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"The female lead running the road after running the road (female respected)" Author: Yunyun Jinghe

"Wife Lord is Daozu [Women]" Author: Dao Xuan

"Villain female with pet husband (female residence)" Author: Xueyu Bingying

"Who does not love Xiaobai Lian (female respect)" Author: Mirror and "Marry the Buddha (Women)" Author:

"Female and Black Heart Lotus Male Lord HE" [Female Zun]

Author: Ji Maruko

"Yan Kill" (female respect)

1 After the heroine runs the road, the prince chase his wife’s cremation field (female respected)

An accident, Gan Tang tied up a dog licking system. As long as the task was completed, he could re -get the new life. As a native of the native swallow, Gan Tang asked sincerely."What is licking your dog?" The cruel electronic sound said cruel words, "Refers to those who have no dignity to kneel and lick others." Gan Tang didn’t understand, Gan Tang was shocked."Stupid! It’s not really licking!" After listening to the explanation of the system teacher, Gan Tang rest assured, confidently patting his chest, "You can rest assured! I must do it!" "The pursuit is the prince Changle."… "For his own life safety, Gan Tang asked Ai Ai to ask," … can you change the object? "" No. "" Oh. "Since then, Gan Tang has embarked on an unprecedented light (hard) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hardship) (hard) (hardship) (hardship) (hard) (hard) (hardship) (hardship) (hard) (hard) (hardship) (hard) (hard)Difficulty) Da (Road) (Road).——Degisy, the eldest music is the most noble prince of the Dayan dynasty. She looks beautiful, her talents are full of talents, and their temperament is lonely.He also knows that Gan Tang, the daughter of the prime minister, is the fanatic pursuit of Prince Changle.In order to Changle, she gave up her dignity.In order to Changle, she changed the principle.For the sake of the music, she ignores everything!The whole capital was moved by her spirit!Seek you!Let’s go together.However, on the white horse of Gao Dajunxiu, the beautiful Prince Changle was indifferent, his eyes fell on Gan Tang’s hands at will, and the corner of his mouth aroused.The beautiful woman holding the flowers with her face was pale.The whole city was crying, and my western BE!IntersectionIntersectionWho would have thought that after a long time, they saw that the long music prince who had disdain the Gan Girl followed her step by step behind her, just begging her to look back at him.The whole city is ecstatic, and my Sippi is back again?IntersectionCremothing field small theater 1: Gan Tang: "System, what does the highest -level licking dog look like?" System: "The highest -level licking dog is licking to the end. When he finds that he still wants to be with others, he stillCan bless them. "Gan Tangzhao did.So in the winter day, Gan Tang, who had always been entangled in him, wished him with a good picture of Ling Yun and Ling Yun’s century, and became the biggest nightmare of Yan Shenxiao.Small theater of the crematorium 2: Yan Shenxiao, who rushed down because he thought Gan Tang fell into the water and accidentally broke his forehead and left a scar.Because after getting married, Gan Tang never touched him and was very cold to him.Later, he couldn’t stand it, holding Gan Tang tough, crying and asking if she felt ugly and disliked himself.Gan Tang sighed and looked at him, Yan Shenxiao looked forward to looking back."No." Gan Tang’s voice was gentle and pity, "It’s just because I don’t like His Royal Highness." Yan Shenxiao was stiff, like the abyss.Male lead: The indifferent and harsh crazy batch prince in the early stage, in the later period of love, must not be extremely humble. The female lead: love life, love family loves mountains and rivers, serious and responsible in the early stage, not tip of the male lead in the later periodNaturally 2. Boys (I love it) 3. Attachinal ancient female respect, atypical crematorium, may be small abuse in the middle and back (?), Ending HE 4. Random drop of crossing people, there will be no in the ancient times that it will not meet the ancient times.Developmental

