The first love sent a WeChat to her husband, saying that I dreamed of him, I replied, dreaming you a big head ghost

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Everything starts with Zhang Yao’s WeChat.That day, I used Zhang Yao’s computer to introduce my daughter.Unexpectedly, his WeChat login online and received a message, and I accidentally opened it.After ten years of marriage, I have never checked Zhang Yao’s mobile phone. Not only because of trust, but also that the husband and wife should give each other space.After all, no woman can come out of her husband’s mobile phone, isn’t it?The information I opened the wrong point is the avatar of a woman.She said: I am back, do you have time to meet?Because it is the WeChat computer version, I ca n’t see the previous chat history, but such a word that has no head or end still makes me suspicious.Isn’t it Zhang Yao’s ex -girlfriend?When the three words "ex -girlfriend" jumped out of my mind, I suddenly felt cold.Speaking of which, Zhang Yao and I were able to enter the marriage, or the blessing of his ex -girlfriend.

Back to Christmas in 2011.Zhang Yao’s ex -girlfriend divided him with him and went to study in Canada.On that day, I lost my mother.Mother died in the hospital, small cell lung cancer, and only a few months from the discovery of the condition to the death.After my mother was diagnosed, she had been worried about my lifelong event. Even lying on the bed and asked my friends to introduce me to me.However, the blind date has no following after understanding my family’s situation.

My family’s situation is special.Since my memories, the family has been disaster.First, the uncle who drove the freight was intercepted when he took the goods, and then my dad died of a car accident.The two sons had accidents one after another, Grandpa was hit, and he became silent. In the end, the cerebellum shrinks and died soon.My family lives in the staff of the textile factory. The factory is a small society. Who is a bit of a matter?The factory’s discussions on my family said that our family was cursed.After that, everyone didn’t want to have a relationship with my family, afraid of getting bad luck.And I lived in a strange look since I was a child, introverted personality, not talking, and no close friends. In my current words, it was social phobia.

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After my mother died, I lived.Although it is normal to get off work normally every day, it is no exaggeration to use the walking dead.My mother’s friend, Aunt Xiong, was very distressed, and the trustee introduced the object everywhere.Zhang Yao appeared at this time.Zhang Yao’s mother and Aunt Xiong were colleagues. When the two were gathered, Aunt Xiong said me.Zhang Yao, who is kind and kind, proposed to see that he wanted to see him, and said that even if he couldn’t do it, he could recognize a daughter.Zhang Yao just returned to Xi’an at that time, there was no objection to the blind date.In this way, the two of us met.

We were originally scheduled to meet in the Western Restaurant, but when we went out that day, we suddenly snowed. After meeting, Zhang Yao saw that I didn’t seem to be interested in western food, so he proposed to eat hot pot.He said: "This kind of weather is more like to eat hot pot." It is also coincidental. I actually wanted to eat hot pot that day, but I was embarrassed to say.From a young age, I am the kind of people who do not know how to fight for myself, and I saw it about Zhang Yao.Zhang Yao was five years older than me. He studied in Beijing for several years in Beijing.The reason why he returned to Xi’an was because he broke up with his first love girlfriend, and his parents were old, he couldn’t rest assured.Speaking of the reason for the breakup, he did not hide: "In the face of love and reality, she chose the latter, and I respect her choice." I was very impressed with Zhang Yao, and he was a gentle and gentleman.He did not hide his ex -girlfriend’s affairs, even if he was abandoned, there was no evil.Moreover, he was also excellent. On the third day of returning to Xi’an, he joined a well -known state -owned enterprise.In this way, he should not be as ordinary as me.Thinking about it this way, I had no pressure and opened the box.

It was the day after my mother died.

