The harm of formaldehyde to pregnant women, and the way to remove formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is extremely harmful. After inhalation, it can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as astringent noses, dizziness and sore throat, and can cause abortion and fetal malformations in severe cases.The same is true of family babies, because the baby’s immune system has not yet developed, and the pregnant woman has a weak constitution and poor resistance. The low -dose formaldehyde concentration in the air will also harm the health of maternal and baby.

What effect does the sensitive period affect the fetus on the 2nd to March?

The second to the third month after pregnancy is the most sensitive period for foreign chemicals, because this time is the stage of development of various fetal systems.Practicing materials such as decorative materials, paint, and coatings are harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene are strong carcinogens.If pregnant women often come into contact with these harmful substances within 3 months of pregnancy, they can easily cause fetal abortion.

Is it safe after March?

After the sensitive period, the fetus has three systems to continue to develop: nervous system, skeletal system, and reproductive system.These three systems may cause deformities throughout pregnancy.In addition, these pollution also has a long -term impact.If the baby inhaled too much formaldehyde and suffer from blood disease, the pregnancy test will not be found.We think there is nothing trivial during pregnancy.Pregnant women cannot have contaminated rooms during pregnancy.If the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, we will regret it.

Damage to pregnant women.

In addition to conventional hazards, pregnant women who are special groups will also aggravate pregnancy syndrome such as nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and fatigue.The pregnancy immune system will decrease, and after the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, pregnant women are more likely to poison.Light and repeated colds, cough (and pregnant women cannot take medicine often) will increase discomfort during pregnancy, and severe will cause sliding tires and even life -threatening.

How does pregnant women prevent formaldehyde poisoning?

The pollution generated during the decoration process must have heard more or less. The paint, coatings, and building materials during the decoration process will release harmful gases, and the harm of formaldehyde is particularly serious.If formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it will cause chronic respiratory inflammation, and even cause damage to immunity, respiratory and liver. The impact on pregnant women should pay special attention, because if the pregnant woman is affected by formaldehyde during pregnancy, the toxicity may affect the baby and produce defects. The following is the following.Let’s discuss how pregnant women prevent formaldehyde poisoning.

Although formaldehyde is terrible, there are still many ways to prevent it, so pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, rest assured to wait for the arrival of small lives.

The first is to open the window to ventilate.

It is the easiest way to open the windows and keep the air circulation in the room, which can help formaldehyde volatile, but this method takes a long time to completely remove formaldehyde.

Second, plant removal of formaldehyde.

Some plants can be placed in a new house because they have a good effect of purifying the air, such as turtle bamboo, green dill, hanging orchids, agave and so on.But the adsorption ability of plants can only play auxiliary role.It is still very good to raise some plants at home. Not only is it green and environmentally friendly, but it can also play a decorative role in a beautiful environment.

The third is to place activated carbon.

The use of activated carbon is very convenient and is favored by the public.If you put activated carbon materials at home, you can do more with less.

Fourth, Sidivo Air Purifier.

The most important point of the air purifier is to provide us with a clean and healthy home environment through purifying the indoor environment.It can not only filter granules such as ash, pollen, ash, etc., but also chemically break down some harmful gases, quickly decompose to remove harmful gases such as formaldehyde, stupid, tvoc, and improve air quality.

For the health of the pregnant mothers, you ca n’t simply see the length of time. If the air is reached after the interior decoration, you can check in immediately.Instead, if the house is closed for more than half a year after the house is renovated, but the air has not yet reached the standard, it still cannot stay.Therefore, formaldehyde needs to be removed after decoration.

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