The mango is sweet, and someone will be allergic when someone eats it!Fruit Ji Jin beware of allergies "sneak attack"

Mango is sweet to beware of "sneak attack" of allergies

Don’t take it lightly after eating allergic symptoms, go to the doctor in time

Changsha Evening News (all media reporter Yang Weiran, correspondent Sun Yuxin) On the 6th, the actor Huang Xiaoming, who frequently "appeared" on the social platform, sent a Weibo to remind everyone to protect his stomach during the holidays.Huang Xiaoming said, "I love food, but the food does not seem to love me … I still stunned with everyone in the last second, and launched food sharing. The next second gastroenteritis and acute urticaria are sent to me.Indulge yourself … "

"Indeed, for example, the seasonal fruit mango, the flesh is sweet, which can be eaten raw, but also can be processed into products such as milkshake, sediment, jam and other products, but not everyone is suitable."Symptoms such as diarrhea.In severe cases, even the shock threat life.Why does a small fruit make this reaction?

According to Zhu Mingfang, mango allergies generally belong to the allergic response, that is, type I perverted reaction, usually allergic symptoms in the consumption of mango.This allergic response often occurs in people who have previously produced allergens to mango allergens.A certain amount of allergens can induce sensitive individuals to be allergic.When the body is in contact with the same or similar allergens again, the cell activation releases the inflammatory medium and triggers mango allergies.

In addition, mango dermatitis is also a type of photosensitive dermatitis. Mango contains photosensitive substances. Under the action of light, it is converted into optical chemicals, combining antigens with the protein in the skin to cause allergic reactions.Therefore, try not to directly contact the juice of mango in the sun, and rinse it in time after contact.

What should I do if mango allergies occur?Zhu Mingfang reminded that eating mango should be stopped first, and the oral and weekly residual juice was cleaned to stay away from allergens.Under the guidance of a doctor, take antihistamines, and use vitamin C and calcium according to the condition, which can be severely used in glucocorticoids.Regarding topical drugs, patients with mild medium can choose 3%boric acid liquid cold and wet compress parts, rub the coated mamsonic acid cream, and severe patients can give glucocorticoids topical.Mango contains light -sensitive substances, and some skin -sensitive people should try to avoid exposure to the sun for a long time after eating mango.Use cotton soft towels to wash your face with cool water, and move gently. Do not use alkaline soaps and avoid hot water to prevent aggravating symptoms.If the rash itching is unbearable, avoid scratching the skin and cause damage, so as not to cause infection.

Source: Changsha Evening News

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