The fat belly affects the figure?Don’t care, it may be these 4 problems "see" you

Many people care about their bodies, especially abdominal lines. If there is a small belly of a fat drum, you must lose weight through diet and exercise, but do you know?Not obesity, but abdominal distension.”5.29 Follow Intestinal Health”

Bloating, literally means "a small belly of a round drum". Many people may mistakenly think that they have a small belly because they have obesity caused by the unstoppable diet, but in fact, the small belly caused by obesity and the lower belly caused by abdominal distension is still very large.difference.

Obesity is caused by the accumulation of fat. It is like a circle of pork belly surrounded by your waist. It feels tight and full, shaking twice, it looks very … delicious!

The small belly produced by abdominal distension is caused by flatulence in the abdomen. The appearance is round, and the balloon is very similar. Gently knocking out, the drum sound of "咚 咚 咚" will also be issued.

Now we can distinguish from obesity and abdominal distension. Next, let’s take a look together, which causes can cause abdominal distension.

Abdominal distension is mainly flatulence in the abdomen, and the belly is "blown up" by flatulence.Patients may experience abdominal pain, vomiting, and exhaust increase. If abdominal distension caused by digestive system diseases, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms may also occur.””

1. Digestive causes abdominal distension

Digestive poor is more common in people with poor gastrointestinal function. The diseases are mild. Patients generally relieve themselves. Severe digestive poor is very small, but the danger is very high. The patients need to be vigilant.

There are many bacterial floras in the intestine. They are responsible for digesting food in the intestine and absorbing nutrients. If the flora in the intestine has disorders, it may cause more gas during food digestion, plus digestion digestion, plus digestionThe poor intestinal motility is poor, and the gas does not discharge the intestines in time, which will cause abdominal distension.

2. Discover abdominal distension

The accumulation of food is a concept of traditional Chinese medicine. Most of them occur in people with overeating or poor gastrointestinal function. Patients will experience bloating, sour stools, and sour stools, which greatly affects their health.

After the overeating, the food accumulated in the stomach cannot be digested in time, and the gas -produced gas obstruction of the digested food cannot be discharged in the stomach and stomach.Clean up the unexplained food in time, which can fundamentally solve the problem of abdominal distension caused by food accumulation.

3. Constipation causes abdominal distension

Constipation patients are all over the industry, without specific people, elderly people, sedentary, obese, and obese people. People with no regular work and life are high -incidence people of such diseases.””

Constipation patients have dry stools, unwintering bowel movements, difficulty in defecation, and gas discharge is also limited. The digestive gases cannot be discharged in time, which will cause symptoms of abdominal distension.

4. Irregular diet causes bloating

The pace of modern society’s work is fast and busy. Although it has indeed increased income, there are also irregular diets reflected by many people in the workplace.Irregular diet is not a disease, but the harm to the human body is real.

The digestive system of our human body has its own working time. The regular diet allows the body to have more efficient digestive food and avoid food blocked in the stomach.It takes 5-6 hours to completely digest meat and fat, and it takes 3 hours to digest vegetables. Then eat one meal every 4-6 hours, and your body will do the most suitable thing at the right time.Extremely high.

Conversely, irregular diets will break the biological clock. When you feel hungry, your stomach acid will already move. If there is no food to neutralize, the stomach acid is directly contacting the gastric mucosa for a long time, it will cause serious beds on the stomach, and it may be possible.Symptoms such as flatulence will occur.

How should abdominal distension be treated?””

1. Adjust your dietary habits

This adjustment is not a broader thing that "three meals a day, eat more green leaves and less fat", but to adjust the suitable meal time and amount of meals according to your physical condition.

Patients with poor digestives can try the total amount of meals, from three meals a day to five meals a day. Eat a little bit, and the burden of the digestive system will naturally be smaller;Patients can try to add a certain percentage of coarse grains to the meals. Proper supplement of dietary fiber can effectively promote digestion.These adjustment measures can effectively improve digestion and reduce the incidence of abdominal distension.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water can not only promote gastrointestinal motility, stimulate digestion, but also wash the inner wall of the digestive tract and promote defecation.

Generally speaking, the daily intake of abdominal distension patients should not be less than the capacity of a heating bottle, about 1.5L or more.If the abdominal distension is also accompanied by constipation, you can properly add half a spoonful of honey to the water to play a role in moisturizing the intestines.

3. Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis. It is also effective to prevent and treat abdominal distension, and you can massage at any time, which is worth trying to try abdominal distension.

Patients with abdominal distension can start from three fingers under the navel, adopt a gentle method, massage the abdomen according to clockwise spiral, and finally return to the navel.You can rub your stomach twice every day. If you persist for a long time, the intestines will become more and more comfortable.

4. Drug treatment

If abdominal distension has not improved for a long time, and even symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, etc., you need to go to the hospital for treatment in time. Under the guidance of the doctor, take some drugs that improve gastrointestinal function.

Common drugs are maintenance tablets, Baohe Pills, Simao Decoction, etc.

Si Mo Tangkou is derived from the "Four Mo Drinks" in the Song Dynasty "The Fang Fang". After the change of the dynasty, the "Acne Rasal Gold Mirror" in the Ming Dynasty can reduce the inverse, eliminate the accumulation and relieve pain, and help restore digestion to digest digestion.Normal function of the system.

This medicine is often used for food accumulation.Oral, 20ml of adults once, 3 times a day.During the medication, pay attention not to eat cold and irritating foods, and diet should be lighter.

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