The married school flowers and the green space executives are derailed and pregnant, Chen Jun said that I will not carry this pot

Recently, a netizen Shi Ruisheng reported the real name "The current high -level CJ of Greenland Group and Zhang Yuting, the employee of Greenland, the legal wife, has an unfair relationship between men and women, and involves serious economic WJ". Related evidence on the Internet, YL is uproar, and the sound of melon is burst.

Chen Jun said that I would not carry this pot.Regarding Shi Ruisheng’s allegations, Greenland Group immediately issued a statement saying that the CJ referred to in Shi Ruisheng’s report was not CJ, the executive president of Greenland Group, but CJ, the head of the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Marketing Department under the Greenland Group.

The amount of information was quite large, and the family asked me to slow down first, and listened to Wei slowly.

According to himself.Four years ago, "Old Real Man" Shi Ruisheng met Zhang Yuting, "School Flower", who was studying at Beijing United University.With the consent of both parents and getting a certificate, I live in Australia together.

During the period, the "old real person" desperately worked to make money to support his family for "school flowers" to study and studied. "School Flowers" repeatedly found people DX homework, hanging subjects, and re -reading. All their costs were borne by old real people.

Later, "School Flowers" returned to China to enter the Greenland Group for internship. During the work of Greenland Group, CJ used GK to buy luxury bags for them, and to righteous to capture "school flowers".The 30 million yuan was given to the "school flower", which caused the "school flower" to fight against the break of fear and the ex -husband of the honest man.

Knowing his wife, Shi Ruisheng EMMM with other people’s children …

Greenland Group, Green, how about you?Honest people with a green hat of five feet on their heads, after stagnation, disregarding their personal festivals, they were exposed to the whole process of green.

"School Flower" believes that honest people are a AQ card in her eyes.No matter whether you get married or not, you will be shocked. We have to feel distressed to be honest.

"School Flowers" justified the honesty to violently, and cannot meet their material needs.

I love the woman in the arms of others, and the woman I love is in the arms of others, which is really sighing.

In the recording, "School Flowers" can be so calm to their legal husbands to say spare tires, and want to be on the ground”¥!@¥!@”¥ ¥

What do you think of such a wife and family?

At this moment, my three views were destroyed, and the world of "baby" to "piglets" was really incomprehensible.

Brother Wei, I want to get 502 glue and stick to the rotten three views.

At first glance, it seemed very complicated, and the actual essence was three. Let’s upgrade the mind together.

First, can we have everything to do whatever you want, do you get everything?

2. Why should the honest people keep the "school flower"?

Third, Greenland Group is really a veritable green.

I want to eat melon relatives, and cherish it, it is estimated that Greenland GG is already on the way ~ Hurry up and forward it to the family to eat together!

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