The five major symptoms of successful pregnancy appear more than three. Congratulations: step into the ranks of expectant mothers!

Many pregnant mothers will become particularly cautious during the preparation during pregnancy. While worrying about pregnancy, they don’t know if they are pregnant, and they are worried that they will accidentally cause pregnancy failure. How can I judge whether I am pregnant?In addition to going to the hospital for examination, is there any way to prepare for pregnant mothers?

Preparation of pregnant mothers’ bodies have made these small changes, prove that the conception is successful, don’t be stupid!In fact, after the successful pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will have a lot of subtle changes!Let ’s list the five major symptoms of successful pregnancy. More than three appear. Congratulations: Go into the ranks of expectant mothers!

Symptoms of pregnancy: I am weak, my mental is not good

Many mothers will have a bad and mental state after successful pregnancy. This does not mean that the mother’s body becomes worse, but one of the signals of the fertilized egg successfully bed. Of course, this symptom is not necessarily necessarily.It is pregnant, and some women also have this symptom before the holidays. Therefore, only one symptom cannot be used as the standard for judging pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy 2: frequent urine plus drowsiness

In the early stages of pregnancy, I feel like I can’t wake up every day. Even if I just wake up, I still want to continue lying down and sleep for a while. The situation of the pregnant mother is particularly obvious.At the same time, it will also be accompanied by a small amount of urine, and the sensitive pregnant mothers will feel endless urination. These small changes mean that the pregnant mother has successfully pregnant!

Symptoms of pregnancy three: breast color becomes darkened, and breast pain

When the pregnant mother was pregnant, she would have breast pain, and even felt painful. At the same time, the nipple color became black, and some granular substances appeared around the areola.Some of the subtle changes, the pregnant mother can’t care!

Symptoms of pregnancy 4: faint pain in the lower abdomen

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, many pregnant mothers will feel a similar pain in the lower abdomen that is similar to the holiday. It is very careless for pregnant mothers to mistakenly think that they want to leave.I haven’t found it in about a month, so prepare for pregnant mothers always pay attention to their physical changes!

Symptoms of pregnancy five: Auntie did not report on time

For pregnancy preparing for pregnant mothers, the most anticipated news is that the holiday is not available. If you have a regular holiday during pregnancy, you have not come to report.If you have a successful pregnancy, you will be a mother soon!

The above five symptoms of the early pregnancy, if you have more than three, then congratulations, you will be upgraded to be a quasi -mother!However, in order to accurately verify pregnancy, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to avoid letting pregnant mothers and families happy!

What else do you have to prepare for quickly?Welcome to leave a message to share!

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