The importance of exercise during pregnancy

Exercise is essential for our human body, and the benefits of our bodies are also quite abundant.The sports health concept of maternal baby or pregnancy mother is even more important.With the development of material conditions, the concept of physical health during the pregnancy period is the same as the concept of parenting, showing huge changes and thinking collisions.

Coupled with the current post -90s and post -00s as the main fertility group, there are endless sports and fitness live broadcasts on the Internet. Coupled with their own life experience, they can’t help but start to tangled: Do you want to cultivate exercise habits after pregnancy?Or can I continue after pregnancy?How to grasp the amount of exercise and exercise?Can exercise ensure that the baby in the belly can be born peacefully and healthy?

First of all, it is necessary to establish a fundamental concept. In fact, pregnancy is a natural physiological process. Childbirth is a very unique and privatized life experience for women. This process is easily affected by physique and emotion.In this process, it is exactly the most sensitive period of physical and emotion, and it is very vulnerable to the outside world.

The pregnant mothers have the following advantages during pregnancy exercise:

1. It is conducive to enhancing physical fitness;

Second, it helps to give birth naturally, strengthen the physique while exercising the abdominal muscles, and help natural delivery;

3. Effectively relieve fatigue during pregnancy, exercise appropriately, relax, relieve fatigue

Fourth, proper exercise helps the baby’s development, increase blood oxygen content, stimulate the whole body of the fetus, help the baby’s system development, and promote the healthy growth of the baby.

So our first suggestion to all pregnant mothers is: you know your physical condition best and make a movement decision based on your true state.Your movement is to make yourself healthy and more comfortable, not to compare.The person in charge of our own health is the top priority.

Finally, exclude the impact of the personal physical factors of pregnant mothers, and in the special and sacred period of pregnancy, exclude high -intensity stretching training, balanced training, medium and high -intensity training at high temperatureAnd confrontation training.Most of the items that cause damage to maternal body function are not suitable for this special period, and the blood supply to the fetus will also affect a certain impact.Therefore, yoga activities during pregnancy have become the first choice for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Of course, the guidance of professional teachers also requires professional teachers to truly implement the privatization and customized exercise method to pregnancy.

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