The endometrium is thin, can I still get pregnant successfully?Give you a trick

There are three types of endometrium in A, B, and C. Under normal circumstances, they correspond to the three -line sign, blurred three -line sign, and no three -line sign in B -ultrasound images.

Common periods: Early endometrial hyperplasia (menstrual 6-10 days)

Endometrial thickness: 4-9mm

Correct description: Typical three -line signs, the three lines of the endometrium are very clear, showing "lip -like", the outer layer and the center are strong echo, the outer layer and the middle line of the uterine cavity are low echo or dark areas.This endometrium is very conducive to embryo bed and growth.

Common periods: Late endometrial hyperplasia (day 11 -ovulation)

Endometrial thickness: 9-12mm

Correct description: The three -line sign can still be seen, but the echo of the uterine muscle layer and the endometrium base layer is thickened and vague, and the echo of the central uterine cavity line becomes lower and slightly blurred. The echo between the two is still relatively low.Echo area.

Common periods: luteal stage (that is, before ovulation until the next menstruation comes before the tide)

Endometrial thickness: 10-14mm

Morphological description: The entire endometrium of the uterine is a strong echo, and the intermediate line of the uterine cavity is not echoed. At this time, the "three -line recruitment is unclear or disappeared.

If the B -ultrasound is performed before transplantation, if the third line is clear, it means that the endometrium is developed well and is suitable for embryonic beds. If the third -line sign is not obvious or no, the endometrial echo disorders may be an endometrium abnormalities or endocrine disorders.Of course, in the process of auxiliary reproduction, everyone needs to pay more attention to the thickness of the endometrium. 7mm is the minimum requirements for the thickness of the endometrium during transplantation. The best range is between 8-14mm.Above, the ideal pregnancy rate can be obtained after transplantation.

The thickness of the endometrium is correlated with the pregnancy rate.Generally speaking, the endometrium <5mm can not be completed in bed (just to say, it is basic, of course, there are exceptions); 5 ~ 8mm is the lowest value.

A retrospective study analyzes the relationship between the thickness and pregnancy rate of the endometrial endometrium in HCG daily. The conclusion is that the endometrium is less than 8mm, the clinical pregnancy rate is 23%, the natural abortion rate is 26.7%, and the ectopic pregnancy rate is 10.0%;Between 8 and 11mm, the clinical pregnancy rate is 37.2%, the natural abortion rate is 23.8%, and the ectopic pregnancy rate is 4.3%; the endometrium is between 11 and 15mm, the clinical pregnancy rate is 46.2%, the natural abortion rate is 19.9%, and the ectopic pregnancy rate rateIt is 2.1%; the endometrium is> 15mm, the clinical pregnancy rate is 53.3%, the natural abortion rate is 17.5%, and the ectopic pregnancy rate is 2.2%.

It can be seen that the thickness of the endometrium is related to the clinical pregnancy rate, natural abortion rate and extraterioxidal pregnancy rate.As the thickness of the endometrium increases, the clinical pregnancy rate increases, the natural miscarriage rate decreases, and the out -of -uterine pregnancy rate decreases.

In order to ensure the pregnancy rate, the endometrium is not transplanted without enough endometrium.But what if the endometrium is less than 8mm after various methods?Will it never be transplanted?In my opinion, if various efforts, the endometrium is still transplanted below 8mm, because if it is not implanted, it will not be pregnant, and if you transplant, you may be pregnant.Even if you are not pregnant, you still have a chance to try it.

Although the endometrium is too thin or too thick, it is not conducive to the fertilized eggs, it is worth noting that during the "IVF" pregnancy -assisted pregnancy, the thickness, morphological type, and endometrial blood flow dynamic indicators need to beAnd the patient’s own state, embryonic conditions and other comprehensive prediction of pregnancy ending.

Studies have shown that endometrium shape is more important than the thickness of the endometrium. When the endometrium shape is very good, as the endometrium increases, the pregnancy rate is increasing.You can successfully give birth.Through treatment, although many thin uterine endometrium cannot reach the ideal state, the endometrium shape and the uterine cavity environment have improved, and embryos can still be accepted and pregnant to childbirth.

At present, there is no evidence that the endometrium is too thin or too thick.Therefore, pay attention to scientific contraception, love the endometrium, and prevent artificial abortion from harming the endometrium.In addition, pay attention to diet and maintain a good lifestyle.When you find symptoms such as short menstrual periods and less menstrual flow, go to regular hospitals for further examination and diagnosis.

1. Mental health:

Keep a stable and pleasant mood to avoid excessive mental stress.Relaxing the mood is actually the most effective way to regulate endocrine, which is very important.

Under the role of good emotions, women can not only have more health, but also exude charming charm. Do not ignore this.

2. Physiological health:

Pay attention to warmth during menstruation. You can place hot compresses or warm water bars on the abdomen to promote blood circulation acceleration, relax your muscles, reduce organ spasms, and promote menstrual blood excretion.

3. Sports health:

Exercise can enhance physical fitness and is good for uterine health.Practicing yoga is the best way to maintain the uterus. Yoga can guide the blood circulation of female organs and adjust the secretion of hormones.

4. Diet health:

It should be light, avoid spicy and thick taste, quit smoking and alcohol.Eat more blood -replenishment foods such as black beans, Ejiao, black fungus, snow clams, soy milk, black bone chicken, honey, walnuts, black sesame seeds, melon seeds, etc.

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