The man secretly mixed with "rice non -olone" in the water in the 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the human nature is so ugly!

A woman in Beijing posted a video on the Internet saying that she was more than 6 weeks of pregnancy and was secretly mixed with "rice non -sisone" in brown sugar water by her boyfriend in brown sugar water, and it was not told until the next morning.

According to the woman, she wants this child very much, but her boyfriend doesn’t want it.After the incident, the woman rushed to the hospital to ask the doctor for help. The doctor prescribed her fetal medicine for her. As for whether they could keep the child, they could not see it.

Mi buttero is used to terminate normal intrauterine pregnancy within 49 days of menopause.That is, "abortion medicine", for early pregnancy abortion.

The woman was very pitiful, and she couldn’t think of it. The people in her intentions even wanted to kill their children.Since I don’t want children, why not take measures, it is not until her girlfriend is pregnant and does not want to want it. It can only show that her boyfriend does not love this woman at all, but just treats her as a tool for venting the beast.

His boyfriend’s behavior is extremely irresponsible, extremely cruel, and even more ruthless and selfish.If her boyfriend really loves her girlfriend, she should respect her wishes and choices, rather than taking such irresponsible behavior to avoid responsibility.

The behavior of her boyfriend violated the women’s health and had suspected offending.

Article 234 of the Criminal Law stipulates that those who deliberately hurt others will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of less than three years.

If the crime of committing the previous paragraph is seriously injured, it will be sentenced to imprisonment of less than three years and less than ten years; if the death of a person or serious injuries will cause severe disability, it will be sentenced to more than ten years in prison, life imprisonment or death sentence.

In this case, her boyfriend added drugs such as "rice non -Sikan" to his girlfriend’s brown sugar water with his deliberate subjective mentality, which caused his girlfriend’s body to be injured and had been suspected of intentional injury.

If a woman causes infertility in this case, according to the "Standards for Medical Injury", it constitutes serious injuries, and her boyfriend will face a period of imprisonment of more than ten years.

In fact, netizens are right. Even if the child is not flowed, it may cause deformity due to the medicine, which is not good for the child’s healthy growth. It is recommended that the woman still does not keep this child and cut off all the relationship with her boyfriend as soon as possible.You pay.

This story also tells us that girls should protect themselves outside. Do not live with others without determining the marriage relationship.If you are not careful about pregnancy, the only one who hurts is yourself.

If infertility is caused by abortion, for the man, you only need to change to a girlfriend without any loss.For the woman, it has lost the right to fertility, which is equivalent to being abandoned by nature in the process of species evolution.

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