The most beautiful pregnant mother!Xun Mengyao took a high -definition photo to show the pregnancy belly, and the shape of the body did not go after pregnancy. The curve was super perfect

On May 16, Xi Mengyao shared a group of high -definition beautiful photos attending the event on his personal social platform.This is also the first public appearance after her official Xuan Huai’s second child, which is naturally attracted much attention.

On the day of the event, Mengyao was in full swing. She combed the high ball head and perfectly displayed the exquisite facial features. With the decoration of red lips and beauty, she was still beautiful and moving.And even if he has been pregnant with a second child for a few months, Meng Mengyao’s face value is still online, with a smile and charming.

This time, Meng Yao wore a black camisole and waist dress skirt. Except for the bumpy stomach of the second child, the overall body was not available. There was no difference between the swan neck and right -angle shoulders and the curve before pregnancy.

The positive appearance of Meng Yao did not see that it was pregnant at all. It was not obvious at all, and her waist was almost the same as before.From this perspective, Xi Mengyao is still a proper S figure.Being able to maintain such a good figure after pregnancy, Xi Mengyao is indeed a supermodel.

Under the camera, Xi Mengyao smiled slightly. I don’t know if she upgraded the prospective mother on the second degree. Xun Mengyao raised his hands and made his feet.

She is in front of the camera. Each frame is full of charm, and her confidence is full of confidence.It can be seen that even if she has a second child, Xun Mengyao’s aura as a supermodel has not diminished at all, dazzling.

At the event, Mengyao Yao wore a valuable jewelry accessories, and set off her expensive she was more expensive.

And in the near -camera, Xi Mengyao released the charm!She sometimes raised her hand Pose, and sometimes leaned on the sofa -shaped shape. She grabbed the mirror throughout the process, and her deep collarbone also sucked the eyeballs and kept it too well.

In fact, the day before the day before the day before, the beautiful photos of the appearance of Xi Mengyao’s appearance were exposed. At that time, without any beauty filter modification, Xi Mengyao was still full of state, and the whole person exuded charm.I have to say that Xun Mengyao after the second child was really more dazzling and charming than before.

After seeing the beautiful photos of Xun Mengyao, netizens have left a message: "Whoever reads such a temperament must say that he must say a lot", "Xiaoming’s temperament is really nothing, it’s great", "It is really extraordinary, my family is really super beautiful. "

This year’s Mother’s Day, Xi Mengyao and He Yanjun were happy to Xuanhuai’s good news on the Internet. At that time, He Yanjun also wrote vinegarly: "My family status is about to decline again."

In addition to lamenting the future Mother’s Day in the future, Xi Mengyao also rarely PO’s photo of her husband and son.In the photo, the children who were more than one year old held the flowers and gave it to her mother with the help of my father.Although her face was attacked by her mother, the little guy’s serious energy still turned everyone.

So think about the future Mother’s Day, there are two little guys to send flowers to themselves.

He Yanjun and Xun Mengyao have received much attention from love to marriage and children. During the period, the relationship between the two was questioned several times, but the two were not affected at all, and they were still loving and sweet.Even after the second child, Xun Mengyao was mocked into the giants and became a "child tool", and the couple didn’t care about rumors at all, and lived their happy little days.

Then, I hope that Mengyao will always maintain such a good mood and good attitude, and be happy throughout pregnancy!

The picture comes from the Internet

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