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Therefore, when Zhang Yao said to continue interacting with me, I was surprised.He said: "Li Wen, I am very impressed with you, we can try to deal with. Of course, if you mind my previous relationship, we can start with friends." When he said this, there was just a snowflake falling.On my eyelashes.There seems to be something in my heart.Looking at his bright eyes, I nodded heavily.For a time, I felt that he was a gift from my mother in heaven.Otherwise, how can you look at me so ordinary as he is.I remember that day, I asked him uneasily: "Why should you be with me? Will you compare me with your ex -girlfriend?" He said, "Li Wen, I am an adult, I know what I want, meI think you are fine, that’s enough. "

After falling in love with Zhang Yao, he took me to a party of friends and classmates, and took me to the restaurants and bookstores I have never been to.With his company, I gradually came out of the sadness of my mother’s death.At that time, I worked in the office of a foreign -funded enterprise. The manager was a workaholic, and I would always arrange for me to work after get off work.Therefore, every time I date Zhang Yao, I will be late.Once, he waited for a few hours in the pizza shop downstairs. The manager did not allow me to get off work, and I dare not resist.After seeing Zhang Yao, I kept apologizing to him.Instead, he comforted me: "It doesn’t matter, I can just read the book at this time, think about things, don’t care too much." Later, if there were more times, he suggested that I change my job.It wasn’t because he was annoying, but because he felt that the boss’s squeezing was unfair to me.He said: "Li Wen, you are an excellent girl. The excessive demands of your boss must learn to refuse." Frankly, the growth environment created my timid and cowardly personality, and never dared to fight for yourself.But Zhang Yao’s words gave me courage.

In the fourth month of my mother’s death, I decided to go to the civil servant.Zhang Yao agreed, he helped me review, gave me a lesson, find information, and taught me his learning method.Unfortunately, I did not counterattack. He comforted me and said that it didn’t matter, and that civil servants may not be suitable for me.With the encouragement of Zhang Yao, I finally jumped into a joint venture, transferred from the original internal diligence to logistics management, and finally achieved the supply chain manager.Of course, these are all post -words.What I want to express is that because of Zhang Yao, my life has become different.I started to be full of life and knowing to fight for myself. These are things I dare not think about it.Seven months after love, we received a marriage certificate.I changed from an unreliable orphan to Mrs. Zhang.At the wedding, Si Yi asked Zhang Yao to speak. He said, "I hope that Li Wen can live a lively life like this." And at the wedding, thank you most to Zhang Yao.Thank you for letting me have home again.

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After marriage, we lived with my in -laws.Speaking of which, my mother -in -law was kind -hearted and always loved me as my dear daughter. There was never a contradiction between my mother -in -law.Zhang Yao is also the legendary husband of Gu family’s painful wife.If you want to say it, it may be for three years of marriage, and we have never had children.The in -laws were born, and Zhang Yao always said that it would let it go.In fact, Zhang Yao said before marriage that he should not be a child for the time being.So, I have always cooperated.But this kind of thing is afraid of accidents.When he was pregnant with his daughter, he was promoted to the group assistant of the group’s president.And I just changed to a new job, often traveling on a business trip, so busy that I had no time to think about it.At that time, I did not have menstruation for two months, and my weight increased a lot. I thought it was fat caused by endocrine disorders.I even started running and skipping rope.Once I jumped the rope, my stomach had a bad pain, so I thought about it.When I measured, it was pregnant.

I hesitated for a full week before I told Zhang Yao about pregnancy.One is that I feel surprised. The other is that I am so tossing TA, which means that I have a relationship with me, and I want to stay.But I know very well that Zhang Yao is not ready for being a father, not to mention that he will go to foreign abroad for a month.Sure enough, his first reaction was that the child could not stay.The reason is also very sufficient: "I am going abroad, and I don’t worry about leaving you alone. What’s more, we are not ready before pregnancy. You still exercise vigorously. What if the child is not healthy?"Use silently to show your attitude.He sighed and said, "Then go to the hospital to check it tomorrow, and see what the doctor says." The next day, we went to the hospital and the examination results were very good. The doctor said that there should be no big problems.Nevertheless, Zhang Yao still insisted on not. He said, "There must be a plan for everything. You can’t prepare for it because you have it." And I am more and more reluctant, and no one can persuade anyone.It was the first time we had a quarrel since we got married. What I thought at that time was to leave this child even if divorced.Perhaps it was my attitude that made Zhang Yao very surprised.The day before he went abroad, he suddenly said to me, "If you really want this child, just stay!" Looking at him, I cried.Although my personality is more afraid of things, I am afraid of conflicting with people around me, but if I really encounter things, I am also stubborn.Think about it afterwards that this is my first and only time, showing my tough side in front of Zhang Yao.

