The longest distance in the world is that the "entrance" cannot be found in the first night

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My first sexual experience was a game that looked for vagina.

The player is only two of me and my boyfriend. He claims to be "countless films, is already a PhD". I see that he is so confident and lying at ease lying into a salted fish.

The floor was cool, and I opened my legs like lying on the bed, looking at him alone from both legs.

In the dim rental house, only the light of the computer screen flashed, illuminating the boyfriend’s face.A man and a woman on the screen had long been panting over thousands of mountains. The huge waves that rolled up with their sounds looked a little weird in this quiet room.

The boyfriend in front of the screen slowly closer my head to the root of my thighs, carefully pulled my labia and urethral mouth with my hands, and hesitated without knowing where to touch.

I was nervously waiting for the legendary painful pain, but I didn’t wait until the next step. I looked up at the expression of my boyfriend, and then I knew that he could not find the entrance!

Hey, "Dr.", don’t you watch a lot of films?Why didn’t you look at what people entered?

In fact, I was a little fortunate that he didn’t find it quickly, because he was a little scared of the scene that would be bleeding for the first time in the legend.

It’s okay to find it.Anyway, I can’t find that mouth myself!

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He was still looking between my legs. In the summer, a sweat was anxious, his fingers were wet, and it was a bit painful to pick up my labia.When I finally tried to insert the road with my fingers, I suddenly tightened, and my heart mentioned my throat.

The vaginal opening was staged straight in a stiff finger. I moved my body subconsciously and moved back. He also looked up at me and asked me, did it hurt?

I nodded hard, but it was painful, still afraid, and I couldn’t say it.

He finally relaxed, saying that it hurts too much.I could feel that he seemed to be relieved.For the first time, this is the first time, and his nervousness is inevitable.

This scene happened several times later, and we finally found the position of the vaginal opening.

A few years later, I couldn’t find Xiaobai that I couldn’t find my vagina that year, and now I have become an old driver in the eyes of friends, but I still remember the scene that night.

Especially when I talked to my friends, I found that I couldn’t find the vaginal opening.

Many of them, like my boyfriend, feel that they have watched so many films, and they are old.

There are also some people who went to see the science science pictures of men and women for the first time before the first time.

Other girls, like me, had a lot of masturbation experience before having sex with others.

But they all returned in the same way. I ca n’t find it for the first time, but I ca n’t find it.

If you can’t find the "entrance", it seems to be the first small obstacle that is generally encountered in sexual life.

So where is the question?

I asked a few heterosexual boys, what did it feel for the first time?They all said they were nervous and very embarrassed.

One is that they are afraid that they do not perform well, and they will leave the impression that girls are "no" and "not enough men"; the second is that they are afraid of hurting each other stupidly; the third is that when girls are the first time, they feel that they are more responsible for great responsibility.To play the role of mentor and old driver, "lead girls to the climax of victory."

I laughed as soon as I heard it: pull it down, in fact, as long as you are not bragging before you do it (like my boyfriend is a model that digs yourself a pit beforehand), girls may not have such great expectations for you.

I have also asked a few girls who are opposite sex. I think the first time I can’t find the vaginal opening?

Some of them were ashamed of their bodies before that, let alone masturbate:

"Why am I touched there? I’m not sick again."

"Am I so hungry? I can’t even find a boyfriend?"

"The body should leave it to the beloved to develop, what comfort he can do, what would he like to think of me in the future, what would he think of me?"

Some, although they have experience in masturbation, they only touch the clitoris (clitoris orgasm), or just clamp their legs, and do not touch it with their hands, so they do n’t know much about their bodies (but this is not a big deal).

One of the girls masturbated with a clip pillow for a long time. For the first time, she knew where her vaginal mouth was to insert cotton.

Yes, knowing the location of the vaginal opening (not between the two labia), they still reached out and experienced it, but few people dare to show their familiar way.Old driver, he is either more stressful, or he feels that I am swaying, and I can’t run these two. "

Therefore, this part of the girl had to pretend not to know, and silently waited for boys to act as a mentor to "lead" themselves.

Others, like me, the main pressure comes from those "legendary first". For example, it will hurt, bleed, and may not be able to walk afterwards.Novel hahaha).

So, for the first time, everyone is mentally nervous, psychological, and unclear, so is it normal to not find the position?

But after I interviewed a dozen people, I found that there were exceptions. In the interview, several Lala (lesbian) found the position without effort.

