The female anchor of the tiger teeth was pregnant by the elder brother for pregnancy, exposure, recording, recorded the anger hammer, the man took the whole family to take a poisoning

As we all know, the female anchor is generally a little bit of color, and a group of people who brush the money on the Internet are tired of playing in reality. Play with Huya to enjoy a lot of response. The other group is simply for the female anchor.It is also known to each other. What the female anchor is looking at is the financial pocket of Brother Shenhao, and the elder brother is the body and appearance of the female anchor!

Recently, a female anchor was angry with the big brother. A few days ago, the big brother named the interpretation and the female anchor Xiaolinlin, who supported his support, said that the female anchor scammed porcelain, fake pregnancy and deceived the big brother Qian QianFor a while, the female anchor live room was also abused and insulted by countless tourists, but the female anchor only changed the announcement: "People are doing, heaven is watching, right and wrong, and fairness!"There is no inside story, the female anchor at night is also the whole process of the event!

As soon as the female anchor launch, the audience cried and complained to the whole tiger teeth to prove that the words they spoke were really pregnant with his child and clarified that they were not airborne than grateful brothers, but this big brother got along with himself in the name of falling in love with himself.It is really ridiculous to be slandered into "airborne-fraud". Is Huya a place where only the benefit can distort the truth?Later, I also exposed the chat evidence of myself and the elder brother. In the chat history, the elder brother of the explained interpretation also repeatedly engaged in ambiguous. He called the female anchor as a baby.Looking at it, the female anchor was married to the giants, flying on the branches to become a phoenix.It is no wonder that the female anchor will fall in this way.

The female anchor said that she was not airborne at that time, but that Shenhao "Interpreted Brother" brought her from Sanya from Yantai. At the beginning, he chased herself in the name of falling in love. "But the sweet love he thought was just playing in the face of each other’s remarks.Just "!At that time, he also asked him to take safety measures.People are watching the sky. If his conscience is not condemned to continue to bring the rhythm, then he is not human at all!He said he was looking for him afterwards, and he made himself a fetus directly, and then he was impatiently deleted his friend!

At the end of the live broadcast, the female anchor also vowed to say what she said was the fact.Afterwards, Shenhao’s interpretation also said that the female anchor had not given herself a pregnancy test. I gave her a 1W block, and I felt that I was going back again!I will not marry a female anchor who has had children, it is a joke!

This interpretation brother is indeed a great man with a big man. He consumes 11 million in total, and the voice sounds very young, but for the sake of the editor, interpretation is indeed a scumbag.The thought of marrying into the wealthy family wanted to achieve his own purpose. When the baby was pregnant, he was black and cleaned, and he also melatped with other anchors. This female anchor was not a good person.But how can a rich man marry a female anchor?Finally, how do you think of this incident?Does the interpretation count as a scumbag?Welcome friends to leave a message below!I wish the audience who liked the master promoted to salary, the koi attached, and the peak of life!

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