The female body emits these three "signals", indicating that they are ovulation.

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Since the state opens a two -child policy, it has become one of the plans for many husbands and wives.

But for a variety of reasons, a considerable number of women’s pregnancy became not so easy.Often experienced and comprehensive pregnancy preparation is often experienced, but it is not successful.

Many mothers are confused about this, and they obviously have no problem in their bodies, but they can’t be pregnant.

In fact, pregnancy is not a random thing, and it is also very particular.

The number of eggs discharged by women per month is limited. Most people only discharge one egg, and their survival time is short, only 1-2 days.

The best pregnancy is within 24 hours after the eggs are discharged.From this point of view, pregnancy is also about "the time and the place of the time".

If you can master the signal of your body ovulation, it will help increase the chance of conception.

1) Lands of the leucorrhea

When the female body starts to ovulate, the leucorrhea will be more sticky than usual and the drawing is drawn.

This is the accompanimental symptoms of the ovarian ovulation, the eggs enter the fallopian tube waiting for conception.

2) Mild abdomen pain

At the same time, there is mild pain in the lower abdomen, but it is difficult to notice if you don’t feel it carefully.

Because ovulation ovulation generally appears about two weeks before the next menstruation, this mild pain, with the pain of menstruation, still feels differently.

3) The body temperature rises slightly

When ovulation ovulates, women’s body temperature will rise slightly, which is slightly higher than usual, but it will not reach the degree of fever.

Under normal circumstances, the body temperature will not exceed 37.5 ° C, most of which are about 37.2 ° C, and the body may also have a slight hotness.

If you want your child, you must hurry up. During this period, it is easy to "get pregnant" and make all preparations.

Women with difficulty pregnancy can also go to the hospital for B -ultrasound follicular monitoring, and the accuracy is very high.

1) Regulate your body and keep it in the best state

First of all, it is best to arrange a pregnancy during pregnancy before pregnancy. During this period, various medical examinations can be performed to ensure that there is no physical problem.

If there are other diseases or some tooth problems, you must first consult the doctor to solve these health problems in order to ensure the smooth pregnancy.

In addition, you should also pay attention to raising your body during pregnancy.Arrange your diet reasonably and keep a balanced intake under sufficient nutritional conditions.

In addition, it should be noted that it is not suitable to take drugs during pregnancy.If you have a sudden disease, it is best to consult your doctor’s professional opinions before taking medicine.

2) Select the same room during ovulation period

In theory, sperm can usually survive for about 3-4 days after entering women.Therefore, choosing the same room for a period of time before and after ovulation can increase the chance of conception.

If you want twins or further increase the chance of conception, prospective parents can also consult a doctor, or use other drugs and technologies to assist.

In general, if you want to improve your pregnancy, you are rising, and scientific pregnancy in the early stage is essential.

This time can be long or short. If you don’t know your body well, you can also extend some time appropriately.

In addition, the pressure to bear the two children is very high, and the process of waiting for some parents is also very long.But in any case, maintaining a peaceful mentality is more helpful.

If you can "hit one hit" is the most time -saving and labor -saving, but to do it, you should pay close attention to the changes in the body, especially women, pay attention to your ovulation period and some "tips" provided by some bodies.

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