The husband went out to work, but his wife was pregnant for 4 months. The wife spoke: either to endure or divorce

"Who do you say this child is, why I have gone for half a year, but you have 4 months of pregnancy."

"Are you really stupid or pretending to be silly. This child must not be yours. But I can’t tell who this child is. If you are willing to be the child’s father, everything is good to say, if you don’t want to do this pick -up, you don’t want to do this pick -up.Xia, then there is only reason to divorce! "

Don’t think that this is telling stories and don’t think that this is making a movie. In fact, this is what happened in a mediation column.

It turned out that the husband and wife came here to mediate the newlywed couple, and the man was called Xiao Yong (a pseudonym).Xiao Yong worked outside for half a year, and as a result, he received the information from his wife that he had been pregnant for 4 months.

I would like to ask which man could endure himself for half a year, but his wife was pregnant with other people’s children.What is even more ridiculous now is that her wife does not think she is wrong, and feels that Xiaoyong should be happy to be a free dad. What a wonderful three views.

Seeing that both the husband and wife were already in a stress, they made a suggestion to the couple and their respective family members. It is better to let the two sides go to different mediation rooms.The couple and their families also agreed.

The man and his own family were left in the mediation room. The man told the mediators that he was just married at the beginning of the year at the age of thirty.Because the conditions at home are really not very good, and my work is not particularly stable, I can’t marry a daughter -in -law for a long time.

In fact, I feel nothing, but I ca n’t hold my parents in a hurry. I always feel that I am also the boss. If you can get married, you can stabilize it.

Now think about not getting married. In order to marry this wife, I also owe hundreds of thousands of arrears at home. I thought that I could live a good life when I was married. This is not good.Also give other people’s children as a father.

When the mediationman heard this, he turned to look at the man’s parents. I don’t know how the two elderly people now think of their son’s marriage.

Xiao Yong’s mother hesitated for a while and said, this woman must keep her duty. Let ’s not talk about this child’ s affairs. It ’s just a few days after getting married, which is speechless.Now that a child is out, it is also unacceptable to Xiaoyong as this cheap father.

This makes Xiao Yong, the neighbors, and how Xiaoyong is also a man how can you raise his head in the future.And as long as Xiaoli is willing to kill this child, how can the couple live?

But Xiaoli had to give birth to this child, and still had to be Xiaoyong to take over the game. We really couldn’t accept it.Therefore, the whole family also means that if you do it, you will get rid of the child. If you do n’t, you will only let the two children divorce, and you will have to return the gift money.After all, I borrowed a lot of money for the two children’s marriage.

When a man then took the words when he was on a blind date with Xiaoli (pseudonym), he really had a look at a glance. Xiaoli was particularly beautiful and dressed, so she also looked very young.Later, after the two people introduced themselves, I realized that Xiaoli was also 30 years old.

Although I feel that the two people have a fate, they think of being so beautiful, and it is estimated that the other party will not look at themselves.However, I did not expect that the two of them added contact information to each other after that meeting.I did not expect that the woman would agree to marry me. Of course, there were no less than 150,000 gifts, and there must be a two -bedroom house and a car.

In fact, these requirements are similar to the requirements of which objects they have before they are. Parents do not want to watch themselves continue to hit the bachelor, and they borrow money for their relatives and friends everywhere.Over the years, I have worked outside the house to send home the money at home, and it has been calculated tens of thousands of dollars each year, so it is almost more than 300,000 that I owe foreign debt.

After marrying Xiaoli, she proposed to give her money to her, which did agree with her own.However, it is not easy to discuss Xiaoli’s parents, and they have no pension to receive it.So it is 2,000 yuan for parents per month.

Later, in order to make more money, I returned to the work unit in less than a month to get married.However, because I am working on the construction site, the work location is very unstable. It is already good to come back to two or three times a year.

This time, if Xiaoli sent a message to herself that she had been pregnant for more than four months, and she couldn’t come back.

