The newlywed pregnant woman was gang raped by four people for 8 hours. One of them was not yet an adult, and the husband and wife were finally destroyed.

In 2013, the 5.15 tragedy of Feixian County in Shandong shocked the whole country. Four thieves dived into the home of a newlywed couple, insulting his wife for 8 hours in front of her husband.

During this period, the four also asked their husbands to make meals for them, and they faked that they would leave after eating, and would not hurt their lives.

However, after they caught their wealth, after they were full, they directly killed the newlywed couple and buried the corpse.One of these four people was still a minor.

When the newlywed couple was discovered, the tragic police could not bear to look directly at the police, and it was even more angry that after the identification, the wife was pregnant before being violated.

What resentment between these four and the newlywed couple did not even let the pregnant women let it go. What happened later?

Victim husband and wife

The victim’s couple, her husband was Sun Gang, and his wife was Li Hong.

Li Hong looks very good. There are many people who pursue her before marriage. There were several people spent money to find a matchmaker to Li Hongjiabao.

However, the "three -inch tongue" of the matchmaker did not say that Li Hong was moved, not how much Li Hong was, but she just wanted to find a stable and honest person to live.

Sun Gang is a chef at the local hotel. He is honest and does not like to fight for. He is a solid person.

After matching the matchmaker, Li Hong saw Sun Gang’s simplicity and kindness. It didn’t take long for the two to develop into a relationship of lovers.

In front of Li Hong, Sun Gang was a little inferior, because Li Hong looked too beautiful, and he looked very ordinary. He felt that he was a bit worthy of Li Hong.

But Li Hong said to him, "I just want to live a solid life. I like you because you are honest and responsible. For me, this is enough."

Li Hong and Sun Gang

Li Hong’s words made Sun Gang a bit reliable, and the relationship between the two became deeper and deeper.

In mid -October 2012, the two held a wedding in Feixian, Linyi. Although the wedding was not gorgeous, for Sun Gang and Li Hong, this was the beginning of their happy life.

After that, the two lived their own small life, and the couple worked together to fight for this little family.Sun Gang was a chef at the hotel, while Li Hong set a small stall to sell snacks such as fried skewers and linsea cakes.

Sun Gang’s salary of 4,000 yuan a month, Li Hong can earn more than 2,000 yuan in the early and late returns every month. In this slow -paced small county, the two eat and drink, and live a happy life.

Sun Gang’s mother is an enlightened person. He knows that the younger who is now young does not like to live with his elders. She has prepared a wedding room for her son for a long time.

Although it is not a community building, this rural self -built house is the same as a small villa. The decoration is clean and tidy, and the yard is full of flowers.

Such a second -floor floor is already a well -off for locals, but the only disadvantage of this house is that the geographical location is too remote. There are few pedestrians passing by during the day, and there will be almost no one at night.

The couple decided to work together to strive to pay a house in the county to pay a house in the county.

One morning, when the family had breakfast, Li Hong picked up a fritter and made a nausea when he was about to eat.

Mother -in -law speculated that Li Hong might be pregnant. After breakfast, the family accompanied Li Hong to the hospital for examination.

After finding Li Hong’s pregnancy, the family was happy, and even the durian that was usually reluctant to buy, Sun Gang suddenly bought Li Hong for three.

Passing by a infant shop, the two looked at the good -looking baby in the window, and began to imagine the child after the birth of the child.

In order to welcome the child’s birth, both of them were preparing to do well, and they also began to look forward to a warm life of a family of three.

In order to take care of the daughter -in -law, her mother -in -law said, "Xiaohong, don’t go out of the stall every morning and night, mother gives you money."

Not only that, the mother -in -law will regularly go to the two people’s house to clean up, and make three meals a day and wait for her son -in -law to come back.

Their life is orderly, and the whole family is looking forward to the children in Li Hong’s belly can land safely.

Soon after, a disaster broke the family.

On the morning of May 15, 2013, because her daughter -in -law Li Hong was very bad recently, her mother -in -law also learned the way of eating in the city to prepare bread jam for her, and squeezed some fruit juice.

But after a long time, the two did not come to breakfast. The mother -in -law called in the past. Both their mobile phones were shut down, and they noticed that some wrong mother -in -law was ready to find out.

