The fetus was born, and many Baoma could not bear to look directly, not an ominous sign.

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When there is no child, seeing someone else’s baby, it is called a pretty, thinking that I can have such a cute baby in the future, but I did not expect that I saw the baby after birth at first glance, and I couldn’t help but shouted: ThisDid I give birth to it?

Most of the newborn babies are a bit swollen on the face, the skin is also wrinkled, and there are a layer of white things on the whole body. Such babies make many mothers unable to look straight.

Recalling the experience of her production two days ago, Bao Ma Xiaojie was embarrassed.After giving birth to a baby a few days ago, as soon as I returned to the ward, the child came up and asked himself: Was you the two of you two before giving birth, so that the children are not clean.

In the face of the mother’s problem, Xiaojie blushed at the time. Looking at the child again, I saw that there were some milky mucus on the child’s head and body. Xiaojie did not know what it was., Blushed.

And just happened to be a doctor’s time to check the room, hearing the conversation of the mother and daughter, and quickly stepped forward to explain: This layer of white material is fetal fat, almost every newborn baby has it.The body fluid has no relationship with the husband and wife with different houses.

After the birth of the baby, the baby looks a bit "dirty". He has a layer of sticky things on his head, hands, and even the whole body.

But in fact, this layer of "dirty things" is fetal fat, a protective substance secreted by the baby’s skin, and can protect the baby.

It seems that fetal fat is a good thing.But in ancient times, people did not understand the real situation. Once you see the newborn baby, there is a white fetal fat on his head or body, it will say that this is caused by the husband and wife "dry bad things" during pregnancy, which is not good for the fetus.There are even children, because they have fetal fat after birth, they are considered a "unknown" sign.

In fact, now from a more scientific attitude, women will be surrounded by amniotic fluid during pregnancy, and they will not be attacked by other materials; in addition, the female uterine mouth of the female uterine during pregnancy is also covered by thick uterine mucus.Any material cannot enter.

Therefore, there is a fetal fat on the fetus, which is related to the husband and wife in the same room during pregnancy. It is really nonsense.

Before that, after giving birth to a child, the mother would indeed scrub the baby’s whole body before they would be sent to the adults, but now most of them will not do this.

After the birth of the newborn baby, because of lack of great sense of security, coupled with the low temperature outside, but fetal fat has a good thermal insulation effect. Therefore, medical staff will not clean the newborn too clean, but will choose to choose to chooseLeave the fetal fat on the baby and wait until the baby adapts to the external environment before cleaning.

In addition to the protection of the baby during this period of birth, the fetus can also ensure that the baby’s skin is not infiltrated by amniotic fluid during pregnancy. Moreover, those babies with many fetal fats have explained that the baby’s physique is good to a certain extent.

Newborn babies have a lot of fetal fats, on the one hand, due to the vigorous metabolism, and on the other hand, they are caused by sufficient nutritional intake during pregnancy.Those babies who have enough nutrition during pregnancy will be better, their metabolism will be stronger, and natural fetal fat will look more after birth.

Although fetal fat has great benefits to the baby’s skin, some mothers with cleanliness still cannot accept these white things, so they are anxious to let the medical staff clean them.

In the hospital, it is generally 24 hours old when the fetus is born, and the doctor will recommend cleaning the fat on the baby’s body and gently wipe it with vegetable oil.It is worth noting that when the baby’s skin does not have the protection of fetal fat, it is equivalent to losing a protective film. The skin is very sensitive. Once the urine and sweat on the body are not cleared in time, it is easy to cause the baby to become red and inflamed.

Therefore, without the protection of fetal fat, if you want to protect the delicate skin of the newborn baby, you can only rely on bathing.

It is worth noting that, in addition to other parts of the body, there will be some fetal fat on the baby’s head, and the fetal fat on the baby’s head is not very recommended to clean it, because the child’s door is not closed yet.Improper is a harm to the baby’s head.

If you want to remove the dirt on your baby’s head, it is best to get the door closed. You only need to use the vegetable oil to soak the soft head with vegetable oil during daily bathing.

Tuanzi wants to say:

Although the fetal fat is not so beautiful in the baby’s body, it is very good for the baby, so it is best not to rush to remove it.

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