This is why?Manual focusing on the key point, this section can learn from everyone:

First, because they have desire for the same -sex body, they often explore their bodies earlier (before doing with others), including the location of the vagina, the touch of the vagina, the clitoris touch, and the vaginal pumpingThe difference between insertion and so on, these can be tried on your own body.

Therefore, they can’t find the vaginal opening, and they almost don’t exist here.

Secondly, the few Lala I interviewed did not have those unnecessary "chastity concepts", and would not look down on myself or the other party because of the masturbation experience.

Masturbation is no matter how ordinary, just like masturbation cannot replace sex with others, and sex cannot completely replace masturbation.Moreover, how can you guide the other party to please himself?

These may be the heterosexual girls can learn:

For example, masturbation, such as looking at the mirror to find your own vaginal opening, such as understanding the point that will excite yourself (except for the vagina and many places in the body, you may make you happy).

Because even if you have a boyfriend, how can you guide him to please you and tell him where to touch you will excite you. This job is your owner, so no one can know more about your body than you.ah.

If the other party really says you, then he in fact he accidentally revealed his unconfidence, fearing that he would not be as good as you, and he was afraid of being seen by you.

At this time, you can tell him that sex is cooperated with two people, and the two have their own division of labor: you are good at guiding him to please you, and he is good at guiding you to please him. You are not a competitive relationship.To be your mentor and explore together is more fun.He will be able to feel your respect, and he will not be afraid to show his stupid side.

It either kick him out of bed and change to someone; or, stare at his eyes, tell him clearly that you can pretend to be pure, but you choose to trust him and not to install it, so he must also trust you, so he must also trust you, so he must also trust you.Otherwise, what does this relationship mean?

Straight male cancer is a disease, but it is not forgiven and irreversible. The key is to observe whether he is a stubborn advanced straight male cancer in this communication, or a person who can communicate and listen.It determines whether he deserves long -term relationships.

Dai suit is your protection of yourself and each other, which is very important for men and women.

A girl mentioned that when I first did not know to wear a suit to protect herself, I heard that "in vitro ejaculation" or "safety period" could avoid pregnancy, so she used the way of shooting.Afterwards, I learned that these two methods were unreliable. It turned out that I had done such a high risk.Fortunately, there was no accident at that time, and the other party was healthy and had no infectious diseases.But I still had a cold sweat.

The so -called wearing sleeve is not just a "condom", it should be called "condom", because in addition to a relatively high contraceptive success rate, it can also isolate the spread of many sexual diseases.No matter how well you know, familiar with and trusting each other, if you have no plan to get pregnant for the time being, wearing a condom is still a better measure.

Not only should you understand this, but you must also tell the other party clearly.If the other party is unwilling, it is the brain to get into the water, let him ligate, do a physical examination and come to you.

The suggestions for boys are:

Don’t let girls expect too high to you, and don’t expect too much about yourself.No matter how powerful the plot in the small yellow film is, it is also performed. You will not fall in love according to the TV series, and do not take pornographic films as textbooks.

Frankly let the girl know that you are also the first time, so you need her to guide you how to please her, and you can also guide her to please you.

Touch and kiss her thighs to slow down the rhythm, let her adapt to your touch and caress about her body, and you will have more time to observe her body.

This often happens, so there is no need to be shy, but the protection should be indispensable.

The fourth point of suggestions for the girls above is written in it. Wearing a set is not only to protect themselves, but also to protect each other.Contraception is divided into three measures three measures before, in the event, and afterwards. The cost of pre -and -after and afterwards is relatively high. At present, wearing a set is still relatively low -cost and high -successful way.So if you do n’t have to get pregnant and do n’t take other preventive measures, wearing a sleeve cannot be avoided.

It is soft when wearing a sleeve. This situation is not only possible in the first time. Even if you are familiar with it in the future, there will be possibilities.At this time, communicating with the girls well, let her know that you need more stimulus and help, and turn this "soft" into an opportunity to enhance communication and tacit understanding. Maybe there will be unexpected surprises.

Perhaps the first tension and clumsy are inevitable, but it is also a memories.

A boy told me that he and his two girlfriends were bad for the first time, but now I remember it, but I felt that the process between the two was explored together at the time, which was still very sweet.Therefore, I believe that your relationship will not be affected by the stupidity of one or two times, and do not bear too much pressure because of the "first time".

Okay, about the first time, what I can say is these.

Regarding sex, what do you have to know and discuss, welcome you to leave a message to the WeChat background of the pepper tribe. I will combine my 16 -year life experience (what laughs, have you ever seen people tender?), InIn the future article, continue to discuss with you.

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