The first month of pregnancy is a dangerous period. How should I spend it?Spectac mother to share experience

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You need to pay attention to many things in the early pregnancy, but you can’t be too particular about

Many things can be done after pregnancy, especially when the previous three months are called a dangerous period, many people who come here will tell novice mothers how to do.In the early stages of pregnancy, the baby can develop well to lay the foundation for subsequent development.This time, the editor specially interviewed the novice mother Xiaomu to share the experience of pregnancy in pregnancy.

The following is a narrative of Xiao Mu, the editor sorted out.

From the day of pregnancy, there has been no particularly large pregnancy response during pregnancy. It will not vomit, or it is easy to sleep. I feel that I ca n’t get up after my nap, but it may be due to seasonal reasons.I used to like to eat meat. Now I do n’t eat greasy things. I can accept chicken at most and like to eat vegetables.Sometimes there is no appetite. I have secretly eaten spicy, hot and sour powder, and cold skin, but know that it is not good for the baby to develop, and I do n’t dare to eat more. It may be that pregnant women are like this.

Pay more attention to nutritional intake during pregnancy

Because I have always insisted on going to work after pregnancy, walking every day, climbing the fifth floor stairs, the average number of steps per day between 6000 and 12000. I have to use a computer printer every day to buy a radiation protection suit. In fact, this is a spiritual comfort to protect the baby.Not much use.In the middle of February of pregnancy, everything is normal for the birth check. Pregnant women should not be too lazy and exercise more.

Regarding the problem of skin care products during pregnancy, many people do not go to buy special dedicated during pregnancy.As for toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel is even more unnecessary. Of course, if you don’t have money, I don’t say anything.It feels like a psychological effect.

Even if the appetite is not good during pregnancy, the nutrition must be sufficient, so that the baby’s development needs are enough.I have added a variety of vitamins and DHA, and a variety of vitamins contain folic acid, which are developed well for the baby.It won’t be done if you don’t eat it, but it doesn’t matter if you have good benefits to your baby.It is best to make up for conditions. Calcium tablets should be added in the later stages of pregnancy.

Should we take a good mentality during pregnancy, and the family is more concerned about

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