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At that time, I thought that Zhang Yao did not welcome the arrival of this little life.However, when he returned to China, he was full of nutrients for my luggage.Although he said nothing, at that moment, I was relieved.Later, in the third trimester, in order to take care of me, he rented three rooms and one living room near the unit. He even hid me to settle the confinement center and invited Yueyue.He silently told me with action that he was ready to come.After his daughter was born, he was more happy than anyone else.From insisting on not being a child, to a super -dad after the birth of my daughter, I believe Zhang Yao loves me and children.Therefore, when her daughter was two years old, Zhang Yao was sent to Beijing to manage the newly opened investment company. I did not stop it.In my opinion, the love between husband and wife is mutual. If you treat me three points, I will return you seven points.Zhang Yao thinks for me in this way, and I can’t do what he chose between me and my career.Although it is a different place, we will video call every day. Every weekend, he will rush back from Beijing to Xi’an.He always took back the latest flight on Friday, and then took the earliest flight on Monday to go with me and my daughter for a while.When the daughter was three years old, the second child came again, and Zhang Yao did not oppose this time.At that time, his annual salary rose to more than 500,000. We bought a large flat floor and our lives became better and better.On October 30, 2019, one day before Zhang Yaosheng, I gave birth to my younger son.Since then, we have been a happy family in the eyes of others.

If it wasn’t for inadvertently seeing Zhang Yao’s WeChat, I would never doubt the loyalty to each other.After all, whether it is to me or to two children, Zhang Yao is perfect.In March of this year, he applied for transferring back to Xi’an, because his daughter was going to elementary school, and Dad could not be absent.Except for daily work, he gave his family all his time.Not to mention it, from getting married, his salary was hit directly on my card. Occasionally, he earned fast, and he would transfer it to me as soon as possible.His birthdays, all kinds of holidays, he will carefully prepare gifts to celebrate me.This year, my daughter was promoted to elementary school, and he bought me a Tesla, because the tram was not limited, and I was convenient for picking up.Isn’t these love?

However, once the door of suspicion is opened, trust becomes so vulnerable.Since I saw WeChat from my ex -girlfriend that day, I started to re -sort out the ten years of Zhang Yao.Very sad, Zhang Yao never said to me: I love you!He did a lot of things for me and my children, and fulfilled the responsibility of being a husband, but he had never said these three words.Perhaps his love is exhausted in his ex -girlfriend.And with me, it is just the right person, not the person who loves.

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In fact, before that, Zhang Yao’s ex -girlfriend never appeared in our lives.For the only time, I took my child to Beijing and attended a gathering of college classmates with Zhang Yao.During the meal, there was a classmate in his last relationship, and I learned that he was so infatuated in the past.He did a lot of things for his ex -girlfriend, including writing love poems in the school forum. At that time, they were one of the best campus couples selected by the forum.After hearing this, I was somewhat sad. After all, Zhang Yao and I didn’t seem to fall in love much, so I went directly to marriage.But thinking that the person who had been with him was me, it was relieved.What’s more, I also accidentally learned that Zhang Yao’s ex -girlfriend went to Canada to study abroad, but married a rich man.I think no man can accept such a betrayal.But now it seems that I still underestimate the lethal’s lethality of Zhang Yao.

