The magical snail, when mating, put the "flying knife" at the other party. Why do you do this?

Snails are very common in rural areas.I still remember that when I was a child, I could see one or two snails everywhere in the grass.In our eyes, this snail is "the lamb to be slaughtered". It has no ability to escape, weak, and the movement ability is very slow.As everyone knows, in the eyes of their own people, Snail also plays the role of "assassin".This role only shows its own weapon "flying knife" only when mating behavior.So the question is, why is the little snail so hostile when mating?Even the flying knife is used.

In nature, male and female are the role of life, from pregnant to birth, suffering from spiritual and physical pain.Therefore, many women say, "I do n’t want to be a woman in my next life, and having a child is really too much."This is true. Many men choose to give up when they accept the pain of simulation women’s delivery.Therefore, the snail is clever and does not want to be a mother. I want the other party to "be a mother" and give birth to life.

Why do snails want the other party to be a mother?Can it be converted to gender?In fact, snails are a strange species. They have two sets of reproductive systems that can be converted. They can be a father or a mother.Therefore, when the two snails are mating and reproduce, they will compete through force value. The victory side will be a father, and the failed side will be a mother.This is a fair competition!

Snails like to be cool and humid. Whenever they are hot and dry, they will shrink back to the shell without eating or sleeping.When the rainy season, the air is filled with a moist atmosphere, the snail will wake up and forage.If the two snails meet in the process of foraging, they will consider whether to mate and reproduce offspring.

The encounter of the snail is not observed through their eyes. Their eyes are "similar" and cannot be seen. Instead, they can be judged through the sense of smell and touch.There is a small tentacle on the snail’s head. The tentacles can be swinging in the air, which can capture the signal of another snail and can communicate.It can be said that the communication of snails is to complete through the pair of tentacles on the head.

When the communication is completed, both snails have the intention of mating and reproduction, and they must rely on the pair of tentacles at the bottom of the snail.You can feel that you can find the position of the other party smoothly.

When the two snails communicate, they generally do not discuss who is a father and who is a mother.Mother not only has to conceive, but also to bring a baby. The whole process needs a lot of food consumption, increasing their own cost of living.The father, after completing the mating task, can leave without awareness of care.In addition, the leaving snail can continue to find objects, open branches and leaves, and broaden their genes into inheritance.Therefore, "force" has become the final solution.

There is a "flying knife" in the belly of the snail. Because the shape is similar to the flying knife, it is named. Its main ingredient is calcium carbonate, so it is very hard.When competing for force, the two snails will fire the knife towards each other. Although this flying knife is not fatal, it can also cause pipelines and divide the victory.The stabbing side was forced to be a mother.

Although the snail is a male and female, their sperm will transfer each other, that is, both snails can receive each other’s transmission.However, the stabbed snail could not kill the sperm, so he had to conceive.Snails that are nothing will kill sperm to prevent their own conception.However, snails are very short during pregnancy and will lay eggs after a few days.One month, snails can reproduce again, so the number of snails is very huge, and the reproduction is very fast.However, in recent years, high temperature weather has continued, and the number of snails has begun to decrease. Snails are rare in rural areas.

Let’s mention the impact of the "flying knife" on the snail. In addition to being obedient to conceive, it will also affect our life span and decrease.In addition, in the future reproduction mating, the number of eggs will also be low, affecting the quality of reproduction. In severe cases, it will even lose its mating ability, which is almost painful.

In the animal world, the animals are fighting for mating and reproduction.Like a snail, all of them want to be a father, so it will cause a certain degree of evolution. They all want to sharpen their "flying knives" more sharply.In this way, the wishes of your father can be realized and convey your excellent genes.

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