The fallopian tube is obstructive, and the pregnancy is not pregnant 3 years after marriage. After conditioning, there is another second child

Volticism is mostly caused by inflammation, and most of the basic causes are infected.There are general bacterial infections, as well as special pathogen infections, such as chlamydia of sandylona, jets, and human -shaped mycoplasma, and raw insects.It is divided into proximal obstruction of the fallopian tube, the middle section obstruction of the fallopian tube, and the long -term tubal obstruction.The degree of obstruction is divided into infinement incomplete obstruction and full obstruction of the fallopian tube.

For women, it is to be a stumbling block on a mother.

However, you can still adjust it. Today, I will share with you a medical case in the consultation.

A 30 -year -old female patient in July 2019, because of an artificial abortion surgery, caused the fallopian tube to block, often small abdominal pain, and the menstrual bleeding, and the western hospital’s film examination indicates that the inflammation of the fallopian tube is not smooth.

Doctors recommend demented tubal liquid.Because I have not been pregnant 3 years after marriage, I ask for my child’s heart, often insomnia and anxiety, and frequently alternate the fallopian tube fluid and fallopian tubes. There is still no good news. The symptoms have not improved.Come to seek traditional Chinese medicine treatment, see the results of a thick examination she brought by her, and after asking the medical history, first eliminate her nervous and anxious mood, and let her stop excessive angiography and general fluid treatment.

After the traditional Chinese medicine syndrome, the Chinese medicine scriptures, Fang Guizhi Poria Pills, Danggui Shisan San, and Wen Jing Tang, who successfully became pregnant after 5 months of treatment, produced a boy, and gave birth to a second child this year.

In addition, patients with fallopian tube obstructing patients in their lives should be carried out in their lives. The rest should be regular. Usually pay attention to personal hygiene, which has a certain promotion effect on the elimination of symptoms.

The most common cause of fallopian tube obstruction is gynecological inflammation, and symptoms can usually be relieved after regular treatment.So the emotion of patients is also important.

The purpose of this article is to let more women understand the abnormalities of their bodies, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, please do not try to take a seat to the seat for self -diagnosis and treatment, so as not to hurt themselves!


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