The husband and wife lived in half a year, and the 36 -year -old wife was pregnant. The husband was determined not to pay for the child

Wang Sui was 36 years old. She married her husband for five years. In August this year, she finally checked her pregnancy, but her husband not only did not want children, but also divorced her.As soon as I arrived at the door of Lin Kun’s house, Wang Sui was stopped by Lin Kun’s landlord. The landlord told reporters that the two sons have been divorced for a few months. In order to vent their indignation, Wang Sui coated Lin Kun’s door lock on glue and gave it toMotorcycles and bicycle tires were relieved, and every time she came to her neighbors, she was afraid of her.

The landlord complained that Wang Sui often came to destroy

The reporter found Lin Kun in the alley aside, and he took a tool to repair the motorcycle.It is not strange to say that these methods are strange, not home than this.Lin Kun told reporters that he was a chef in a restaurant during the day and rode a motorcycle for passengers at night. He could earn seven or eight thousand a month because his salary had to support himself, his wife and parents.Wang Sui ate and drink all day, nothing to do, not helping him to share a little economic pressure. When he saw his wife approaching, he turned into the room.

Lin Kun said that he was a first marriage, and his wife said that he was also a first marriage. When he actually got a marriage certificate, Wang Su’s marriage status column wrote divorce.He knew that Wang Sui had deceived him. Even so, Lin Kun did not dispel the idea of marrying Wang Sui.Because he was married to Wang Sui, this is his responsibility as a man.

Wang Sui’s marriage history is divorce

Following Lin Kun to his hometown, in addition to the empty bed and wardrobe in the new house, there was a cross -stitch in the corner. Lin Kun smiled and said he was embroidered. In fact, he could be martial arts, and his mind was very delicate.Parents went to the town to rush the collection and bought a few babies’ paintings. As an older young man in the countryside, he finally got married and became pregnant again. Double joy is here. The parents are looking forward to it. The family attaches great importance to it.Father Lin trembled downstairs from the field came out of the room.Lin Kun’s father said that he was over sixty years old. He killed his children twice twice, so that they wanted to fall out, and they were not optimistic that this marriage could go for a long time.

So why did Wang Sui get rid of the child several times?Wang Sui said that her husband was a little mother, and when he heard his parents, he insisted that he had to divorce himself. This made us feel incredible because Wang Sui was a little congenital cleft lip and palate, and he spoke big tongue.Affected by it, it is difficult to work for more than three months, and emotionally reduced its own criteria for choosing a spouse, otherwise he would not look at Lin Kun.Talking about Wang Suo here is not sound. From the appearance, Wang Sui is normal in all aspects. The mouth is unclear to become his fatal weakness. Along the way, because of his innate disability, Wang Sui has suffered psychology and spiritual psychological and mental.Many blows.

She understands that it is impossible to recover Lin Kun. She drums her courage and sought legal help. She said that she did not want her child to be incomplete and the marriage came to an end. She hoped that Lin Kun would compensate for some costs, while Lin KunIt is believed that Wang Sui has returned the colorful ceremony, and the two sides held their own words and refused to give up. How can this start their own new life again!After three hours, the mediators and reporters persuaded that the two sides agreed that at the end of September, Wang Sui terminated pregnancy, and Lin Kun promised to compensate Wang Sui for 40,000 yuan in two years.

Marriage is not a restraint, nor a shackle. It is a responsibility, responsible for itself, and responsible for marriage. Good and bad depends on the identity of each other.It is hoped that Wang Sui and Lin Kun will find the other half of life in the future life after separating each other.

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