The man ligates 2 times and his wife is pregnant 2 times!Where is the problem?

When it comes to the contraceptive method of "once and for all, forever", the first one in many people’s minds may be:


Indeed, ligation is a kind of birth surgery. It is not a male patent. The surgery includes female fallopian tube ligation and male vasters ligation.And whether it is a female tubal ligation or a male vasal tube ligation, there is also a name, which is called "sterilization". Medical terms are interpreted as: permanently prevent pregnancy.

This also means that after the end, if you want to regret it, it is more troublesome. Of course, the probability of accidents is low and low.

However, yesterday, a fan sent to Sister Sister, which can be said to be a bit depressed:

Mr. Yang from Shanghai had a son, and the two decided not to have birth. Mr. Yang went to a hospital for ligation surgery.Soon after, Mrs. Yang was unexpectedly pregnant!

After two months of ligation, Mr. Yang found that the number and concentration of sperm were still relatively high. The attending doctor said that the previous surgery failed, agreed to do it for free, and changed to a more insurance cutting.

Unexpectedly, Mrs. Yang was pregnant again after the operation!

On the 28th, the hospital responded that the patient’s number and vitality were lower than the normal conception level after the two ligations of the patient were ligated, which proved that the ligation surgery was effective.But to be honest, in general, for the method of cutting off surgery, the number of sperm in three months after surgery should generally be 0, so it is considered to be a successful surgery.

After reading this news, Sister Sister’s first response was the first operation that Mr. Yang received, which may be surgery in addition to the vascus tube cutting surgery, such as vasters injection adhesion, vastered pipe silver clamps, dharma pipes worn by dharma pipe wearPowermaking condensate and other methods.

When the number and concentration of sperm after the operation of Mr. Yang were still high, and considering the failure of surgery, this time, he simply adopted a more 100 "voltic tubal cutting surgery".

The transparent tube is cut off. As the name implies, the vasal tube is cut off into two sections, which completely blocks the "road" of Xiaoyu.

The method of surgery is not difficult. First of all, make a small incision on each skin on both sides of the scrotum (some also make a small incision in the middle of the scrotum), and fix the vount tubation pipe through the fixing tuber of the tube through the incision, and then separate a small section of vasters, use it withThe wire wire is ligated on the vascular pipe, and the 1 cm long vas deferens are removed between the two ligations. The operation is completed. The incision is generally not sutured. The tape can be returned home soon.

So, why did Mrs. Yang still get pregnant?

Because the video screen is relatively vague, Sister Sister failed to clearly see the test data of Mr. Yang, but the official response of the hospital said that the patient’s number and vitality showed that the number of sperm and vitality was lower than the normal conception level.Loao surgery is valid.

However, "below normal conception" means that you must not get pregnant unexpectedly?

Sister Sister feels that this statement is a bit far -fetched. You must know that pregnancy is sometimes like buying lottery tickets. Even if the overall number and concentration of the groups are not good, as long as there is a "strong and strong" tadpole running out, it is possible that it may be possibleA serious incident of "unsuccessful adults" appears!

However, we should not be too nervous. Mr. Yang’s affairs should be very rare. In general, ligation is still a low cost, reliable effect, and long -term contraceptive method.

Some people may not understand: If a man ligates, will there be something to shoot out when you slap?

The answer is: Of course, don’t think that it is "dry".

In the composition of the normally male eruption, the small tadpoles only occupy a small part. Other components are composed of prostate fluid, urethral glandular fluid, etc. These things will continue to exist, but the liquid shot is not in the liquid, no longer no longer, no longer no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer, no longer.There are little tadpoles.

However, it should be noted that after male ligation surgery, it will not immediately produce the effect of permanent contraception, so after surgery, other reliable contraceptive measures must be used. It is not until the inspection has been completely spermless.measure.

In the end, it is a woman ligated

Or is it a male ligation?

If the simple degree of operation is simple, men’s ligation is easier, because the fallopian tubes are located in the pelvic cavity, and the position of male vasters is lighter.Quickly, you do n’t need to be hospitalized. Basically, you can do it as you do.

However, after all, we have to consider that the reversibility of this sterilization method is relatively poor, which is why many people are unwilling to do it, and now the hospital is relatively small.

After all, there are still so many reliable and reversible contraceptive methods for us to choose from, such as oral compound short -acting contraceptives, buried contraceptives, birthpractions, and so on. They are more reliable methods.

Is there any sequelae of ligation?

Many people dare not to do ligation because they are afraid that they will become "eunuchs" after ligation, and even have legends before. After ligation, they cannot work hard!These are basically rumors.

Because ligation surgery cannot be regarded as a very large and complicated surgery. Generally speaking, as long as you choose to let the doctor operate in a regular hospital, the incidence of postoperative complications is relatively low. The complications that may occur are:

❶ bleeding or hematoma

If the surgery is excessively pulled and damaged to the nearby blood vessels, it may cause blood vessel rupture, cause bleeding, blood accumulation or hematoma in the abdominal cavity.

❷ ❷ infection

Separation or local infection.The cause of infection may be caused by factors such as infection, failure to effectively control, failure to disinfect or have not surgical operations.

❸ ❸ ❸

If the fallopian tube breeding process is not clear about the anatomical relationship, or if it is too rude, it may cause damage to the bladder or surrounding intestinal tube.

❹ ❹ ❹ ❹ ❹

Although the success rate of tubal sterilization is very high, there is still about 1%of the re -pass rate. If the doctor does not pay attention to mistaken or leakage when it is done, it may cause tubal re -pass.Similarly, the phenomenon of self -viathe pipes is very rare.

Of course, it is very rare, and it does not mean that there will be no.So when I heard who ligated the object and became pregnant, I immediately thought of "Where is there any time, but someone is moving forward for you", it is really too arbitrary.

But if the ligation is really successfully ligated, the number of sperm found that the number of sperm is already proper 0, but the object is still "accidental pregnancy". Then, this, sister really does not know what to say, only to keep silent.Essence

After all, if you do n’t talk about it, you still have good friends!


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