The entertainment industry burst into big melons, Dili Reba Huang Jingyu was married and pregnant, and multiple big belly photos were publicly proved

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The entertainment industry burst again, and Papaya Yang Yang reposted the video of the four -character female top Dili Reba that she had taken before, and said that the female top stream will have a bunny in this year.

Later, he publicly named Huang Jingyu’s upgrading of his father, implying that the two had been married and pregnant.

After being madly vomited by fans, for the mad hype of traffic, after the enthusiasm was unlimited, and the screenshot was obtained to wait for him to wait for the lawsuit, he was directly a netizen, and the news of pregnancy came from private detectives and did not accept it.

In addition, the news about the two people had been hung on the hot search list for 8 hours, and neither side had the intention to respond.

This can’t help but doubt whether the gossip between the two is really like a rumor.

Papaya broke the news of Reba pregnant big melon

I don’t know if you remember that at the end of December 2022, a paparazzi came out to predict that it was a happy year for the entertainment industry in 2023. In 2023, many artists will expose children.

At that time, everyone thought that paparazzi did not care too much for traffic.

But when the last day of January this year, when Hu Ge announced his father on the social platform official, everyone realized that the paparazzi said that the paparazzi was true.

It was also at the same time last year that he revealed the news of the beautiful girl’s top stream in a certain line. She frequently came out of the circle with her beautiful photos. Recently, because she wanted to raise a tire, she had canceled all activities at the end of the year.

Once the news was exposed, netizens have transformed into a detective Conan, opened a carpet -like search, and finally locked the target characters to Dili Reba.

After all, Reba, with its own exotic beauty and perfect figure, "kills the Quartet" on the red carpet, and is also praised by netizens as the "red carpet God".

Before the end of the year, she got soft hands at the end of the year. All kinds of red carpets, fashion meetings, and annual meetings can see her beautiful figure, a full state of workaholic state.

However, at the end of 2022, she rarely saw her. Not only did she not participate in the daily red carpet and fashion activities, but even the New Year’s Eve party from David."Xiang Xiang" was robbed by major TV stations.

Some fans said that because Reba had no schedule, it was not participated.But soon, some netizens have picked up her for several consecutive months and did not enter the group for several consecutive months. All of them corresponded to the news of paparazzi, so netizens gathered her eyes to her.

Regarding this breaking news, Reba and the team responded quickly, and a number of beautiful photos were confirmed to be innocent, but netizens did not buy this, and all the photos that were directly pointed out were all old photos. None of them were recently

Some netizens pointed out that the background wall in Reba’s photos is exactly the same as the wall behind Huang Jingyu. Netizens boldly speculate that the relationship between the two is.

There is a wave of unlatitude and waves.

With the increasing information of the picked up, fans couldn’t sit still, and they asked to make all the recent schedule of Reba disclosure.

Due to the pressure of public opinion, Reba appeared in the live broadcast room, using her "flat belly" to prove that she was not a woman in public opinion.

After ending the live broadcast, she also uploaded her abdominal muscles to social platforms to respond to rumors of pregnancy.

Finally, plus the rumor statement of the studio, the storm about her pregnancy is over.

However, after the past two months, this pregnancy storm came again, and this time it was no longer as concealed as last time, but it was directly named Dili Reba.

And this time the person who broke the news was not easy. Maybe when everyone heard the name "Yangyang", I felt that there was not much impression, but to mention his master, it was a character. He was known as "Zhuo Wei, the first paparazzi in Inner Entertainment, and Yang Yang also inherited the "traditional virtue" of the master. If you do n’t shoot, you can make it.

On February 9th, Yangyang first reproduced his Reuters video on the social platform in January. The text broke the news that Reba was pregnant with a rabbit baby and was pregnant in October last year.

From the video he showed, we can clearly see that Reba’s head wears a peaked cap, wearing a long camel plush coat, and at a glance, it is quite "pregnancy".

This is like two people who are usually beautiful and moving. After all, everyone in the impression, whether it is daily or red carpet pictures, is stunning everyone.

Later, Yangyang responded to the screenshot of the Reba live broadcast room exposed by netizens, saying that she was just pregnant at the time, so she couldn’t see it at all.Do not enter the group to make a movie or attend the event.

Yangyang broke the news that the child’s father was Huang Jingyu

After revealing the news of Reba’s pregnancy, netizens have speculated who is the child’s father, and commented on the dynamics of Yangyang to ask who is the child’s biological father.

So in the early morning of the 10th, Yang Yang reposted Huang Jingyu’s dynamics of his birthday last year, and copied his original original text, congratulations to his successful upgrade.

