The granddaughter’s leg edema during pregnancy, the 89 -year -old grandfather helped massage and rubbed his legs to attract netizens controversial: family style is not right

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Women who have been pregnant know that pregnant women are very hard during pregnancy, especially in the late pregnancy period, not only are inconvenient, but also accompanied by lower limb swelling, frequent urination, insomnia, etc. This discomfort affects the normal rest of pregnant women.

Therefore, in the late pregnancy, many pregnant women will massage them to relieve the symptoms of discomfort.Generally speaking, massage for pregnant women is done by her husband, or her mother, or even mother -in -law.

But recently a pregnant mother shared a video of his grandfather massage his legs and rubbed his legs on the Internet, but was criticized by netizens.

When Tuanzi brushed her mobile phone, she accidentally saw such a video. In the video, an old man was very careful to massage the swollen legs of the pregnant granddaughter very carefully.The granddaughter said: She has reached the second trimester of pregnancy, and her legs have swelling.

The 89 -year -old grandfather sat down to massage himself because he was distressed and made himself more comfortable.It was a very warm picture, but after the release, it was accused by netizens, thinking that this is very inappropriate, and even said that "the family style is not right."

Originally, it was a video that shared his love of happiness, but the comments of netizens in the comment area were so angry that this pregnant woman felt very unconcerned: Grandpa was massaged by the granddaughter.Is it so unbearable?

The pregnant woman said: I grew up with grandparents since childhood, so I was very close to the relationship with the two elderly people. No matter how old I was, I was still a child in the eyes of Grandpa.

And on the same day, it was the first time that the mother helped himself massage. Grandpa was just conducting it, but because the mother’s massage was not very professional, Grandpa would get started to demonstrate in person.major.

Therefore, he didn’t think that Grandpa mass massage his legs inappropriate, but felt that those who said indecent words in the comment area were very dark in their hearts.

As the saying goes: "Children avoid mother, female avoids father."It means that the son is going to keep a certain distance from the mother. When the daughter is older, keep a certain distance from her father, and she can no longer have too intimate action or performance.

However, in real life, how to grasp the "intimacy" between the elders and the juniors is difficult to make it clear.After all, "what is moderate and what is intimate" is not a fixed standard.

Different people’s understanding of this standard is also different. In the case of not being easy to grasp, some of them are the right "intimacy", maybe from others, it may not be appropriate.

In the eyes of those who have a relationship with the elderly, massage legs are definitely too close, but for this pregnant woman, she grew up with her grandfather since she was a child, and her feelings are very good. In Grandpa, even the granddaughter is about to be a mother., But still the same as the little girl when she was a child, she needs her own love;

The granddaughter has been loved to grow up by grandpa since she was a child. Helping to rub her legs is just a way for grandpa to love themselves. There is nothing wrong with the friendship between grandchildren.Look at it.

Therefore, in this regard, whether the relationship between the opposite sex parent -child is too close, it mainly depends on the deep degree of feelings of each other.If the feelings are not good, you can’t do such an intimate action.

Of course, some netizens said that letting the 89 -year -old man rub his legs. As a junior, he does not respect the elderly.In this regard, the pregnant woman also said that although Grandpa was 89 years old, his body was still good.

The reason why he asked Grandpa to help rub his legs is to make Grandpa feel that he still needs him.Mu Mom was deeply touched by such a response.Many elderly people in life have reached the twilight years, and they have almost no entertainment activities.

In the first half of his life, the child is naturally full of dependence on them. After the child’s dependence on themselves gradually decreases, most elderly people will feel empty, and they lose their existence compared to their children.

So like this pregnant woman, I asked Grandpa to help do something. The old man was happy and realized that he was still a useful person, and they were also happy.

When looking at one thing, I hope that we can all be a little more sunny and objectively evaluate with a positive attitude, rather than a malicious interpretation.OK.

Today’s topic: What do you think of Grandpa’s massage of your granddaughter’s legs for your granddaughter?

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