At that time, I was very puzzled when I received the call. The time to get pregnant was not right, so after returning, she wanted to know what was going on, but she just threatened to divorce what she could say.

Men said that it is impossible to accept this matter anyway, and it is impossible to be this so -called cheap father. Either kill the child to live a good life or divorce, and you must return the gift money. After all, this money is the hard -earned money of the parents.This is what you and your parents and your parents now.

The mediatner went to the room where Xiaoli was located, and before the mediation staff opened, Xiaoli said whether he said either to kill the child and live a good life, or to divorce, and he had to return the gift money back.

It’s really a useless man.If it weren’t for the money he made a lot of money, he couldn’t marry such a man.It is really the truth that all the truth can be known if you get married.

The mediationman is also curious about the truth in Xiaoli’s mouth, so he asked Xiaoli to have a tendency to be violent?

Just listening to Xiaoli said that this man actually had prostatitis, and there was no way to ask for children. She thought that since this man could not have children, this was not just pregnant anyway.This is not for this man to think about it, and as a result, he also said that he did not keep his woman.

And the reason why he was in his arms in his arms was all his husband’s fault.It turned out that Xiaoli developed a lazy character because she was used to raising it since she was a child.Since Xiaoli married with a man, every day is either takeaway or all the restaurants.And the sanitation at home, including clothes, is not washed.

Later, the man couldn’t stand it. He said a few words, and the man had no other intention. Generally, he hoped that Xiaoli would know how to be diligent and frugal, and pay attention to personal hygiene.The two quarreled like this, and the man was so angry that he thought that Xiaoli could tolerate himself, and it is estimated that no man would be willing to marry her.

In Xiaoli’s words, it was to prove that her husband said it was wrong, so she looked for a look at her husband.In this way, when the husband went out, he began to chat with men on the Internet.In the end, you can imagine that he opened a room with other men and had children.

However, at the time, I just knew the name of this netizen. I didn’t know where the man’s name was, so he couldn’t tell who the child was.

Now that it is the reason why his husband is bad for himself. If the husband does not say that he has no one, he will not want to prove his charm.

Anyway, the meaning of now is very clear, either to be the child’s father, or divorce, but Cai Li will want to let himself return.

At this time, Xiaoli’s mother also spoke, but what was even more destroyed.

Only listening to Xiaoli’s mother said, "Our Xiaoli looks like a flower. It is his blessing to marry our daughter. If it wasn’t for him, Xiaoli did not know how many conditions will there be.Good men are pursuing! Now there are still many men who send red envelopes to my family, unlike this daughter -in -law, pumping. "

"Just with Xiaoli’s appearance, I ca n’t find a good man from marriage. Why did he still look down on our family Xiaoli, and did not look at the mirror to see how many pounds and two pounds."

When the mediatner heard that Xiaoli’s mother said this, it was also an instant blood. It turned out that the reason why Xiaoli had such a three views and the gold worship was such a strange mother.

The mother and daughter are really shameless to the extreme, and they can’t say anything outside, but they still think that it is the reason why a man is. Is this man who let his wife wear a green hat for himself.Be a cheap dad!

Some netizens said that this marriage quickly left. This woman can have Zhang San and Li Si today. Obviously, this woman does not keep the woman’s way. It is really unable to bear the marriage.

And this woman is still so lazy, which wife does not do housework, and no one who does not go out to work. Do n’t get married if you think about this woman.

The end of the matter is naturally that there is no successful mediation, but the man also said that if the other party refuses to return the gift, then the road of the law has to be taken.

At the end of the matter, I also want to express some personal ideas: Nowadays, there are too many monsters and monsters in the world. Such people will never recognize their own problems, but all problems are caused by others.This is a typical without responsibility.

It is necessary to know that men and women always have to take responsibility for what they have said, especially if two people can become husbands and wives. In order to live the life they want in the future, they need the joint efforts of two people.It was not that one party paid the other but kept asking.

Only in this way can you survive. If you hold the idea of the game, don’t harm others.

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