The girl who was 7 months pregnant was Nuedai, her aunt and mother -in -law. My husband …

Girls who were 7 months pregnant were aunt.Nuedai, aunt and mother -in -law, did this when her husband returned.

Girls who were pregnant for seven months of pregnancy, her husband’s return surprised everyone.This is the case. The aunt was lying on the sofa to play the game and asked Xiaomin to get him a glass of water.Although Xiaomin was pregnant for seven months, she still bent down and poured a glass of water for her aunt, but she walked in front of her aunt and accidentally slipped.The water was sprinkled on the little aunt, and the aunt was anxious at the time.Holding Xiaomin’s hair, he kicked out, just kicking on Xiaomin’s belly.Xiaomin couldn’t hurt at the time. He fell directly to the ground. While covering his stomach with his hands, he begged her aunt to take her to the hospital.

At this time, my mother -in -law came over and said, wasn’t it just a fall?As for who to see it like this?If you are a woman, you can have children, and you will have children?It can really scare people.The little aunt listened to Tama said so, and even more powerful, you have a poverty.At this time, Xiaomin was sweating, and her aunt and her mother -in -law had been ridiculed and ridiculed her.

At this moment, Xiaomin’s husband came back from get off work and saw his daughter -in -law falling to the ground and covering his stomach. He hurriedly asked the aunt, what did you do to Xiaomin.The little aunt opened her mouth and said, I pushed her gently, she deliberately wanted to touch the porcelain.

The words of the aunt made Xiaomin’s husband anxious, and reached out to give her a big mouth with her sister.

At this time, Xiaomin’s mother -in -law was anxious and scolded her son. You are really not an individual. How can you hit your sister?Your wife is an outsider. Xiaomin’s husband cried and said, Xiaomin was still pregnant, and his belly was your grandson. How could you treat her like this?My wife went on to say, what happened to pregnancy?Will she get pregnant if she is not pregnant?When I am pregnant with you, I also work on the ground. Are you not all good now?

Your daughter -in -law is idle, just falling down, and want to rely on others.

Xiaomin’s husband said, what do you want to do?

The little aunt stood up and said, is you stupid, brother?This woman is a foreign name, why do you toward her?Before his sister finished speaking, he punched him on his face again, giving her daughter -in -law.

Family, do you support this husband’s approach?I am supported by my hands, I am grateful to meet, and I wish your family happy and happy!Thank you everyone!

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