The female employee was pregnant as soon as she joined the job. The boss said her a few words, but she went to the boss to compensate

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A female employee joined a new company. During the interview, the boss asked her if she had a fertility plan in the near future. She said that she was just married and did not plan to have a child within two or three years. So the company hired her, but after one or two months of employment, she found that she found thatWhen I was pregnant, I told the boss about pregnancy. I said a few words by the boss. She couldn’t accept it. She wanted to ask the boss for compensation.

In the workplace, the fertility of female employees has always been a more sensitive topic. Although in 2019, the State Council jointly issued the "Notice on Further Regulating Recruitment Behavings Promoting Women’s Employment".Ask women’s marriage and childbirth, and prohibit the employment gender discrimination in the recruitment process according to law, but in reality, this question is often asked by the interviewer.For women who have just married and have not given birth, this problem is particularly embarrassing.

It is certain that if you say that you will have children soon after getting married, then the company is almost unlikely to hire you, but if you say that within two years or do not intend to have childbirth, you will get yourself in passive pregnancy because of unexpected pregnancy.Sometimes it ’s really left or right, which is helpless.

Like the female employees in the case, most female interviewers will say that there is no plan to have family planning within two years or longer, and some are really planned.Let’s talk about the work. After half a year or a year of work, I am familiar with the leadership. By then, it is difficult for the leaders to say anything.

But sometimes the plan always can’t keep up with changes, and some people are pregnant unexpectedly. Everyone is embarrassed. If it is some more standardized companies, although the leaders are unhappy, they have to bear it, but if some irregular companiesThen, I will definitely try to get away you, because in their opinion, on the one hand, you have not obey your oral commitment during the interview, and on the other hand, you are not familiar with the work, and you are pregnant. Who will do these jobs in the future?

From the perspective of female employees, it may be different, because the female employees who are pregnant must first consider their legitimate rights and interests, and will not consider the company’s problem too much, so she can find a lot of righteousnessReasons.

First of all, she felt that pregnancy was an accident, and she did not expect that she was pregnant suddenly. If according to the plan, she did not consider childbearing in the short term.What is pregnant is really unexpected and she doesn’t want it.

Secondly, pregnancy is already an established fact, and the result that cannot be changed. She also intends to ask this child. At present, she can only try not to affect the work. HoweverYes, you can only say that try to do it as well.

Third, the boss said a few words because of pregnancy, making her feel that the boss was very dissatisfied with her pregnancy. If you continue to work, it is difficult for everyone to face it. InsteadYou can leave the company to concentrate on raising tires, but the company also needs to meet her reasonable demands, such as compensating a certain amount of economic compensation and helping her to buy social security until she has a child.

For the boss, the baby is bitter, but I don’t say it.I finally recruited a suitable person, and I was not familiar with my work. I told you that I am pregnant. For the boss, the biggest pain is that people are recruited, but they are pregnant.

Does the boss understand the Labor Law?Don’t you know that female employees have the legitimate rights and interests of fertility?Of course, I know that the boss can do so much. The only thing he pays attention to is how to spend the least money to earn the most profits. A new employee who has just joined the company has not contributed to the company.Isn’t the boss angry?

As soon as I am pregnant, it means that in the next year, female employees can only work more than half a year, and they cannot work heavy.The company had to pay her a year of salary as usual, and she could not dismiss casually.

There is a foreign company who has also had similar cases. Before entering the job, a female employee who had just got married vowed to say that he would not have to give birth in the next two years. As a result, he was pregnant as soon as he turned right.Arrange her to do some light work, and then it is very interesting. The female employee’s fetus is unstable and needs to be hospitalized to protect the fetus. She returned to work for six or seven months in the fetus for six or seven months.Paragrapho leave.

The company’s leaders thought they should come back to work after maternity leave. No, before, the female employee was not too late to cover her ears, and she was pregnant again in the second month of the maternity leave., To be maternal and restless leave, two years have passed, and female employees have only been in class before and after.Essence

In fact, it is no wonder that many companies have opinions about this, because the post preparation is limited, one radish and one pit. If this radish is occupied by the pit, it can not be done, which means that her work needs to be divided into others, let alone the leader’s heart.Unhappy, colleagues in the same department are unhappy.

For female employees in the workplace, in fact, they are also vulnerable groups in the workplace. Almost every interview must be asked about fertility. Who is not annoying?If you do n’t get the truth, you have to rely on telling the truth to get it. Do you say that they are wronged and aggrieved?Although the state has introduced many laws to protect women’s employment rights, how many companies can really implement it?

Therefore, I think that in this matter, everyone needs to understand each other’s difficulties. As a business party, we should pay more attention to whether the experience and ability of the job seeker meets the job requirements and pay less attention to personal privacy.If you are pregnant, this can easily lead to the intensification of the contradiction between the labor and management, and it will be suppressed by the leadership. If you are not happy, it will affect the children in the stomach.

I have seen a few examples of the company’s dismissal after pregnancy. Although the company gave compensation, the requirements of female employees are far different. Female employees do not accept it. Daily travel in labor arbitration.The fetus, but in the end, because of the short entry time, there are not so many compensation, more important, some arbitration from the beginning to getting money for half a year or even longer, do you consume it?What about it?

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