At that time, when Huang Jingyu’s post was successfully upgraded, some netizens doubted what was the meaning behind it. He had grown up and explained one year old. Now it is not age, but identity that the original upgrade is.

Netizens connected Yangyang’s two dynamics, and quickly guessed that the father in the belly of Reba was Huang Jingyu.

In fact, after the cooperation between the two, the news broke the news that the two were in a period of love and were also exposed by paparazzi. However, both fans of the two sides have been making a voice for their own, clarifying them for them.

After revealing the news of Reba’s pregnancy again this time, fans of the combat power exploded directly that Reba has not recently did not have a trip because of the struggle with the company. Since Yang Mi, Wang Xiao and others left Jiaxing, the company has only hot hot heat.The top flow of Ba, so the company kept squeezing her and let her bring her newcomer to make a homemade drama.

Reba didn’t want to corrupt his good reputation, so he always refused, and therefore made a stiffness with the company.

Then the fans were scoring the evidence, so that Yangyang was waiting for a lawsuit.

Yangyang was directly stiff netizen. Don’t worry about him. He has evidence of private detectives in his hands and refuses to fight.

Reba’s recent performance is really abnormal

Later, some people began to dig deep into the recent daily life of Reba. This is not tightly dug. As soon as she dug, her recent performance is indeed very abnormal.

Netizens found that Reba’s beautiful photos held the rabbit in the Spring Festival were not taken during the Chinese New Year, but the inventory that had been taken four months ago.For abnormal, after all, no one should take the new year photos so early in advance.

There are also fashion bloggers who also summarized the movement of her participation during this time. Not long ago, in a certain event, other female stars were beautiful dresses, but Reba wore a gray loose sweater to attend.Knowing that she usually wore a dress show, she killed the Quartet.

Some netizens found that Reba was not applied except for nail polish that day, and although the sweaters wearing were very loose, they still seemed to have a slight signs of raised their stomachs.

In addition, a high -luxury brand has just announced her to become a brand ambassador. This is to invite newly signed ambassadors in order to build their own brand in order to make the momentum.It makes people strange without participating in Paris Fashion Week.

There is also a photo of Reba wearing a tight dress before, and it can be clearly seen that her stomach has obvious raises.

Including Reba’s recent photos, not only the whole body photos are previous inventory, but new photos are used to block their belly with bags.

Huang Jingyu’s ex -wife posted the connotation

Later, there was a majority of netizens who picked it out. On January 11th, the ex-wife Wang Yuxin, suspected of Huang Jingyu, posted "8-5 = 3" on the social platform.A very controversial words were "5+3" in two days. This sentence is nothing to do, but at this time, the two predecessors have issued a number related to 8, which means a bit of connotation.

Some netizens have picked up. In 2021, a play starring Huang Jingyu was started. The entire crew was eaten in the crew. As the starring dietary requirements, the staff would be specially marked by the staff to be responsible for the work of the meal.Personnel will also pay special attention to the dietary requirements of several starring actors.

There is only one special requirement below Huang Jingyu’s "Qiao Weidong", which is "not eating pork".

For Huang Jingyu, who is a Han nationality, did not eat pork, everyone expressed that they did not understand, and some netizens boldly speculated whether the girls were ethnic minorities, so he did not eat pork to respect each other.

In addition, in 2020, some people broke the news that they met the two in Japan. He also gave everyone a lot of fire than boys.

Netizens immediately began to dig who the two who traveled to Japan. Soon some netizens locked their targets on the two. After Reba participated in a certain event in Beijing, she flew to Japan the next day.The next day after Bayi went to Japan to fly to Japan, the two happened to be encountered by netizens in the same tour in Japan, so they suspected that the two were in love.

From the breaking news of Yangyang and various clues, the majority of netizens speculated that the plot should develop in three directions.

1. The two admit that they are together and have children.

2. Continue to stay silent, do not respond, wait for the past (like a certain film and a tiger tooth male star).

3. Send a statement response and scold the other party to make rumors. Everything is false news.

Just yesterday, Reba Studio finally began to counterattack, and 31 marketing numbers were sued in one breath. Among them, there were "Yangyang" who claimed to have private detective evidence.The reason is because the evidence is silently collected.

In the previous interview of Reba, she once said seriously that she hoped that she would get married and had children step by step at the right time, complete her life tasks, and also hoped to have three babies in one breath.It can also be seen that she has already included this plan in life planning.

In fact, celebrities are also ordinary people, and it is normal to get married and have children. As the people who eat melon, we bless them!

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