The illustration you need to know about the artificial abortion

Some people are often seen in family planning outpatient clinics:

I thought there was an abortion when I lay down on the bed.

Taking the flow of people as "health service", you can "enjoy" if you have money!

Too superstitious advertising promotion, thinking that there is really such a "magic" existence.

At this National Day Mid -Autumn Festival holiday, we are about to usher in the peak of people’s flow, and we need to popularize the relevant knowledge of artificial flow.

Artificial discharge is to terminate the plan or pathological pregnancy with surgery.

Including negative pressure attraction and tong scraping, negative pressure attraction is to enter the uterine cavity with a straw to suck the embryo tissue in the uterus through a strong suction.Suitable for pregnancy within 10 weeks.

Note: If the gestational week is too large, the damage to the uterus will be greater. Even within 10 weeks, the doctor will recommend that you choose the way to terminate your pregnancy.

Piection scraping is to clamp the large embryo tissue in the uterus with a toothing pliers, suitable for 10-14 weeks of pregnancy.Because this method is very damaged and uses less.

Now I often hear the words "painless", "visible", "superconducting", "microtubility", etc., and even advocate any safe, reliable, non -damage, and recovery fast.Here I must tell you responsible: At present, artificial flow in the world uses negative pressure attraction or pliers, and there are no advanced methods to achieve no damage.Painlessness is just the use of intravenous anesthesia during surgery, allowing you to complete the surgery during sleep.

Step 1: Improve various inspections

Check the early pregnancy test or take blood to check the blood HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to confirm the pregnancy.

It is not suitable for surgery if there are severe anemia and infection through routine blood tests.

The first five examinations for surgery are determined whether there is infectious diseases. If you have infectious diseases, you need to go to a specialist hospital for surgery;

If you surgery because of the embryo stopping development, you need to check the coagulation function.

The B -ultrasound is to eliminate ectopic pregnancy and clarify the gestational week. At present, the most commonly used method is vaginal B -ultrasound.

Note: If you have a short menstrual period (within 35 days), don’t rush to go to the ultrasound, because the fetal sac can not be seen in the uterine cavity.

Gynecological examination is to clarify whether there are genital inflammation, such as vaginitis, acute pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., you need to surgery after treatment.

Step 2: Signing surgery Knowledge Agreement

Doctors will tell you in detail the possible complications of artificial abortion and the hazards caused: infection, bleeding, uterine perforation, absorption, leakage, incomplete abortion, secondary infertility, irregular menstruation, etc.You have to listen carefully and read the relevant content carefully. Don’t think that the flow of people is just a "small" surgery.

If you choose painless artificial flow, you need to sign the anesthesia consent before surgery.

Step 3: Reservation surgery date

The doctor will make an appointment time according to your pregnancy week and the specific situation of the hospital.

Note: The sooner the surgery is, the better. If the gestational week is too small, it is easy to cause leakage or shortness.

Step 4: Precautions before surgery

On the day of the operation, you need:

In general, on the day of surgery, doctors will tell you that drugs that expand the cervix, such as Masso’s frontol, listen to the doctor for specific time.

If you choose painless artificial flow, you still need:

Note: Painless artificial flowing technique, do not ride a bicycle or drive to the hospital by yourself, you need to accompany your family members.

After coming to the hospital, you need:

If the body temperature is ≥37.5 ° C, or the blood pressure is too low/high, and the pulse is too fast/slow, the surgery needs to be suspended.

If you choose painless artificial flow, you need to open the venous channel:

All of the above are completed, you just need to sit quietly waiting for surgery.

You need to observe 2 hours after surgery. You can leave without abnormalities. After returning home, you should pay attention:

You can wash the shower after surgery, clean the vulva every day, and keep clean and hygienic;

Avoid spicy and irritating foods, eat less or not eat red dates, brown sugar, gelatin, ginseng, etc. to increase bleeding food.

Note: Reviewing in January after surgery is not just one month. If you have no discomfort, come to review after menstruation.Most women will come about menstruation around January.

Artificial abortion is a method for terminating accidental pregnancy. Although the surgery is small, it can be completed in a few minutes. Whether it is painless or visible, the damage caused by it cannot be ignored, so choose the appropriate contraceptive method to avoid accidental pregnancy pregnancy to avoid accidental pregnancy.This is the key to maintaining reproductive health. For the choice of contraception, please refer to the contraceptive methods of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign.

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