The maximum is nearly 50 ° C, the world is extremely high!Zhejiang 7 geothermal to the top 10 across the country!Hangzhou people stand up …

Since the summer, there have been extreme high temperature weather around the world.Studies have shown that the global average temperature has been at a historical high for 3 consecutive days.Following the average global temperature on the 3rd and 4th for two consecutive days, the global average temperature on the 5th is still at the highest level and the record of the 4th is still at the highest level.

On the 5th, about 38 million Americans were under high -temperature warning.The highest temperature in North Africa has recently been close to 50 ° C. The Middle East is being burned by abnormal heat. Even the current Antarctica in the winter is abnormal high temperature.Experts believe that the current extreme high -temperature weather is the result of multiple factors such as climate change and El Nino phenomenon.Experts warn that with the continuity of climate change, extreme weather will become more common in the future.

Zhejiang issued the first high -temperature warning this year

7 The top 10 in the country on geothermal

Today we ushered in a small summer soil,

The prelude to the "Three Futian" is about to open.

Looking at the whole country, Zhejiang and Hebei were "red".

Today’s Zhejiang is very hot,

The province is almost high -temperature "dominated".

At 8 o’clock in the morning, 10 Zhejiang occupied 7 seats in the first high temperature of the country,

Among them, Beilun approached 35 ° C early in the morning.

Zhejiang issued the first high -temperature red warning this year

Today at 8:55,

Lishui Qingtian issued a high -temperature red warning,

It is expected that today Hecheng, Ou Nan, Yuma,

Sanxikou, Gaohu, Dongyuan, Shipin,

Townships (streets) such as Rengiya, Wenxi and other townships (streets)

The maximum temperature can reach 40 ° C.

Other areas are also "hot":

As of 16:00,

Zhejiang issued 53 high -temperature warnings,

Among them, Lishui Qingtian (maximum temperature is 40.4 ° C) High -temperature red warning,

The remaining 52 high -temperature orange warning.


It’s sunny and hot

Zhejiang will be hot for 7 days!

According to the weather in Zhejiang, the next seven days

Most of Zhejiang’s sunny heat and high temperature weather,

The maximum temperature in most regions is 36-39 ℃.

Three days from this day,

The local Zhejiang region can reach 40 ° C.

On July 11th, Zhejiang will officially "enters",

Since then, the weather is basically sunny.

Fortunately, from time to time in the afternoon, "String the field",

After the Ming Dynasty (July 8th, 9th), two days,

There are thunderstorms in the northern part of Huzhou, Jiaxing and Hangzhou,

Local rainstorm, individual heavy rain,

The local area is accompanied by a strong convection.

People in Hangzhou live up!The real test this summer is coming

In the early morning of this morning, the Hangzhou Meteorological Observatory issued a high temperature report. It is expected that the city will continue to have high temperatures in the next few days. The maximum temperature can reach 35 ° C-37 ° C, and the local is above 38 ° C.

Judging from the daily forecast of the main city, the highest temperature from the 11th to 13th will reach about 38 ° C.

Although it has not been out, it must be familiar with high temperature this year. In April, the high temperature could not wait to come, and even during the rainy period, high temperatures were almost seamlessly connected with rain.

But after all, the high temperature intensity some time ago was not too strong. To this day, the highest temperature has not exceeded 37 ° C.However, after entering the middle of the middle, as the subtropical high pressure enhances and controls our city, there will be a summer hot weather of 38 ° C in a row of 38 ° C. The real test of this summer will begin.

According to research, when the temperature is above 35 ° C, every 1 ° C is increased, and patients with heat stroke will greatly increase.Especially like Hangzhou summer is stuffy, not only is the temperature high and the humidity is still large, which is more likely to cause heat stroke or even thermal radiation.

Please avoid long -term outdoor activities in high temperature weather, and drink plenty of water to supplement body fluid.

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Source: Hangzhou Daily

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