The position of the son -in -law’s house is relatively biased. For the safety of the two children, the in -laws specially installed some glass fragments on the walls, and also gave them a big dog to see the house. Usually, as long as someone passed by, the big dog roared Wang Wang WangEssence

But this morning, when her mother -in -law came to her son’s house, she shouted several times at the door. No one answered in it, and the big dog didn’t call.

She quickly opened the door with a spare key. As soon as she entered the door, she saw that the flower pots in the yard were crushed, and the big dog fell into a pool of blood, which was no longer breathless.

Dog killed

My mother -in -law was shocked, and she accelerated her steps to the house, and found that the room was particularly chaotic. The table was placed on the leftovers and vegetables, and there were several bottles of wine.

At a glance, she recognized the braised meat made by her son at a glance, but since her daughter -in -law was pregnant, she could not smell the greasy meat. Why would my son make this braised meat at this time?

With doubt, her mother -in -law walked into the bedroom, and the scene in front of her trembled directly, and there was blood everywhere in the bedroom.

At this time, she couldn’t stand, but instinctively made her report to the police as soon as possible.When she trembled and pulled the alarm call, she couldn’t help crying when she was connected over there.

The police quickly arrived and immediately blocked the scene. Sun Gang’s mother and father sat outside the house and cried loudly and hoped that the police could find his son and daughter -in -law quickly.

The house was messy, and the police initially determined that this was a case of robbery. After careful investigation, the police realized the seriousness of the case.

In the bedroom, the police discovered the fragments of women’s underwear being torn, and there were very obvious signs of fighting at the scene. If there was no accident, Li Hong might encounter rape, and her husband fought a deadly fight with the gangsters.

The cash, bank cards, and passbooks at home were lost, and the disappearance of Sun Gang and Li Hong may also be unexpected.

The camera installed in Sun Gang’s house was also smashed.According to Sun Gang’s parents, this camera was installed not long ago, because some time ago, his son’s house had lost something.

After getting this information, the police immediately launched a quick investigation.

Police soldiers were investigated in three roads, and a team of bank cards and passbooks under the names of Sun Gang and Li Hongzhi’s names were traded or cash.

The second team investigated the surveillance facilities and asked the surrounding residents. Has there have been suspicious people in these days.The three teams vigorously investigated the situation around Sun Gang Li Hong’s house.

A few days later, the police who inquired the monitoring found that four very suspicious people had traveled near Sun Gang’s house, and they were like stepping on the point.

The other team of police officers also salvaged several blood clothes and documents in a river near Sun Gang Li Hong’s house. After confirming Sun Gang’s mother, this bloody clothes were Li Hong.

Seeing these, Sun Gang’s parents had no hope at all, and they knew that their son -in -law was fierce.

Sun Gang’s mother collapsed directly. She held her pants on the ground and mourned, and the people present could not bear to turn their heads.

However, this time, the police got a key evidence. They salvaged a certificate from the river, which was an old man’s subsistence allowance. They realized that the owner of this low -guarantee card could not get rid of the gangster.

The owner of the subsistence allowance card is Fu Daguang. Because the family conditions are very poor and the physical condition is not good, he has always been treated by the government’s subsistence allowance.

After in -depth investigations against Daguang, the police quickly locked his eyes on his son.

Fu Daguang’s son, Fu Gang, was a well -known local gangster. Since he was a child, he liked to fight and gather together.After dropping out of school, he is even more idle. He is old at home every day.

He is an unemployed tourist, has no job or income, and usually either ask his friends to borrow money or grab his father’s subsistence allowance to live a life.

Fu Daguang and his son Fu Gang

Because Fu Gang often fights, he will do some thieves. Most of the police officers at the local police station know him. Everyone agrees that he will be a breakthrough in this case.

Subsequently, the police continued to investigate. They found blood stains by the river and came to a piece of wood through the tracking of blood stains, because the blood stain was interrupted in the woods, and the police brought a police dog assistance.

Soon after, the police dog took the police to a dark cave and barking towards the cave.

As soon as the policeman entered the cave, he heard a stench. The experienced old criminal police heard it: "This is a corpse smell."

After investigation, this cave was the body of Sun Gang and Li Hong, and a lot of weeds were covered on the corpse.

When the police moved the two out of the cave, the tragedy of the two made the forensic doctor feel chilling, and all the police officers on the scene felt extremely angry and bold.

I saw that Sun Gang’s head had three large holes, and a knife was inserted on his chest, and he had traces of beating on his body.

