder stones before pregnancy

Once you are diagnosed early, the symptomatic treatment

After surgery, for the cause of Ms. Song suffering from gallbladder stones, Li Xiaopan analyzed that when women were pregnant, due to the role of estrogen in the body, cholesterol in blood and bile in the body was in a high level.A large amount of tonic, which can easily induce the formation of gallbladder stones, or promote the increase of gallbladder stones and increase volume, increasing the probability of stones.

Li Xiaopan explains the knowledge of gallbladder stones

Therefore, experts remind that if the body has symptoms of abdominal distension and abdominal pain, medical treatment should be treated in time to clarify the cause.In addition, for women with fertility needs, it is best to add a hepatobiliary ultrasound examination before pregnancy to check whether it suffers from stones.So as not to cause inconvenience to life during pregnancy or postpartum stones, and even increase the difficulty of treatment.At the same time, for novice mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is recommended that scientific and reasonable diets, do not over -replenishment, avoid increasing unnecessary burden on the body.

Reporter: Hexi Correspondent: Huang Yalan

Source: Political and Law Channel

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