The flow of people and pregnancy, which one of the physical harm to the body?

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Hello everyone, I am the sixth floor of the obstetrics and gynecology old cotton pants of thousands of women. Welcome to”h h h”column.

The topic we are going to talk about today is about a private message I received. A girl said: After pregnancy, parents are particularly resistant to fetal, and they will recommend giving birth to the child because they feel that the fetus hurts the body greatly.

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I believe that many girls have heard similar sayings, so she wants to ask: Which of the flow of people and pregnancy hurts the body?

(Sorry, I must admit it to you that only relying on science science to explore the physiological damage and comparison, it does not solve the problems in the private message, because behind the women, parents, and society are involved in the "female value".Cognitive conflict, which is a long -term problem with me and science.)

Which of the injury is greater?

It is actually difficult to discuss this matter, because these two things have physical injuries and risks for women.Therefore, what we discuss here is just these two things, which harm is smaller.

If you have the opportunity to avoid damage and make the right choice, of course, it is better, but in many cases, we have to fall into a situation of "the two harms power".

So first of all, we still return to the private message itself: Is there any surgical risk of people?The answer is yes.The uterine rupture, large bleeding, endometrial injury, adhesion, which causes a series of damage to affect the shape of the uterine cavity. This is the risk of surgery itself.

And how long will such an operation last on women’s hearts and emotions?

I have encountered such a situation clinically: Some people feel that I have done my own flow, and I have depreciated. I do n’t deserve love and marriage, do not have good work, good life, and even think that I am incomplete or low -class.As long as women fall into such emotions, it is often difficult to get rid of it, and I feel very distressed when I encounter it.

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Then let’s talk about the risks and injuries that are possible to give birth to children.

First of all, the whole pregnancy time is very long, and it is easy to cause damage to the body during pregnancy. After giving birth, it will continue to bring longer impact and damage. This is also objective, and these are only from the physiological level.

Then, when a less appropriate life stage, the child gave birth to a child, whether for adults or children, a good thing or a bad thing, I cannot judge.But in fact, many people have given birth to a child at a certain time, and the trajectory of life has changed. It is difficult for us to evaluate whether life is good or bad.

Because life is a single road, we can only choose at countless forks, and we cannot return because the road that has been walked is not good.

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Therefore, from the physiological level, the damage and risks caused by the abortion are much less than the pregnancy itself.However, from a psychological perspective, the trauma and influence of the flow of people on psychology is compared with pregnancy. At least from my perspective, there is no way to measure it. It can only be judged on the specific individual.

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So as for the change or impact of the path of life, it also varies from person to person.

Which one of the damage is greater?

Other people will ask other questions, such as: Which emergency contraceptive pills and drug flow have great harm?

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In fact, it is still a comparison problem, because this is also a problem of choice of two harm.

After pregnancy, the drug flow is risky in itself. For example, it is incomplete, and some need to clear the palace for the second time, and the risk of big bleeding, so you may need to be hospitalized and observe closely.

And taking emergency contraceptives also affects the body. Due to a large amount of estrogen, menstruation will change in the next few months, and the skin condition, diet, emotion, etc. will have an impact.

You see, when we are exploring these, we are basically discussing which damage is lighter and which damage is heavier, because the damage always exists.

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Therefore, if we have to compare, the most harmful, more profound and long -lasting, long -lasting, and influential organs and body are wider, which is actually pregnant.

The second is abortion of artificial surgery, because the operation itself is risky.

Finally, the drug flow, the risk of the drug flow is actually smaller than the risk of surgery, but it also has requirements for the time choice, its own physical conditions, and medical level.

The risk of drug flow is larger than emergency contraceptives … but if there is a chance to take contraceptive measures, there is no need to take emergency contraceptives.

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As long as the conventional and effective contraceptive methods such as condoms or short -acting contraceptives are used correctly in sexual life, the damage is much smaller than emergency contraceptives. After doing these, women’s risks will greatly decline.Therefore, when we put these choices in front of us, we know how to avoid risks and avoid causing ourselves into greater risks and problems.

When one day, when someone really wants to face the choice of fertility, you can fully understand all kinds of pros and cons, various risks and problems. Whether there are methods, strategies, and logically solve or prevent those risks.Effective direction.

I do n’t just put the risk in front of everyone, I still have to tell you how to avoid risks, how to prevent risks, and how to protect ourselves.Essence

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In short, through this discussion, I hope that the lighter the risk of everyone, the better. If you have to choose one of the two injuries, I also put this "comparison formula" in front of me so that everyone can judge.But be sure to measure clear risks, make your own judgment rationally, and bear the results after the choice.

Well, we will talk about this issue, I hope to bring some thoughts to everyone, because in real life, I often have no way to see it when I see it, because I can’t make it anymore, so I hope I can be able toBefore everyone really caught risk, do some basic knowledge reserves or risk assessments.

Good morning, I love this world.

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