2 Wife Lord is Taoist ancestor [female Zun]

He Li hates ruthless and famous, and is the head of the world’s magic repair.He hated the woman in the world.The righteousness was angry, fear of him, and insulting him, so that he killed him, and suffered hard.Thirty years later, when the head of the Zhengdao met with the ancestor of the Jinxian Taoist, he saw this "dead" magic giant.I have back pain. "—— Fishing flowers at the foot of Nanshan, Shenzhou, Mr. who lives in secluded, and leads a half -dead man to the house, which shocked the entire Baimei Academy.He Li hated a wake -up, and in this vulgar academy, he was repaired as a dedication, and the meridians were broken.He raised it and developed himself as a husband of Mr. Mei, so he had to be in a mood to ask his wife with a complicated geology: "Do you dare to touch me? Do you know who I am!"Then do you know, who am I? "

3 villain women with pet husband (female respect)

Ye Fang was stunned by Xiao. San drove, but opened his eyes but saw a strange man kneeling in front of her bed. The man was scared when he heard her speak, but in the middle of the night, she had to cover her pillow to death.EssenceYe Fang held a man backhand, tied him to his house, and began to understand this strange world.This is a world of a female humble man, and the person she borrowed from the corpse is called Ye Fang. It is the flow of the village. The hooligan.The widow pitted and lost his life.After crossing, Ye Fang also got a kind of ability, that is, she sometimes has some predictive dreams, but her dreams always start around the widow. When she dreamed of the widow’s wife, she returned with his military merit. She was cleared and chopped.He headed that she realized that she was the kind of villain on TV … Qian Dafu was mad, and he was amnesia every night when he was beaten by his wife.Come, but he is always not with his wife.Sometimes he wakes up in the kitchen, and there are still bacon in his mouth. Sometimes he wakes up in the henhouse, with a chicken that breaks his neck in his hand, and there is a bloody smell in his mouth.One day he woke up and stood in front of his wife’s bed with a knife in his hand.Qian Dafu was very scared. He didn’t dare to let others know his madness, and even dared to let the rough wife find it.Later, his mad illness was discovered by his wife. He thought his wife would burn him, but not only did she not, but also became better and better to him. He also asked him to crown his wife’s surname and gave him a nice name -Ye Ye — Ye YeLike brocade.His wife is getting better and better to him, but he is more and more scared, fearing that he will kill his wife when he is mad.Toughness and indifference in the later period of true incense heroine*Double personality [good and humble] [Yin Yan persistent] Who does not love Xiaobai Lotus (female rescue)

[The romantic and expensive girl X loves the white lotus, the beautiful madness of the beautiful madness (male)]

——Tat of such a beautiful little white lotus struggling in such a silt, can you hold back unhappy?

Seeing Azer at the first glance, Wen Zheyu fell unconsciously.

Xiaobai Lotus not only has a thin legs with thin legs, beautiful color, but also rare and soft temperament. It is entangled on the warmth jade like a silk flower.

Wen Zheoyu thought more than once, Xiaobai Lian couldn’t take care of himself, but he was afraid that he would not live without himself.

Although Wen Zheoyu was wandering, he still had to take care of Xiaobai lotus.Just when her scum girl turned back and was ready to take care of this white lotus, I saw Xiaobai Lotus’s enchanting red, opened innocent and poor eyes, and inserted her sharp dagger on her chest.Essence

The hot blood splashed on his beautiful face, and the little white lotus opened his lips lightly. As always, he murmured: "Ah, you are so deceived, adult …"

Wen Zheyu is completely crazy!Intersection

【small theater】

Wen Zheoyu: Drink this glass of poisonous wine, and the past.

Xiaobai Lotus dragged the chain of the wow rushing forward, and did not hesitate to raise his head, fell the cup, his eyes with tears: "I am pregnant … adult … but I’m going to die soon …"

Wen Zheoyu’s face was cold like ice: "Do you think I can believe it?"

He disappointed his eyebrows: "Well … I can’t lie to you …"

Winn folding jade leaves and leaves.

The wine was non -toxic, but after she left, Xiaobai Lian knelt on the ground and covered her lips.

【Reading Guide】:

①: Female Zun 1V1, boys.The strong men are not weak.

②: Male C, female lead Neptune, non -C, male and female masters are imperfect, do not like it.

5 Marry a Buddha (female respected)

Author: Skycato

Zhou Yan passed through, and opened his eyes and found himself lying on a three hundred square meters of bed.

She sat up sharply and found that there were still many men around her.

Cang is ahead, she feels that she is a "shame" of uppercase.

