The girl was sexually assaulted by the professor, and the professor was raped again after pregnancy: compensation 8000

In the era of materialism, the girl in the flower season, left the campus and entered the society. The youthful and beautiful appearance left a deep impression.After a drink, she sexually assaulted the girl and took her first.

Things have to start from the beginning:

Study a long way to study

Xiaohong (pseudonym) comes from the countryside. Watching his parents facing the loess and facing the sky, hard work, and the three -pointer of the acre will not change a year.Secretly vowed that he must be out of place to get rid of the fate of rural people.

"Knowledge alters your fate".In school, Xiaohong is diligent and easy to learn, and there are rewards for the end. In the year of high school, he admitted to the Foreign Language College of Hengyang Teachers College of Hunan Province with excellent results, which made the family happy and fulfilled the parents’ university dream.

Xiaohong was full of longing for the future during college.Beautiful times are always very fast, and you are about to graduate in a blink of an eye.

Second entering the workplace

In June 2016, the school arranged a group of students to enter a material packaging company in Dongguan, Guangdong.The company’s business involves foreign trade and competes with the school’s majors. Therefore, this company has many years of cooperation with the school. It arranges students to go to the enterprise for internship, employment after graduation, and the company’s boss served as a visiting professor at school.

Xiaohong is also among these internship students. After the internship period expires, he works in the enterprise.

Xiaohong knows that it is not easy for parents to train a college student. They always think about finding a good job in the future.

Xiaohong cherishes current work very much, and does not dare to care about every work task and work hard.Work overtime and work hard.

The origin of the third boss

Wen Chengjun is from rural Hubei. After the special forces retired, with his smart mind and the spirit of hard work, on August 7, 2014, the establishment of Jiamu Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Guangdong, and successively established Shanghai Juncheng Trading Co., Ltd.Many companies such as the company, he is also a professor of Hengyang.Wen Chengjun is in his 30s, and the pinnacle of life’s career can be said to be the darling of the times.

The temptation of the four boss

In the contact of work, Xiaohong quickly attracted the attention of the boss Wen by his excellent ability and beautiful appearance.

Both of them are from rural areas. Boss Wen is a guest professor at the school. Every time they get along, they have endless words.Wen Juncheng’s boss is young and promising, and his career has an adult and is very spiritual, making Xiaohong admire; Xiao Hong is young and beautiful, simple and cute, and when he goes, he enters the heart of the boss Wen, let him have Xiaohong’s heart.idea.

In a exchange, Wen Juncheng said that I was very optimistic about Xiaohong and wanted to cultivate her vigorously. In the future, she will be the assistant to the company’s general manager. After turning, the monthly salary is 8,000 yuan.

For the students who just walked out of the school, they encountered such a good thing. No one could refuse, and Xiaohong was glad to accept it.

The beginning of five nightmares

There are many companies and companies in other places. During the company’s work, Wen Jun negotiated the business. After arriving at the outside world, he opened the room and sent her to the opening of the house.Invite Xiaohong to go.Because it was not a job, she was rejected by her euphemistically.

On November 12, 2022, the weather was cold.Wen Junchen said to Xiaohong: There is a large foreign trade activity, you go to the eyes with me, have a long knowledge, and you can know many industry elites. This is very important for you in the future. You must not miss such opportunitiesEssence"

For his future future, Xiaohong participated in the event together the next day. After the activity, he went to eat. Xiaohong drank a lot of wine during the meeting. On the way back, Wen Chengjun told Xiaohong about how her marriage did not do.Happiness, he also confessed to Xiaohong that he liked Xiaohong very much. From the first sight of her, she was deeply attracted by her …"

The more he said, the more emotional, he took Xiaohong to the hotel. Under the influence of alcohol, Xiaohong was drowsy, and it was the first time to experience this situation. Facing Wen Juncheng’s strong attack, I don’t know what to do.In the end, he was successful and took away Xiaohong’s first time.

After waking up, Xiaohong was panicked. Wen Juncheng said, "Don’t worry, I won’t let you get pregnant, believe me."

Six pregnant, what should I do?

After a month, Xiaohong felt uncomfortable, dizzy, drowsiness, wouldn’t it be a cold?When I went to the hospital for examination, I saw the results, and I felt like I turned around. I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant.This is how to do?How can I see people in the future?With the mood, the fact of pregnancy told the original writer Wen Juncheng.

Wen Juncheng said shamelessly: "Dear, don’t be afraid, the smaller the fetus, the better. This incident is not good for the company’s people to come and go.

The next day Xiaohong came to Wen Juncheng’s booked room. He didn’t pity the fragrance at all. Regardless of Xiaohong’s pregnancy, he could not be in the same room, let alone her begging, and once again implemented the violation.abortion.

This caused Xiaohong’s body and mind to be severely destroyed.

At this point, Wen Juncheng chose to be a peaceful person, and did not want to affect his family and future.I am willing to take out 8,000 yuan to compensate for Xiaohong and pay it ten times.

Seven discussions

There is no return key to life, and you ca n’t come back. Since things happen, it is necessary to solve it.

Xiao Hong is worried that it will affect the body after abortion, will it cause infertility in the future?Once this incident is spread, how can you marry in the future?How to face rumors?And all this is caused by your Wenjun. You can’t be in vain, you must give me compensation.In the later negotiations, failed to reconcile.

So Xiaohong made a plan to break the fish. It not only made the reputation sweeping the floor, but also could not let Wen Juncheng. It was you raped me and ruined everything. You must pay for your behavior and let everyone know your original face.Xiaohong posted her experience on the Internet, allowing Wen Juncheng to be condemned by public opinion, which caused the official intervention and recovered justice for herself.

The author said: "People are not easy to live, and they must stand the temptation. For boys and girls who have just entered the society, they must be down -to -earth, a footprint in a country, and don’t want to take shortcuts. There is no free lunch in the world.It is waiting for you to jump in. Although the promise is good, that is the fog flower, the moon in the water, it is expected. If you have no value to others, why do others help you and give you? "Harmony people.There is no heart, and the heart of preventing people must be good. "There are good people and bad people in the society, and they must protect themselves from harm.

The emotion is to play the double -edged sword, playing with the emotion and hurting himself, and eventually "playing the fire and self -immolation.""

The material of this article comes from the Internet. The second processing allows the scene to reproduce and bring readers an immersive experience.


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