The most comprehensive early pregnancy symptoms!In contrast to self -examination, it is not sick or happy

Introduction: The most comprehensive early pregnancy symptoms!In contrast to self -examination, it is not sick or happy

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There are many pregnant mothers in the early stages of pregnancy. Because they do not know that the reaction of the body is early pregnancy, she thinks that they are uncomfortable, so many people who take stomach medicine and cold medicine are there.And uneasy because of taking the wrong medicine, as long as you have a husband and wife, you need to understand the symptoms of early pregnancy to avoid taking the medicine by mistake and accidental pregnancy, causing unnecessary trouble and marketing.

1. If the holiday is postponed, it will not come

The biggest change after pregnancy is menopause.Moms with a stable period of holiday period, if delayed for more than one week, are basically determined to be pregnant.However, too much mental stress can also cause delay or amenorrhea.

2. Pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting

Under normal circumstances, pregnancy reactions will occur around 40 or fifty days pregnant. The most obvious is nausea and vomiting. At this time, don’t take it for granted that it is indigestion and rashly take drugs.It is also necessary to judge whether it is pregnancy or stomach disease in combination with other symptoms.

3. Breast pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant mothers also feel breast tenderness. This is due to the effect of progesterone after pregnancy. The nipples will be more sensitive, and the color of the nipples and areolas will deepen.

4. The body temperature rises slightly

After pregnancy, the basic body temperature will be slightly higher than usual, because pregnancy will cause nerve changes. If you find that this phenomenon will last for more than 3 weeks, you can be determined as early pregnancy. At this time, you must distinguish it from a cold. Don’t think of a cold.

5. Fatigue, drowsiness

After pregnancy, I feel that the body is easy to feel fatigue, and lethargic, and I feel that I ca n’t wake up. This is also caused by the changes in estrogen during pregnancy. Generally, it is too late to be eased in the early pregnancy.

6. Frequent urine

After pregnancy, from March of pregnancy, the uterus slowly changed to compress the bladder, causing increased urination.When the uterus rises to the upper abdomen, the bladder is no longer oppressed, which can relieve frequent urination.However, when the fetus grows up, the fetus grows again, and the phenomenon of frequent urination will occur.

7. Increase leucorrhea

After pregnancy, because the fertilized eggs are bed in the uterus, leucorrhea secretion will increase, and normal is slightly viscous.

8. Change of taste changes

After pregnancy, the taste will also change, such as acidic, sweet, or salty, etc. The taste becomes weird. Even the food that I like before now I don’t like it.

In short, there are many signs of early pregnancy. Do not concluded that if you are doubtful, you can buy a early pregnancy test strip to test or go to the hospital to confirm it.

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