The more powerful the pregnancy is, the healthier the baby is, really?

I have been pregnant for 3 months, and the pregnancy vomiting response is particularly powerful, and there is no appetite. What to eat vomit is too painful. I can listen to others say that the more powerful the pregnancy is, the healthier the baby is, really?

Pregnancy reactions can only indicate that the pregnancy state is in the state of pregnancy, but it does not mean that the greater the reaction, the healthier the embryo.The pregnancy reaction is a course of many pregnant women who experience. Usually appear in 6 weeks of pregnancy, and then gradually worsen. At the peak of 8 weeks of pregnancy, it gradually relieved in about 10 weeks.There are also serious reactions in individual pregnant mothers. They cannot vomit and vomit the normal meals, manifested as a lower weight, dehydration, and even coma even appeared in severe cases.The occurrence of pregnancy vomiting has a certain relationship with the level of HCG and estrogen that is surging in the body. The occurrence of pregnancy vomiting can only indicate that it is in a state of pregnancy, but it cannot be said that the larger the reaction, the healthier the embryo.There are obvious individual differences in pregnancy reactions, and thin and sensitive individual reactions are usually more heavy.Pregnant mothers should correctly face pregnancy vomiting reactions. Do not be too nervous and anxious, eat less and eat more, and seek medical treatment early when the pregnancy reaction is serious to avoid keto acid poisoning caused by hunger to hurt the embryo.

49 days of pregnancy, the results of the B -ultrasound have accumulated blood, is it a threatened abortion?

Most of the time, a small amount of vaginal bleeding belongs to the normal phenomenon during pregnancy and does not need to be too nervous.Coffee, brown, and pink vaginal secretions appear during early pregnancy are common phenomena, most of which are caused by bleeding in bed in bed.As long as the bleeding is not bright red, and the amount of bleeding does not exceed the daily menstrual flow.

Bleeding during early pregnancy, if it appears shortly after conception, it is often not easy to identify. You need to go to the hospital to check the cause of HCG, progesterone, B -ultrasound, and comprehensive judgment of bleeding.In the early pregnancy, B -ultrasound reflected blood, and the B -ultrasound also needs to be reviewed on a regular basis. If the fetus develops well, the blood accumulation is reduced or does not increase, so don’t worry too much.If the vaginal bleeding is mobilized and accompanied by symptoms such as slight abdominal pain and low back pain, you should go to the hospital for examination.

I have been pregnant for 5 months, and my vagina is itchy recently, and I still have a little pain. What should I do?I dare not use medicine during pregnancy to be afraid of affecting fetal development, but it is uncomfortable. How can I alleviate this symptom?

During pregnancy, due to the secretion of a large amount of female and progesterone in the placenta, the pH value in the vagina changes, and the vaginal flora is disordered, resulting in a high incidence of inflammation.The most common vaginal inflammation during pregnancy is mold infection, manifested as increased vaginal discharge, vulvar itching, and bean slag.After mold inflammation, if not treated in time, premature birth and newborns infection may be caused.The safety drugs for the treatment of mold during pregnancy are Kenine, and 1-2 doses are usually cured.

What should I do every time I brush my teeth and gums every time?

After pregnancy, dental disease is found, you need to see the dentist in time.If dental disease is relatively urgent, in order to avoid severe toothache affecting pregnancy, you need to treat it as appropriate in the early pregnancy.If it is not particularly urgent, you can postpone postpartum.

Bleeding gum bleeding mainly has dental stones and plaque or periodontal disease. Due to the effect of progesterone, the gums of pregnant mothers will be more sensitive to these adverse stimuli. This is why the gum bleeding during pregnancy will occur or worsen.In this case, you need to look at the dentist and improve your teeth or other ways to avoid causing periodontal disease.

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