The first three months of pregnancy often vomit, will the fetus be malnourished?

Pregnant mother vomiting

1. After spitting for a month, vomiting from morning to night, drinking water, spitting into the hospital and hanging water.

2. After spitting for five months, I often vomit the esophagus tube pain, and I can’t eat anything. I am worried that the child will have an impact.

3. It has been spit from her arms to five months. I ca n’t see the oil. It ’s hard to eat it. It will spit it out without more than two hours, and I do n’t walk.


When will the pregnancy come?When will go?

80%to 90%of women will have nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, usually 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. Of course, some pregnant mothers will come earlier or later, most of them reach the peak at 9 weeks of pregnancy.

About 60%of pregnancy and vomiting pregnant mothers can relieve themselves after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The overall will disappear naturally until 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.It will last until the third trimester, and even 5%of the pregnant mothers will not spit until they will give birth.

Toming in the first three months, the fetus will be malnourished?

Generally not, as long as there is no dehydration and too little amount of eating, the health of the fetus will not be affected. Even if you do not increase your weight in the early days of pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy), there is no problem.

Because in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus was mainly in the stage of organ formation, and there were relatively few nutritional needs, and mothers need not worry too much.

How to relieve pregnancy?

Is there any way to relieve it?Listen to what Eboen said.

1. Pay attention to hydration

Pregnant mothers can drink some lemonade and ginger water to relieve the disgusting discomfort.

2. Eat less meals

Normally, we all have three meals a day. It is best to disassemble them into five meals a day after pregnancy.When you eat, remember not to eat too cold food, the food should be made soft and easy to digest.

3. Prepare some candy

Prepare some lemon sugar or salty plums at any time. When nausea, you can contain one, which can relieve the sudden nausea.

4. Eat what you like

If disgusting is serious, mothers can choose some foods she likes to eat, and partial eclipse is much better than eating.Before you go to bed, you can eat some whole wheat bread and biscuits with less sugar to fill their hunger.

5. Pay attention to rest

Pay attention to rest during pregnancy, lying flat can improve the degree of discomfort in pregnancy.Mom can rest for a while while working. If you work very busy, try to keep your eyes closed and keep your eyes.

6. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has a good effect on alleviating pregnancy vomiting. Mom can let the doctor open some to eat.Or eat some foods such as west blue flowers and clams with high vitamin B6 content.

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