The matters that need to be paid attention to in Qingming grave sweeping, especially pregnant women and babies, otherwise there will be big problems

[Introduction] The piles of people when the tomb was on the grave of the Qingming Festival was cleaning and worship. It also had to put firecrackers, burns incense and gold paper. The dust content in the air must rise, and the clear heat stroke is clear tomorrow, and it is easy to slide down.Pregnant mothers may be difficult to control the state of mind, and excessive sadness may hurt the body.These results are unbearable by pregnant mothers.Therefore, the best pregnant mother should not go to the grave, and be able to worship the ancestors at home.

The Qingming Festival is approaching again. It is often mentioned that the customs are inevitable that there is another struggle between the older generation and the customs of the younger generation.For mothers, it is another topic of headache to take the baby to participate in worship. I went to worry about mosquito bites or wounds.Mothers can refer to these methods.About the grave, it will be more superstitious, and sometimes it is better to believe in it.But regardless of the actual level of mind or super practical religious point, experts advocate that these people are not suitable for going to the grave:

1. Children are not suitable for children under the age of 7, and some people say that they are under 3 years old.In terms of numerology, children have clean eyes and simply see another international.From the scientific point of view, the local simply was bitten by mosquitoes on the grave. It is also the season when the children are simply wounded by children.Of course, mothers who are still breastfeeding are at ease at home to milk at home!

2. Pregnant mother.From the perspective of customs, children who have not yet been born are not suitable for people who meet Yin, and they may have death.However, from the medical level, whether it is a cemetery or a spiritual bone tower is located in remote mountainous areas, it is inevitable to do the boat and car back and forth. Coupled with environmental hygiene questions, it is still a hard -working mother!

Pregnant mothers should stay away from dim occasions

Pregnant mothers and children should pay more attention before and after Qingming, do not have to go to the cemetery, and stay away from the dim occasions. Unless they are particularly, they must be matched with amulets.If a woman goes to the grave, the best is to avoid the time of the holiday. Xiaobian advocates that the best of the pregnant woman should not go to the grave, and then worship at home.

Pregnant mothers should not go out to the grave

Pregnant mothers should not let themselves too tired with the fetus, and prevent the local messy and uneven locations.Therefore, you must prevent activities such as going out to the grave and not to choose.

Pregnant mother to prevent travel at night

The old man may have taboos. We also said that pregnant mothers cannot wear red clothes and red shoes out of the night.If you must travel, please pay attention to the precautions of the pregnant mother Qingming Festival.First of all, if your body does not have a special situation, most pregnant mothers can still be as usual as usual. Except for pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy and third trimester do not advocate going out!

There may be risk of abortion or premature birth due to excessive fatigue, and most airlines are bound to be constrained by the number of pregnancy weeks.According to statistics, in 2016, China will have more than 28 million mothers, so the safety travel of pregnant mothers has become a major review topic. This not only requires the protection of the whole society, but also requires pregnant mothers to improve their awareness of self -protection.

3. Patients with severe illnesses and surgery recovery are not suitable.Don’t think that going to the suburbs through the opportunity to go to the cemetery can help your health. Regardless of the folk saying that the people who are injured in Shen Yan and the postoperative vitality are lost, usually the cemetery is always separated from the off -vehicle.This road in the destination may be pulled into postoperative trauma, and when it encounters a slightly high mountain road, it may be caused by a small loss.

If the older generation in the family insists on bringing the children to the ancestors and the communication is unsuccessful, the mothers can refer to the following methods for sufficient protection methods:

Wearing a thin long clothing, before and after Qingming is the season when the insect bird recovers, the same mosquito in the cemetery will also be out of the nest (the same is hungry for a long time).Long -sleeved trousers to prevent being bitten.The selection of clothing together should prevent big red and purple, too gorgeous, it will always be eye -catching -whether the object is mosquito or another international person.

Please put the hood on the cart. If there are parents with a doll car, please remember to cover the cart throughout the process to prevent the mosquitoes from being asleep when they sleep.

It is forbidden to shout, which is attributed to the comparative customs, which is also regarded as respect for the dead.When he went to the grave, he pulled the children beside him and strictly prohibited them from shouting. The mother also needed to control the state of mind. Don’t scold the child in the cemetery.According to customs, the cemetery is a local area where the spirit is resting, and the place will not only have the death of their ancestors in the local area -try to think about the state of mind that it is awakened by the dream town.

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