The fetal movement was suddenly lost at 29 weeks of pregnancy. After the examination of the hospital, the results showed that the "watermelon" was caused by the cause of "watermelon".

After the summer, the weather was hotter every day, and a few steps outside during the day were already sweating. When I was in office, I didn’t know what to do without air conditioning.

One of the happier things in the hot summer, it can be said that it is blowing watermelon in the room to eat ice watermelon. Nothing is more cooler than this.

But for special groups such as pregnant women, can they eat watermelon unscrupulous in summer?The answer is no, and pregnant women are still particular about eating watermelon.

Xiaole has been pregnant for 29 weeks. After spending the tension in the early pregnancy, Xiaole felt that the child had been stable and had nothing to pay attention to, so when you usually eat, eat, drink, and drink.many.

Of course, the drinking here does not refer to wine but water. During the pregnancy test, the doctor said that the child is healthy and keep maintaining it, so Xiaole also does not feel that there is a place where you need to take care of the child.

As the weather is getting hotter and the appetite is getting worse, I just want to eat watermelon. At the beginning, I was worried that watermelon is a fruit that is relatively cold. It is not good for children, but people around you eat yourself.Just ate.

I ca n’t eat half of the watermelon for a while, so I put it in the refrigerator and wait for the next time I eat it.Who knows that after eating watermelon the next day, she felt that her body was a little uncomfortable, so she fell asleep.

Xiaole was a little irritable when she was sleeping, and slowly entered the dreamland. When she woke up at night, Xiaole could not feel the child’s fetal movement.Observe one night.

In the evening, Xiaole couldn’t sleep in his heart, checked a lot of information on the Internet, and suddenly saw a news that was stopped because of eating ice and watermelon.Go to the hospital for examination.

After the examination, the doctor told Xiaole Baby to stop developing. Hearing the news of the news that Xiaole’s world collapsed, he didn’t understand how to be so good. Later, the doctor discovered "Listel" when he checked the placenta.

The refrigerator is the place where Listella survives. Although pregnant women can eat watermelon properly, Ice watermelon is still not recommended to eat expectant mothers, but also for children’s health and safety.

Someone had done experiments before. The fresh watermelon was under the microscope. The cell liquid was white, and it was placed in the refrigerator one night. When the flesh of the watermelon was observed the next day, the white bubbles had become black.

Some people may say that we have all had no problem after eating for so many years. Why is there a problem with you?In fact, there have always been problems for so many years, but everyone has different physical conditions, and the performance when encountering problems is also different.

Secondly, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers must not only consider their physical condition, but also consider the child’s condition. After putting in the refrigerator, the surface of the watermelon will breed bacteria, which will cause diarrhea lightly, which will seriously affect life and health.

It’s really hot in summer. It is too difficult to eat watermelon all summer. So what should I pay attention to when eating watermelon in summer when eating watermelon in summer?

1) Try not to eat ice watermelon

Maybe in the summer, everyone wants to eat some cold things, but it is best to eat fresh when pregnant women eat watermelon. If you want to eat ice watermelon, it is best to cut off the surface of 2 cm and eat before eating before eating.Essence

The watermelon of Tai Ice can cause contractions.

2) Do not eat too much at one time

When eating watermelon, pregnant mothers should control that they cannot be greedy. Watermelon is relatively high in sugar. Too many one -time eating may cause blood sugar to rise. Eating long -term eating may be high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Let’s control the health of your baby.

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Everyone has their own small goals, but sometimes you have to give up something for the people or things you like.

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Do you often eat watermelon during pregnancy?

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