The fetus is strangely disappeared?You must not know about biochemical pregnancy

The 25 -year -old pregnant mother successfully prepared for pregnancy, but the fetus disappeared strangely

During her pregnancy, the 25 -year -old Xiao Liu did not come late, and she happily pulled her husband to the hospital for examination.After the blood test, the results showed that the value of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) was 15.27U/L (normally 0-5U/L).The doctor suggested that Xiao Liu in a few days to review again.Although the doctor said this, Xiao Liu was still very happy, thinking that pregnancy should be a matter of eight or nine.

But after a few days, Xiao Liu showed signs of the holiday. What is going on?I came to the hospital for an examination again. The results showed that her blood HCG value had dropped below 5. The color Doppler ultrasound also showed that there was no pregnancy. Is the previous inspection not accurate?In response to this situation, the doctor did such an explanation to Xiao Liu: The reason why the blood test showed that it was pregnant, it may be that Xiao Liu had a biochemical pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy is not simply changes in blood, but refers to a abortion phenomenon.The index of human choricular gonad hormone has risen because it is indeed pregnant at this time, but then the examination is that there is no pregnancy. This is because there is a miscarriage at this time.Essence

Early abortion within five weeks is called "biochemical pregnancy" in medicine. Many women do not know this situation. Even if this happens, it may only be considered to be delayed. BecauseThe symptoms of biochemical pregnancy are similar to the routine holiday.

So what caused Xiao Liu’s abortion and biochemical pregnancy?After consulting the doctor, the doctor gave several possible reasons:

1. First of all, the problem of fertilized eggs itself.

Because the development of fertilized eggs is abnormal, it can not survive normally. Such a situation is more common, and it is similar to many natural abortion phenomena.

2. It may also be due to the uterus problem.

Some women have problems with dysplasia of uterine, or for some reasons, suffering from undergone mucosal fibroids and endometrial tuberculosis, which can not make the fertilized eggs bed normally, leading to abortion.It is also possible that the ovarian progesterone function is insufficient and the secretion of progesterone is insufficient, which will cause abnormalities in the state of the endometrium and affect the fertilized egg bed.

In fact, for some women with weak bodies, biochemical pregnancy is actually a relatively common thing. So how should you deal with biochemical pregnancy?

First of all, everyone must know that biochemical pregnancy itself is an abortion itself, so don’t worry about leaving any residual substances in the uterus, and the Qing Dynasty is not necessary.However, what should be noted is that after a biochemical pregnancy occurs, you need to go to the hospital to check and monitor the blood HCG value. In this way, you can know whether the pregnancy sac has been eliminated or whether the blood HCG has dropped to normal level.After that, you can plan to conceive next time.

However, after a biochemical pregnancy, it actually has a certain impact on the body and the uterus, so do not prepare for the next pregnancy. Before the uterus has not completely recovered, the chance of miscarriage after pregnancy will be relatively large.After at least 3 months of recovery period, prepare for pregnancy. Prior to this, you can go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to see if the uterus really recovers the same.In this way, the chance of pregnancy can be increased, and the baby can grow in a better environment.

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