Overnight, the emperor who had been romantic for more than ten years was suddenly vegetarian. She was addicted to government affairs.

The harem beauty was unwilling, conspiring the Yangmou, and in his eyes with her eyes.

Zhou Yan couldn’t bear it. He rolled away the memorial, and he entered the Mercy Temple, saying that he had to cultivate his body.

Later, in the corner of Xiangyunfa, which fluttered in the Mahayana Hall, she saw a man with a variety of styles.

He won’t wear a long gown in front of her;

When she sees him, he always smokes a strong aroma;

He always likes to call her Aya through layers of veil. He said softly that he missed her, and his bones were so soft that people wanted to shatter.

Zhou. Clear mind. He swallowed his mouth without arguing: "Is this what I can see without paying incense and fire?"


Master Jingfan entered the Buddhist gate since he was a child, and he devoted himself to cultivating Buddhism, but he was the famous first seat of compassion.

He crossed the world’s sorrow, stubborn good and evil, followed the cause and effect, a yellow and white swimming, his eyebrows were cold, and the pupils were clear.

That day, he saw the woman with a peach blossom at a glance.

When the heart string trembled, he was busy with his eyes, read several "Amitabha", and pinched the belly of the beads.

At night, he copied the scriptures to eliminate the evil thoughts in his heart and order ink writing.

The woman was in a thin dress, broke into the Mahayana Hall, and called him "Jing Fan" softly.

The fingertips shook, and the pen tip swept.

Scriptures, no sutra, Buddha, no Buddha.


There are two ways in the world.

“Shock, the emperor pretended to be a poor ghost fishing Kaizi, and also caught the temple and went to marry the Buddha (female respect)

6 Female and Heixin Lotus male lead [Female Zun]

Author: Ji Wan:

Brief introduction: Su Bing became a vicious female partner because he accidentally put on the female Zun Wen.

In this world, women have soul power and are used for planting various plants to make money to support their families. Men have souls, responsible for giving soul -supporting the soul power, as well as children.

And Su Bing, an abandoned and bad bully, forced the male lead, insulting him day and night.

Until the heroine found the male lead, the two complained each other, and left Su Bing’s eight pieces into the septic tank. From then on, live a happy life.

When Su Bing came over, he looked at the whip in his hand and the male lead on the ground, sweating cold … Cangtian!

Fortunately, Kong Wu’s powerful heroine had not appeared yet, and everything was rescued.

She was nice to the male lead, just begging this black heart lotus to spare her life.

She raised the male lead, and on this day decided to deliver to the female lead>

Su Bing: "You listen to me, don’t be excited! She is your true daughter!"

Bai Jiansi listened, and silently took a knife to the neck again.

1V1, Shuangjie Double C.

Female pets, boys, golden fingers.

There is a court battle plot behind.

7 Yan Kill (Female Response) Author: Water Bobo Female, Boys Double Reborn Male Lord is a crazy criticism of the paranoia of the heroine

Xu Tang opened his eyes and found that he was reborn. He was put on his neck, and the crying father called his mother not to go to study.She threw Bai Yan away, a noble head in front of her father and mother, and returned to the academy to make a good child.In this life, she vowed no longer to provoke that person, but he appeared in front of him, Wufa white, a little cinnabar between his forehead, cold and gorgeous.He stepped on the ground covered with peach blossoms, evoked his thin lips, and said to her, "The owner is also coming to watch the flowers?" Xu Tang found that some of the original love and hate had already engraved the bone marrow.She can’t let go.· Ask the people of the Huangcheng, who is the most invisible man, they will definitely say, "Emperor Qing!", Eliminated the suffocating anger, becoming no desire.Everyone thought that Emperor Qing had been like this since then.Who would expect him to be vulgar again!She also married Xu Xiang’s only daughter, and the father and mother played a little every day.Everyone was waiting to see their chickens flying. The second king girl next door to Di Qing’s house passed by one night. When she heard Di Qing gritting her teeth, she was about to kill Xu Tang.The two kings are ecstatic: I know that these two can’t be!The next day, they spread everywhere Xu Tang X Gu Qingzheng (see the fool’s eyes): What do you know … I will say this first, what do you like, pay attention to the message.We, see the comment area

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