The hairless cat was foster, and it turned out to be produced for a while.

The hairless cat of the same cat as Huo Siyan has been hotly discussed.People who don’t like it feel that it is bald and ugly, and those who love it are convinced by its good temper.

But have you ever wondered what kind of varieties will hairy cats give birth if a hairless cat is combined with normal cats?The veterinarian Xiaoming will tell you such a little fun today.The woman raised a hairless cat, but some time ago, because she had to be busy, she sent hairless cats to her friends’ house to foster.

The friend’s house also raised a rural cat, and they tried to separate the two cats as much as possible.However, a Tianshi cat took advantage of the owner’s disaster.After the woman knew it, she was helpless, but she just hoped that her cat would never get pregnant.

And when the woman brought back the hairless cat for a while, she found that her cat had produced.And when the woman saw the birth of the cubs, she couldn’t beat one place.

I saw these cubs with soft hair except their limbs, and they looked a little uncomfortable.The woman can’t help but sigh: "Dad’s gene is strong enough!" Although the woman was a little distressed by her own cat’s excellent pedigree, she had no inheritance, but helpless rice had cooked rice and could only be kept well.

The veterinarian Xiaoming has always thought about such a problem. What kind of kitten will the hairless cat and normal cat combine?It seems that the answer is obvious. It is estimated that hairless cats can only cultivate the same variety as hairless cats!

Veterinary Xiao Ming science: hairless cat, also known as Sphinx cats, can meet the needs of those who want to raise cats but are allergic to hair, and the price is also high. Basically, they are all 5 digits.above.

Although hairless cats grow a little bit, they have a very mild personality, not as high as the other cats, and the shoveling officer will not have the trouble of cats.However, the shoveling officer should pay attention that the hairless cat does not have the blessing of hair, so they cannot let them shine directly for the sun for too long. In winter, they should also put their clothes warm.

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