During that time, I couldn’t eat well or sleep well.Zhang Yao is about to spend his forty birthday immediately. Originally, I wanted to prepare a surprise for him.Now, he gave me a scared in advance.But my birthday still has to live, after all, I have no substantial affair evidence, after all, Zhang Yao did not take the initiative to divorce.Moreover, one day before his life, his daughter was going to eat cakes. He also bought baking products by himself and made it for his daughter to eat.Watching the father and daughter busy in the kitchen, I really didn’t want to break such a beautiful situation.

On the day of Zhang Yao’s birthday, I made a large table he loved.But Zhang Yao seemed not to be interested, and looked at the phone from time to time.Perhaps, it’s waiting for the blessing information of the ex -girlfriend.Looking at his familiar face, my mood was more complicated, uncomfortable, unwilling, and angry, and all kinds of emotions were intertwined.I want to talk to him well, but when I am ready, he has returned to the study, leaving only the phone on the table.I sighed, picked up my phone, and was about to send him.Suddenly, I wanted to see what he said with his ex -girlfriend.Zhang Yao’s mobile phone password is the birthday of his daughter.I opened his WeChat, and it was true that my ex -girlfriend was in contact with people recently.I trembled and opened the familiar and unfamiliar avatar.Surprisingly, all the messages of the other party were inside, and Zhang Yao did not reply.The latest sentence, the ex -girlfriend said: I dreamed of you yesterday.At that moment, I didn’t know where the courage came back to one: "Dream you a big ghost, I am Zhang Yao’s wife, don’t send him this kind of information in the future." After posting this WeChatSweeping the haze in the past few days.Go to his ex -girlfriend!

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Then, I threw my phone in front of Zhang Yao, and said expressionlessly, "Your ex -girlfriend is back, you go to her!" After saying this, I suddenly wanted to cry.But Zhang Yao laughed. He said, "Wife, I haven’t seen you like this for many years." Seeing that I didn’t speak, he stood up and pulled my hand and continued, "I was thinking about how to putThis matter is perfectly resolved. No need, you made a decision for me, thank you. "It turned out that Zhang Yao’s ex -girlfriend came back.Her company has business exchanges with Zhang Yao Group, and he learned the news as early as March, so he applied for adjustment back to Xi’an, but he didn’t want to interact with her."I and her ended as early as ten years ago. I hid her. I was not afraid of the old feelings, but I didn’t want to recruit unnecessary trouble. You know, once the relationship between men and women is torn, many things can’t be explained." This is not clear. "It was Zhang Yao the first time to say his work seriously with me.In the past, he always said that he did not want to stir work and life together. After all, we both in different industries, even if they knew, they just increased their troubles.Therefore, he has always been a good news.As a result, I misunderstood.Think about it now, so I don’t like this, my business, children’s affairs, I always just want to share good news with him.We are all afraid of bothering each other.But the husband and wife need to bother each other, and need each other to last long, the better the life.

I have been married for ten years, because of the WeChat of my ex -girlfriend, Zhang Yao and I completely opened their hearts.That afternoon, the two of us were crying in the study, wept and laughed, smiled, and finally hugged tightly.In the living room, the daughter and son came from time to time.This home finally returned to the usual fireworks.The so -called time is good, but so.There are not so many vigorous stages in real life, and some are just the simplest, most authentic and precious companions in ordinary life.I always think that love is complicated.In fact, love can also be very simple. Whether it is love at first sight or long -term love, in the end, we need to warm up, support, respect, and accommodate each other.From then on, you have me and you have you.We have never said "I love you", but we firmly believe that in this life, the people who are old with me can only be you.

Author: Liu Xiaonian, Source: Liu Xiaonian (ID: xgsdlxn) who wrote a story, I am Liu Xiaonian, a craftsman who writes a story, and a second mother.He is the author of "Times of the Second Biblon", "Cooking Women and Refining Love", "Breathing", "Entrepreneurship Couple" and so on.

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