The more ugly after pregnancy is "pregnant with a son"?Don’t be fooled, the truth is actually like this

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I was young, and now I have been pregnant for more than six months. I recently chatted with her. She said, "I feel that my child is definitely a son."

I asked: "Why?"

She said, "Others say that they are ugly, and they will become ugly after they are pregnant. You see what I am ugly now, this is not what my son is?"

I smiled and joked her: "You believe this too. People still say that the female girl. I didn’t see it when I was pregnant with my daughter?"

"Huh, you are a special case, I’m different from you."

"Hey, you just lie to yourself, but if you make a small self, you still hope you can have a son."

"Borrow your good words!"

Is there a pregnant mother who has the same idea as me?In fact, it is normal to have this idea. Leave ourselves to think about it, but we have to figure out that the more and more ugly after pregnancy, is it really "pregnant with his son"?

To be honest, "Children’s Ugly Mother, Girl Beauty" is just a folk rumor. The credibility is not high. Don’t be fooled by this sentence. The truth is actually the case.

After most pregnant mothers are pregnant, the skin condition will change accordingly. This is because the pregnant mother’s body hormone changes, and estrogen and progesterone will increase significantly. During the pregnancy, the hormone content in the body may be normal.Hundreds of times.

And estrogen can indeed make the skin of the pregnant mother better and tender, but if the level of hormones is too high, it may also cause the skin to produce pigments and form some pregnancy spots.Therefore, different pregnant mothers have different hormones in the body, and the skin condition will naturally be different.

But at the same time, hormone levels will change with progress during pregnancy, so the skin condition of pregnant mothers will change over time.If the pregnant mother feels that she has become ugly during pregnancy and has a pregnancy spots, don’t worry too much. Within 3-6 months after giving birth, these pregnancy spots will naturally fade away, and you can return to the good skin before pregnancy.

So, in addition to changing hormone by pregnant mothers, what other reasons will affect the skin condition of pregnant mothers?

Pregnant mothers’ diet and living habits

Pregnant mothers who often eat fruits and drink plenty of water will be better than other pregnant mothers.This is because water is the most natural beauty drink, and it is also the Qing Daofu of the human body. Drinking plenty of water can help pregnant mothers excrete the impurities and metabolic waste of the body; and the fruits are rich in vitamins, while some vitamins have repair tissues and enhance cells.The role of activity, so the skin condition of pregnant mothers will get better.

Climate conditions in the place where the pregnant mother is located

Some pregnant mothers will have questions. Pregnant mothers in Chongqing Sichuan often have no relationship with spicy food. Why can’t they eat them?This is actually related to climate conditions.Then the skin of pregnant mothers is the same. Southern people’s skin is generally better than northerners because the southern air is moist, and human skin will naturally become tender.If you do n’t have this climatic condition, you may wish to carry a bottle of spray with you. If you feel dry, spray it a few times, and the effect is also good.

Do you feel that you have become beautiful after pregnancy?


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