His wife Li Hong was even more miserable. Her chest had a large number of bite marks. It was obvious that she had been violated by many people. The three -month -old child in her stomach failed to survive.

When Sun Gang’s parents saw the body of his son and daughter -in -law, he fainted many times and cried until he couldn’t stand. They really dared not think that their son -in -law had experienced something.

The police also couldn’t bear to see the two elderly white -haired people send black -haired people. They promised the two elderly people: "You can rest assured that we will definitely give you an explanation."

Sun Gang’s mother

According to the police tracking, they locked 4 criminal suspects and found them in an Internet cafe. When they were arrested, they played the game overnight in the Internet cafe.

After seeing the police, the four immediately knew that things were revealed, and soon they explained their crimes.

It turned out that not long ago, the four discovered that Sun Gang’s house was particularly remote and was not monitored, so while they were not at home, they sneaked in and took a lot of cash.

At that time, the couple did not call the police, but chose to install it.The four felt that the couple were very scared, so they paid attention to them.

After a few days, they spent all the money stolen. Several people again thought about it, ready to go to Sun Gang’s house and turn around again.

When they turned the box in the house to find money, one of them stared at the wedding photo on the bedroom wall and said: "This woman is pretty …"

They looked at each other, led each other, and the four rolled out cash and valuable things, and then in the house, waiting for the husband and wife to come back.

In the evening, the husband and wife went home with each other. They had already said and laughed. As a result, they just entered the door. The four people who ambushed in advance directly controlled Sun Gang and tied him up.

Subsequently, the four asked the couple to ask their bank cards and passwords.The two Sun Gang knew that when they were not touched at this time, they cooperated very well.

But it was also their cooperation that made the four more madly. They dragged Li Hong into the bedroom and picked up her clothes.

Subsequently, the four of them violated Li Hong, and during this period, they actually asked Sun Gang to kneel in the bed in the bedroom and watched how they raped their wives.


Watching his wife was insulted, Sun Gangqing rose, but he was unable to break away from the tied. Looking at the crying wife, he knelt on the ground and pleaded hard: "My wife has been pregnant for 3 months.Let’s let her go, how much do you want me to get you, if it is not enough, I will borrow it. "

His words did not stir up the conscience of the four, but instead made them play with it. One of them said: "You go for us to eat some, let’s eat and drink, and leave every day."

In order to let these people go quickly, Sun Gang could only stand up and went to the kitchen to make a table for them. During this period, the two of them went to the bank and gave them all more than 10,000 yuan inside.Essence

Four people were sitting on the table, and after the wine was full, several people began a new round of rape. At this time, although Li Hong and Sun Gang were abused, they always had hope in their hearts: when they dawned, they wouldgone.

However, in the end they failed to wait until dawn.

After the four of them played with the couple, they brought Sun Gang to another house, wrapped his neck with a wire, and put on a plastic bag on his head to kill him.

Later, they told Li Hong that they killed Sun Gang that Li Hong collapsed after hearing her husband’s killing.She struggled violently, but the four did not give her a chance.

They continued to torture Li Hong, pierced her with a toothpick, and scald her with the cigarette butt. After the eight -hour gang rape and torture, the four co -worked with a plastic bag to dull her.

The eyes were about to light up, and the four of them threw all their blood clothes and so on. They then found a secret cave and threw the couple’s bodies in.

They smashed the camera and hid the body into the cave. They thought that this was a seamless plan of Tiaoyi. However, because of the rush, there were too many flaws left.

After hiding the corpse, several people took the money and went to the bar to live a happy life until they were arrested by the police.Among these people, the largest 24 years old, the youngest is not yet an adult, only 17 years old.

This is the shocking Shandong Feixian County to rob the rape and killing cases. It is so many young people who have been cruelly crime.

After the court’s decision, Fu Gang, Zhang Xuejun, and Wang Jiying were sentenced to death. Zhao Feng was sentenced to life imprisonment for minors.

Although these four were punished, Sun Gang and Li Hong could no longer come back, and their homes collapsed.

It is reported that Sun Gang’s parents have been severely stimulated after this time, and the body has become worse than one day, and washed with tears all day.

The heart is sinister and invincible.

Before the execution of the death penalty, the police asked Zhang Xuejun and did not regret it. Zhang Xuejun said, "Regret it, but even if you regret it, I still die."

I knew this, why bother?

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