The meeting is here again, understanding the contraceptive pills, lifting the distress of the younger sister, so that the love is not surprised

Seeing that the annual bridge was coming again, my sister -in -law suddenly had a little distress and sent information to ask the small pharmacist’s little knowledge about contraceptives. Today we will talk about the things about contraceptives.

From the first oral contraceptives, it has been approved in 1960 to the present, it has a history of 59 years.Prior to this, strenuous exercise and physical barriers were considered the most effective way. Around the 2nd century, Greek doctors suggested that Greek women jumping repeatedly after the same room for contraception seven times to contraception.

In Europe in the same period, doctors encouraged them to push four times back and forth in the middle of the night; while oral drinking blacksmith used to cool the metal water, and even drinking mercury, cream and other methods have been recorded in history.The "strange and weird" attempts have the emergence of safe and effective oral contraceptives.

The concentration of estrogen progesterone in the body is the key to conception

When you talk about oral contraceptives, you must not mention estrogen and progesterone.

Hulk brain, weighing only 4G, is located in the third room of the brain. Don’t look at other people’s body weight, but it is indeed the highest center of the internal endocrine of the human body -the highest center under the plant nerve cortex.The hypothalamus secretes the "gonadotropin release hormone" (GNRH), and GNRH promotes the anterior pituitary lobe to secrete the follicle (FSH) and the luteumenin (LH).

Under the action of the above two hormones, mature follicles secrete estrogen and progesterone.

During menstruation, the two hormones of women are the lowest level, and the endometrium falls off, forming menstruation. After the menstruation is over, these two hormones begin to increase. The estrogen increases faster than progesterone, promoting the hypothalamus to promote the secretion of pituitary bodies.The luteal formation leads to ovulation; after ovulation, the progesterone content reaches its peak (luteal stage). At this time, due to the high estrogen and progesterone in the body, the progesterone has reduced the secretion of the hypothalamus "promoting hormone".Hormone levels and progesterone levels began to decline, and the decline of to a certain extent was to a certain degree.

Compound oral contraceptives, such as Mom Fulong, Da Ying 35, You Siming, etc., generally consisting of low -dose estrogen and progesterone. The mechanism is to use exogenous hormone feedback to the hypothalamus to suppress the hypothalamus secretion GnRH.

In order to better answer the doubts of Sister Weaver and eliminate the fear or prejudice of compound oral contraceptives, the small pharmacist summarizes the following points for everyone to understand:

It is taken on the first day of the menstrual cycle and can be taken within 5 days after the start of menstruation.

If you take it 5 days after the menstruation starts, you need to exclude the possibility of pregnancy first, and you need to use additional contraceptive measures within 7 days.

Leaks 1 tablet and time is <12 hours. In addition to one tablet for normal medication, then +1 tablets, then take every day on time every day without other contraceptive measures.

The leakage time is> 12 hours or 2 tablets and more.

If the remaining pills are 7 or more, you can continue to take regular medication. At the same time, you need to be condom and other barrier contraception at least 7 days.

If there are less than 7 slices of the remaining pills, you can take the next cycle pills immediately after taking the pills of this cycle. You do n’t need to wait for 7 days to start the next cycle of pills.

If you insist on using compound oral contraceptives correctly, you can restore the physiological cycle and fertility after discontinuation. The fertility function can be resumed in the first month of the drug after discontinuation. There is no need to wait for 3 to 6 months, and it has no effect on subsequent pregnancy.

During the use of pregnancy or pregnancy, compound oral contraceptives should be taken immediately, and the drug should be discontinued immediately, and the fetal development is closely monitored during pregnancy.

For women who are breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use compound oral contraceptives during breastfeeding. The estrogen in compound oral contraceptives may enter the baby through milk, affecting baby growth and development.For lactating women with long -term contraception, you can choose an intrauterine internal breds or underpurring plants containing a bonito -containing heterochrome or only a progesterone.

For women with non -breastfeeding, contraceptives are not recommended within 21 days after delivery. It is recommended to choose other suitable contraceptive measures. 21 days after giving birth, women who do not have the risk of venous thrombosis can use compound oral contraceptives for contraception.

For women after abortion, they can immediately use compound oral contraceptive contraceptives without additional contraceptive measures.

Early pregnancy reactions will have mild nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, vomiting, etc., can be improved after continuing the medicine.

The vaginal bleeding medication may be a bit dripping or breakthrough bleeding in the early stages of medication, and it can be improved after continuing the medicine.If women often miss and take it from time to time, it will cause vaginal bleeding.

If a large amount of bleeding occurs, it is necessary to deal with the guidance of the doctor’s examination.

The reduction of menstrual flow generally does not need to be treated, and it can be returned to normal after stopping the drug. If menopause occurs, you need to confirm whether you are pregnant in time.

Breast pain generally does not need to be treated. The time of the medication is prolonged, and the symptoms can disappear by themselves.

A small number of women gain weight to increase mild weight; if the weight increases significantly, stop the drug observation.

A small number of women in the skin brown spot may appear (worsen after the sun), and it can weaken itself after stopping the drug.

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